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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Thursday 12:00-14:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Tamas Hausel*, Tim Browning*
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Past talks
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ThuJun 0914:00Aaron LandesmanLow degree Hurwitz stacks in the Grothendieck ring
ThuApr 2811:00Daxin XuBessel equations, hypergeometric sums and geometric Langlands correspondence
ThuApr 2111:00Kien Nguyen HuuTBA
ThuMar 1712:00Quoc P. HoRevisiting mixed geometry
ThuMar 1013:00Justin HilburnA survey of (abelian) 3d mirror symmetry
ThuJan 2712:00Javier FresánEquidistribution of exponential sums over algebraic groups
ThuJan 2019:00David D Ben-ZviQuantization and Duality for Hyperspherical Varieties
ThuJan 1312:00Diego IzquierdoMilnor K-theory and zero-cycles over p-adic function fields
ThuDec 1615:00Alina Carmen CojocaruA geometric generalization of the square sieve with an application to cyclic covers over global function fields
ThuDec 0913:00Andrzej WeberElliptic characteristic classes of Schubert varieties and duality
ThuDec 0213:00Joni TeräväinenOn a hybrid of the Hardy-Littlewood and Chowla conjectures
ThuNov 2513:00Pierrick BousseauThe skein algebra of the 4-punctured sphere from curve counting
ThuNov 1809:00Gufang ZhaoFrobenii on Morava E-theoretical quantum groups
ThuNov 1113:00Pavel EtingofHecke operators over local fields and an analytic approach to the geometric Langlands correspondence
ThuNov 0413:00Ben GreenQuadratic forms in 8 prime variables
ThuOct 2811:00Mirko MauriOn the geometric P = W conjecture
ThuOct 2112:00Joachim JelisiejewBialynicki-Birula decompositions old and new
ThuOct 0712:00Michael GroechenigComplex K-theory of dual Hitchin systems
ThuJun 1007:00NOTE unusual time: Geordie WilliamsonSpectra in representation theory
ThuMay 2712:00Arul ShankarNonvanishing at the critical point of the Dedekind zeta functions of cubic $S_3$-fields
ThuMay 2012:00Zhiwei YunUniversal global nilpotent cone
ThuApr 2912:00Joel KamnitzerAffine Grassmannian slices and their quantizations
ThuApr 2212:00Mercedes HaiechThe Fundamental Theorem of Tropical Partial Differential Algebraic Geometry
ThuApr 1512:00Richárd RimányiStable envelopes, 3d mirror symmetry, bow varieties
ThuApr 0812:00Uri OnnAnalytic properties of representation zeta functions of arithmetic groups
ThuApr 0112:00Philipp HabeggerUniformity for the Number of Rational Points on a Curve
ThuMar 2513:00Oscar Garcia-PradaArakelov–Milnor inequalities and maximal variations of Hodge structure
ThuMar 1813:00Vincent LafforgueClassical limits for geometrizations of functoriality kernels and values of L-functions
ThuMar 1113:00Raf CluckersA number theoretic characterization of (FRS) morphisms
ThuJan 2813:00Jörg JahnelOn integral points on open degree four del Pezzo surfaces
ThuJan 2113:00Otto OverkampNéron models of pseudo-Abelian varieties
ThuJan 1414:00Kirsten WickelgrenAn arithmetic count of rational plane curves
ThuJan 0713:00Emmanuel KowalskiExponential sums and twisted multiplicativity
ThuDec 1713:00Lior Bary-SorokerRandom Polynomials, Probabilistic Galois Theory, and Finite Field Arithmetic
ThuDec 1013:00Arielle LeitnerLimits of the diagonal Cartan subgroup in SL(n,R) and SL(n, Q_p)
ThuDec 0313:00Tony FengThe geometric distribution of Selmer groups over function fields
ThuNov 2613:00Ariyan JavanpeykarHilbert's irreducibility theorem for abelian varieties
ThuNov 1913:00Sachi HashimotoTranscendental Brauer-Manin obstructions on some Calabi-Yau threefolds
ThuNov 1213:00Eloise HamiltonModuli spaces for unstable Higgs bundles of rank 2 and their geometry
ThuNov 0514:30Jonathan WangSpherical varieties and L-functions via geometric Langlands
ThuOct 2913:00Davesh MaulikCohomology of the moduli of Higgs bundles and the Hausel-Thaddeus conjecture
ThuOct 2212:00Fernando R. VillegasCharacter varieties of non-orientable surfaces
ThuOct 1512:00Márton HablicsekVirtual Classes of Representation Varieties of Upper Triangular Matrices via Topological Quantum Field Theories
ThuOct 0812:00Mirko MauriP=W conjectures for character varieties with symplectic resolution
ThuOct 0112:00Tom BairdE-polynomials of character varieties for real curves
ThuJun 1812:00Junliang ShenOn the topology of Hitchin fibrations
ThuJun 1112:00Dimitri WyssP-adic integration, geometry and Higgs bundles
ThuMay 2812:00Peter HumphriesSmall scale equidistribution of lattice points on the sphere
ThuMay 2116:00Sergei GukovFrom the Generalized Volume Conjecture to Turaev and Ramanujan
ThuApr 3012:00Daniel FiorilliOn the distribution of the error term in Chebotarev's density theorem and applications
ThuApr 2312:00Yuuji TanakaVafa-Witten invariants on projective surfaces
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