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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Wednesday 12:45-14:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Bea Adam-Day*
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Past talks
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WedDec 1513:45Aris PapadopoulosAround Generalised Indiscernibles and Higher-arity Independence Properties
WedDec 0813:45Anush TserunyanTBA
WedDec 0113:45Postponed to 15th December due to strike actionTBA
ThuNov 2513:45Noa LaviTBA
WedNov 1713:45Monica VanDierenTwenty Years of Tameness
WedNov 1013:45Victoria GitmanSet theory without powerset
WedNov 0313:45Katrin TentTBA
WedOct 2714:45Dilip RaghavanGalvin’s problem in higher dimensions
WedOct 2012:45Mirna DžamonjaOn the universality problem for $\aleph_2$-Aronszajn and wide $\aleph_2$ Aronszajn trees
WedOct 1312:45Sam Adam-DayRigid branchwise-real tree orders
WedJun 2312:45Jinhe (Vincent) YeThe étale open topology and the stable fields conjecture
WedJun 1613:45Sylvy AnscombeSome existential theories of fields
WedJun 0913:45Vahagn AslanyanA geometric approach to some systems of exponential equations
WedJun 0213:45Jing ZhangWhen does compactness imply guessing?
WedMay 2616:45Nam TrangSealing of the Universally Baire sets
WedMay 1913:45Dorottya SzirákiThe open dihypergraph dichotomy and the Hurewicz dichotomy for generalized Baire spaces
WedMay 1213:45Ibrahim MohammedHyperlogarithmic contraction groups
WedMay 0516:45Natasha DobrinenRamsey theory on infinite structures
WedApr 2814:45Justine FalqueClassification of oligomorphic groups with polynomial profiles, conjectures of Cameron and Macpherson.
WedMar 2413:45Silvia BarbinaModel theory of Steiner triple systems
WedMar 1714:45Sonia Navarro FloresRamsey spaces and Borel ideals
WedMar 1013:45Dana BartošováUniversal minimal flows of group extensions
WedMar 0313:45Marlene KoelbingDistributivity spectrum of forcing notions
WedFeb 2416:45Erin CarmodyThe relationships between measurable and strongly compact cardinals.(Part 2)
WedFeb 1716:45Erin CarmodyThe relationships between measurable and strongly compact cardinals.(Part 1)
WedFeb 1013:45Adrian MathiasPower-admissible sets and ill-founded omega-models
WedFeb 0314:45Lynn ScowSemi-retractions and preservation of the Ramsey property
WedJan 2711:45Tin Lok WongArithmetic under negated induction
WedJan 2013:45Rehana PatelCombining logic and probability in the presence of symmetry
WedJan 1313:45Salma KuhlmannStrongly NIP almost real closed fields
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