"Partial Differential Equations and Applications" Webinar

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mathematical physics analysis of PDEs classical analysis and ODEs dynamical systems numerical analysis

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Thursday 13:00-14:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Habib Ammari, Hyeonbae Kang, Lin Lin, Sid Mishra, Eduardo Teixeira, Zhi-Qiang Wang, Zhitao Zhang, Stanley Snelson
Curator: Jan Holland*
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Past talks
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ThuNov 1814:00Henrik ShahgholianA free boundary perspective on transmission and inverse scattering problems
ThuNov 1114:00Daniela De SilvaGlobal minimizers to the one-phase free boundary problem
ThuNov 0414:00Max EngelsteinGeneric Smoothness for the nodal sets of solutions to the Dirichlet problem for Elliptic PDE
ThuOct 2813:00Helena Nussenzveig Lopes2D Navier-Stokes equations on a bounded domain with holes and Navier friction boundary conditions
ThuOct 2113:00Alessio FigalliFree boundary regularity in the Stefan problem
ThuSep 3013:00Fernando QuirósTravelling-wave behaviour in problems with degenerate diffusion
ThuSep 2313:00Enrico ValdinociNonlocal minimal surfaces are generically sticky
ThuJun 2413:00Yoichiro MoriAnalysis of the Dynamics of Immersed Elastic Filaments in Stokes Flow
ThuJun 1713:00Apala MajumdarPDE problems in the Landau-de Gennes theory for Nematic Liquid Crystals
ThuJun 1013:00Philipp GrohsDeep Learning in Numerical Analysis
ThuJun 0313:00Anna MazzucatoDirect and inverse problems for a model of dislocations in geophysics
ThuMay 2713:00Chi-Wang ShuStability of time discretizations for semi-discrete high order schemes for time-dependent PDEs
ThuMay 2013:00Hung Vinh TranLarge time behavior and large time profile of viscous Hamilton-Jacobi equations
ThuMay 1313:00Christian KühnGeometric Singular Perturbation Theory for Fast-Slow PDEs
ThuMay 0613:00Ian TiceTraveling wave solutions to the free boundary Navier-Stokes equations
ThuApr 2913:00Camillo De LellisFlows of vector fields: classical and modern
ThuMar 2514:00Mouhamed Moustapha FallConstant (nonlocal) Mean curvature surfaces
ThuMar 1814:00Giuseppe MingioneNonuniformly elliptic problems
ThuMar 1114:00Kanishka PereraAn abstract critical point theorem with applications to elliptic problems with combined nonlinearities
ThuMar 0414:00Markus MelenkHigh order numerical methods for fractional diffusion in polygons
MonFeb 2214:00Diogo GomesTBA
MonFeb 1514:00Eitan TadmorTBA
MonFeb 0814:00Huyên PhamTBA
MonDec 1414:00Marie-Therese WolframOn mean-field models in pedestrian dynamics
MonDec 0714:00Marie E. RognesThe brain's waterscape
MonNov 3014:00Jose A. CarrilloNonlinear Aggregation-Diffusion Equations: Gradient Flows, Free Energies and Phase Transitions
MonNov 2314:00Pierre-Emmanuel JabinLarge stochastic systems of interacting particles
MonNov 1614:00Edriss TitiThe Inviscid Primitive Equations and the Effect of Rotation
MonNov 0914:00Jaeyoung ByeonNonlinear Schrödinger systems with large interaction forces between different components
MonNov 0214:00Yanyan LiGradient estimates for the insulated conductivity problem
MonOct 2614:00Susanna TerraciniSegregation, interaction of species and related free boundary problems
MonOct 1913:00Yoshikazu GigaOn total variation flow type equations
MonOct 1213:00Shi JinRandom Batch Methods for classical and quantum N-body problems
MonOct 0513:00George Em KarniadakisFrom PINNs to DeepOnets: Approximating functions, functionals, and operators using deep neural networks
MonSep 2813:00Yihong DuLong-time dynamics of the Fisher-KPP equation with nonlocal diffusion and free boundary
MonSep 2113:00Claudio MuñozUnderstanding soliton dynamics in Boussinesq models
MonSep 1413:00Weinan EPDE problems that arise from machine learning
MonSep 0713:00Thomas BartschNormalized solutions of nonlinear elliptic problems
MonAug 3113:00Julio D. RossiA game theoretical approach for a nonlinear system driven by elliptic operators
MonAug 2413:00Arnulf JentzenTBA
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