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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Thursday 21:30-23:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: André Lee Dixon*, Ranjan Anantharaman, Aaron Berger
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Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
ThuOct 2722:00Lichen ZhangSketching as a tool for fast optimization
ThuOct 1322:00Brice HuangAn Introduction to Random Optimization Problems
ThuOct 0621:30Shyam NarayananAn Introduction to Differentially Private Statistics
ThuMay 0522:00Travis DillonFair partitioning? It's a piece of cake!
ThuApr 2822:00Anders AamandOnline Sorting and its Connection to Geometric Packing Problems
ThuApr 2121:30Brice HuangTight Algorithmic Thresholds from the Branching Overlap Gap Property
ThuApr 1421:30Byron ChinReconstruction on the stochastic block model
ThuApr 0721:30Andrey KhesinBound Secrecy and Bound Entanglement: Where (Qu)Bits Go to Die
ThuMar 3121:30Alex CohenA discrete 2D fractal uncertainty principle
ThuMar 1022:30George StepaniantsLearning and predicting complex systems dynamics from single-variable observations
ThuMar 0323:00Rachel ZhangInteractive Error Correcting Codes
ThuFeb 2422:30Nitya ManiNim and variants
ThuFeb 1722:30Guanghao YeNested Dissection Meets IPMs: Planar Min-Cost Flow in Nearly-Linear Time
ThuFeb 1022:30Jonathan TidorCommunication complexity
ThuDec 0223:00Mehtaab SawhneyOn the Hard Core Model and Enumerating Independent Sets
ThuNov 1823:00Allen LiuTensor Completion Made Practical
ThuNov 0421:30Matthew NicolettiHydrodynamic limit for a surface growth model
ThuOct 2821:30William KuszmaulLinear Probing Revisited: Tombstones Mark the Demise of Primary Clustering
ThuOct 1421:30Chen LuSampling lower bounds
ThuOct 0721:30Aaron BergerReal Roots of Random Polynomials
ThuSep 3021:30Mehtaab SawhneyONLINE VECTOR BALANCING
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