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algebraic geometry algebraic topology differential geometry general mathematics general topology group theory K-theory and homology number theory representation theory spectral theory

Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizers: Phillipe Elbaz-Vincent, Graham Ellis, Paul Gunnells, Haluk Sengun*
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MonJul 0314:00Romain BranchereauUpper bound on the denominators of Eisenstein classes in Bianchi manifolds
MonJul 0313:00Victoria Cantoral FarfanMonodromy groups of Jacobians with definite quaternionic multiplication
MonJun 0514:00Tamara KohlerClique homology is QMA1 hard
MonJun 0513:00Lenny FukshanskySparsity, virtually rectangular lattices and elliptic curves
MonMay 2213:00Ana CaraianiOn Ihara's lemma for Hilbert modular varieties
MonMay 0814:00Alexander KupersCohomology of arithmetic groups and high-dimensional manifolds
MonApr 2414:00Jitendra BajpaiArithmeticity and thinness of hypergeometric groups
MonApr 2413:00Alice PozziRigid meromorphic cocycles and $p$-adic variations of modular forms
MonMar 2713:00Luca Fabrizio Di CerboPOSTPONED!
MonMar 1315:00Adam LoganHigher modularity of elliptic curves over function fields
MonMar 1314:00Satoshi KondoAutomorphic forms over function fields with Steinberg at infinity and modular symbols
MonFeb 2715:00Alessandra IozziIrreducible lattices and bounded cohomology
MonFeb 1315:00A. RaghuramSpecial values of Rankin-Selberg L-functions over a totally imaginary base field.
MonFeb 1314:00Mathilde Gerbelli-GauthierGrowth of cohomology of arithmetic groups and endoscopy
MonDec 1915:00Robin SrokaOn the high-dimensional rational cohomology of arithmetic Chevalley groups
MonDec 1914:00Daniel StudenmundCounting flat cycles in the homology of certain locally symmetric spaces
MonDec 0515:00Frédéric RochonTorsion on some fibered cusp manifolds
MonDec 0514:00Ivan HorozovCohomology of $GL(3,\Z)$ and $GL(4,\Z)$ with coefficients in irreducible highest weight representations
MonNov 2115:00James NewtonModularity of elliptic curves over imaginary quadratic fields
MonNov 2114:00Nikolaos DiamantisEichler cocycles and polynomials attached to derivatives of $L$-functions
MonNov 0715:00Jean RaimbaultAround the Bergeron-Venkatesh conjectures on torsion homology of arithmetic lattices
MonNov 0714:00Harald GrobnerA description of automorphic cohomology in low degrees
MonJun 2714:00Mike LipnowskiRigid meromorphic cocycles for orthogonal groups
MonJun 2713:00Richard HillFractional weight modular forms
MonMay 3014:00Aurel PageAlgorithms for the cohomology of compact arithmetic manifolds
MonMay 3013:00Amina AbdurrahmanSquare roots of symplectic L-functions and Reidemeister torsion
MonMay 1614:00Anna CadoretDegeneration loci of $\ell$-adic local systems
MonMay 1613:00Oscar Randal-WilliamsStable cohomology of congruence subgroups
MonMay 0214:00Kartik PrasannaModular forms of weight one, motivic cohomology and the Jacquet-Langlands correspondence
MonMay 0213:00Shayan GholamiVanishing of non-Eisenstein cohomology of locally symmetric spaces for $GL_2$ over a CM field
MonApr 0414:00Tommy HofmannLattice isomorphism and the integral matrix similarity problem
MonApr 0413:00Melody ChanThe $S_n$-equivariant top-weight Euler characteristic of $M_{g,n}$
MonMar 2115:00Juliette BruceSyzygies in higher dimensions
MonMar 2114:00Louis FunarFinite quotients of mapping class groups and central extensions
MonMar 0715:00Christopher DawUnlikely intersections in the moduli space of abelian varieties
MonMar 0714:00Neil DummiganProving congruences for paramodular forms using quinary form
MonFeb 2115:00Herbert GanglMultiple polylogarithms, and Zagier's Conjecture revisited
MonFeb 2114:00Kevin HutchinsonThe third homology of $SL_2(\Q)$
MonFeb 0715:00Weibo FuGrowth of Bianchi modular forms
MonFeb 0714:00Alex CowanComputing modular forms using supersingular isogeny graphs
MonJan 2415:00Fredrik StrömbergA reduction algorithm for Hilbert modular groups
MonJan 2414:00Gabor WieseUnlikely Revelations? -- The Hidden Lattice Problem
MonJan 1015:00Assia MahboubiMathematics and formal proofs
MonJan 1014:00Sander DahmenFormalization in number theory
MonNov 2215:00Yang-Hui HeUniverses as Bigdata, or, Machine-Learning Mathematical Structures
MonNov 2214:00Kathryn HessOn neurons and symmetric groups
MonOct 2514:00Ruth KellerhalsThe non-arithmetic cusped hyperbolic 3-orbifold of minimal volume
MonOct 2513:00Martin DerauxNon-arithmetic lattices in PU(2,1)
MonSep 2714:00Roberto AlvarengaAutomorphic forms and Hecke operators for $\mathrm{GL}_n$ over global function fields
MonSep 2713:00Jonas BergströmCohomology of a Picard modular surface
MonSep 1314:00Günter HarderMixed motives, L-values, denominators and congruences
MonSep 1313:00Bettina EickThe conjugacy problem in $GL(n,\mathbb{Z})$
MonAug 3014:00Eran AssafDecomposition of Jacobians of Modular Curves
MonAug 3013:00Asbjørn NordentoftOn the distribution of modular symbols and beyond
MonAug 0214:00Dan YasakiCohomology of Congruence Subgroups, Steinberg Modules, and Real Quadratic Fields
MonAug 0213:00Claire BurrinRademacher symbols for Fuchsian groups
MonJul 1914:00Stephen MillerAutomorphic realizations of Arthur packets and unitarity
MonJul 1913:00Luis GarciaEisenstein cocycles and values of L-functions
MonJul 0514:00Jennifer WilsonThe high-degree cohomology of the special linear group
MonJul 0513:00Gaëtan ChenevierUnimodular hunting
MonJun 2114:00Alex KontorovichHyperbolic arithmetic groups and sphere packings
MonJun 2113:00Eva BayerIsometries of lattices, knot theory and K3 surfaces
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