Probability and the City Seminar

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Columbia University / New York University

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Friday 16:30-17:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Ivan Z Corwin*, Eyal Lubetzky*
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The Probability and the City Seminar is organized jointly by the probability groups of Columbia University and New York University.

Video recordings of talks are posted online at .

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
FriMay 0616:30Sayan DasPath properties of the KPZ Equation and related polymers
FriApr 2916:30Vincent TassionTBA
FriApr 2216:30Hubert LacoinTBA
FriApr 1516:30Alex DunlapNonlinear weak-noise stochastic heat equations in two dimensions
FriApr 0816:30Justin SalezTBA
FriApr 0116:30Roger Van Peskip-adic random matrices and particle systems
FriMar 2516:30Pierre-François RodriguezCritical exponents for three-dimensional percolation models with long-range dependence
FriMar 1117:30Nadia SidorovaLocalisation and delocalisation in the parabolic Anderson model
FriMar 0417:30Jeff KahnLinear cover time is exponentially unlikely
FriFeb 2517:30Tom HutchcroftCritical percolation on the hierarchical lattice
FriFeb 1817:30Julien BerestyckiThe extremal point process of branching Brownian motion in $\R^d$
FriFeb 1117:30Maximilian NitzscherPhase transition for level-set percolation of the membrane model
FriFeb 0417:30Leonid KoralovPerturbations of Parabolic Equations and Diffusion Processes with Degeneration: Boundary Problems and Metastability
FriJan 2817:30Emma BaileyLarge deviations of Selberg’s central limit theorem, and random matrix theory connections
FriDec 1017:30Firas Rassoul-AghaGeodesic Length in First-Passage Percolation
FriDec 0317:30Kevin YangKPZ and Boltzmann-Gibbs
FriNov 1217:30Alberto ChiariniDisconnection and entropic repulsion for the harmonic crystal with random conductances
FriNov 0516:30Morris AngIntegrability of the conformal loop ensemble
FriOct 2916:30Lingfu ZhangThe environment seen from a geodesic in last-passage percolation
FriOct 2216:30Colin McSwiggenRandom matrix models arising from projections of orbital measures
FriOct 1516:30Arjun KrishnanCorrelations of Busemann functions and the 2nd KPZ relationship
FriOct 0816:30Milind HegdeBrownianity in KPZ
FriOct 0116:30Sourav ChatterjeeLocal KPZ behavior under arbitrary scaling limits
FriSep 2416:30Titus LupuMultiplicative chaos of the 2D Brownian loop soup
FriSep 1716:30Ramon van HandelSharp matrix concentration inequalities
FriMay 2116:30Giuseppe CannizzaroEdwards-Wilkinson fluctuations for the Anisotropic KPZ in the weak coupling regime
FriMay 1416:30Konstantin MatetskiDirected mean curvature flow in noisy environment
FriApr 3016:30Yu GuA CLT for KPZ on torus
FriApr 2316:30Evgeni DimitrovTowards universality for Gibbsian line ensembles
FriApr 1614:00Wei WuMassless phases for the Villain model in d>=3
FriApr 0916:30Thierry BodineauFluctuating Boltzmann equation and large deviations for a hard sphere gas
FriApr 0216:30Elena KosyginaFrom generalized Ray-Knight theorems to functional CLTs for some models of self-interacting random walks on Z
FriMar 2616:30Omer AngelA tale of two balloons
FriMar 1916:30Jan MaasHomogenisation of discrete dynamical optimal transport
FriMar 1217:30Alan HammondStability and chaos in dynamical last passage percolation
FriMar 0517:30Eveliina PeltolaOn large deviations of SLEs, real rational functions, and zeta-regularized determinants of Laplacians
FriFeb 2617:30Duncan DauvergneLearning from the directed landscape
FriFeb 1917:30Alexey BufetovCutoff profile of ASEP on a segment
FriFeb 1217:30Hao ShenStochastic quantization, large N, and mean field limit
FriFeb 0517:30Christophe GarbanVortex fluctuations in continuous spin systems and lattice gauge theory
FriJan 2917:30Michel PainOptimal local law and central limit theorem for beta-ensembles
FriJan 2217:30Nick CookUniversality for the minimum modulus of random trigonometric polynomials
FriDec 1117:30Michael DamronCritical first-passage percolation in two dimensions
FriDec 0417:30Sylvia SerfatyMicroscopic description of Coulomb gases
FriNov 1317:30Juhan AruImaginary multiplicative chaos: different questions from different contexts, and a few answers too
FriNov 0617:30Jean-François Le GallCompact and non-compact models of random geometry
FriOct 3016:30Nicolas PerkowskiMass asymptotics for the 2d parabolic Anderson model with space white noise potential
FriOct 2316:30Jeremy QuastelConvergence of finite range exclusions and KPZ equation to the KPZ fixed point
FriOct 1616:30Sarah PeningtonBrownian bees in the infinite swarm limit
FriOct 0216:30Andrew AhnTBA
FriJun 2614:00Fabio ToninelliThe stationary (2+1)-dimensional AKPZ equation
FriJun 1917:00Reza GheissariCube-root fluctuations and Tracy--Widom tails in critically pre-wetted Ising interfaces
FriMay 2915:00Scott SheffieldProbability and pandemics
FriMay 1515:00Allan SlyCritical One-dimensional Multi-particle DLA
FriMay 0814:00Dima IoffeUphill diffusions via phase transitions.
FriMay 0116:00Ken AlexanderGeodesics, bigeodesics, and coalescence in first passage percolation in general dimension
FriApr 2415:00Remi RhodesConformal Bootstrap in Liouville theory
FriApr 1717:00Rick KenyonGradient models and kappa-harmonic functions
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