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analysis of PDEs complex variables dynamical systems metric geometry

University of California, Los Angeles

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizers: Mario Bonk, Sylvester Eriksson-Bique*, Mikhail Hlushchanka, Annina Iseli
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Past talks
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WedMar 0616:00Mario BonkA dynamical analog of the Kapovich--Kleiner conjecture
WedMar 0617:00Zhiqiang LTBA
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WedFeb 0717:00Tom KojarGluing independent disks with the Inverse of Gaussian Multiplicative chaos
WedFeb 0716:00Adi GlücksamMulti-fractal spectrum of planar harmonic measure
WedDec 0617:00Pjotr BuysTBA
WedDec 0616:00Malavika MukundanConstructing dynamical approximations for entire functions
WedNov 0116:00Willie Rush LimFrom Herman Rings to Herman Curves
WedNov 0115:00Dan MargalitA Tale of Two Theorems of Thurston
WedOct 0416:00Chris GartlandStochastic Embeddings of Hyperbolic Metric Spaces
WedOct 0415:00Piotr HajłaszHölder continuous mappings, differential forms and the Heisenberg groups
WedMay 0316:00Frank TrujilloHausdorff dimension for invariant measures of critical circle maps
WedMay 0315:00Laura DeMarcoGeometry of the PCF locus
WedApr 0516:00Alessandro SistoMarkov chains on groups and quasi-isometries
WedApr 0515:00Caroline DavisA tour of Per_n(0)
WedMar 0117:00Walter ParryIntroduction to Pf4
WedMar 0116:00Tapio RajalaBV and Sobolev extensions in metric spaces
WedFeb 0117:00Alex KapiambaElephants all the way down: the near-parabolic geometry of the Mandelbrot set
WedFeb 0116:00Olga LukinaWeyl groups in Cantor dynamics
WedDec 0717:00Rohini RamadasComplex dynamics, degenerations, and irreducibility problems
WedDec 0716:00Stefan WengerExistence of integral currents in metric manifolds, with applications to Poincaré inequalities
WedNov 0216:00Russell LodgeGlobal dynamics of the pullback on multicurves for Thurston maps
WedNov 0215:00Toni IkonenWeighted distances on the plane
WedDec 1516:00Tatiana Smirnova-NagnibedaSchreier graphs of self-similar groups as source of examples in spectral graph theory
WedDec 0116:00Ursula HamenstädtRandom walks and boundaries of groups
WedNov 1716:00Chenxi WuGalois conjugate for exponents of core entropy
WedNov 0315:00Damaris HauserQuasiconformal almost parametrizations of metric surface
WedOct 2015:00Ryosuke ShimizuConstruction of a canonical p-energy on the Sierpinski carpet
WedOct 0615:00Wei QianUniqueness of the welding problem with fractal interfaces
WedJul 0718:00Robert YoungMetric differentiation and embeddings of the Heisenberg group
WedJul 0717:00Gareth SpeightWhitney Extension and Lusin Approximation in Carnot Groups
WedJul 0715:00Anke PohlDynamics, transfer operators, and Laplace eigenfunctions
WedJul 0714:00Anna ErschlerPoisson boundary for random walks on linear groups
TueJul 0618:00James LeeSpectral properties of planar graphs with uniform volume growth
TueJul 0617:00Frederik ViklundAround the Loewner-Kufarev energy
TueJul 0615:00Dierk SchleicherTBA
TueJul 0614:00Misha LyubichA priori bounds in Quadratic Dynamics
TueJun 2916:00Eveliina PeltolaOn Loewner evolutions with jumps
TueJun 2216:00Anja RandeckerSaddle connection complex: coarse and fine
TueJun 0816:00Ilya BinderWhen can you compute Harmonic Measure
TueJun 0116:00Livio LiechtiStrata of translation surfaces and trace field degrees
TueMay 2516:00Meng WuFurstenberg's intersection conjecture and some recent developments
TueMay 1116:00Joan LindConvergence of the Probabilistic Interpretation of Modulus
TueMay 0416:00Ilya GekhtmanGibbs measures vs. random walks in negative curvature
TueApr 2716:00Daniel MeyerThe solenoid, the Chamanara space, and symbolic dynamics
TueApr 2016:00Alex WrightTowards optimal spectral gaps in large genus
TueApr 1316:00Ilmari KangasniemiUniformly quasiregular maps and the manifolds (S^2 x S^2)#(S^2 x S^2)
TueApr 0616:00Vyron VellisHolder curves and rectifiability
TueMar 3016:00Eden PrywesQuasiconformal Flows on Non-Conformally Flat Spheres
TueMar 0917:00Séverine RigotMonotone subsets of step-2 Carnot algebras
TueMar 0217:00Kevin PilgrimOn the action of a Thurston map on the curve complex
TueFeb 2317:00Paul CreutzMaximal metric surfaces
TueFeb 1617:00Jayadev S. AthreyaSquare-integrability of the Mirzakhani function and statistics of simple closed geodesics on hyperbolic surfaces
TueFeb 0917:00Wenbo LiConformal dimension and minimality of stochastic objects
TueFeb 0217:00Pekka PankkaQuasiregular curves
TueJan 2617:00Matthew RomneyThe branch set of minimal disks in metric spaces
TueJan 1917:00Sara MaloniConvex hulls of quasicircles in hyperbolic and anti-de Sitter space
TueJan 1217:00Chris BishopWeil-Petersson curves, traveling salesman theorems, and minimal surfaces,
TueDec 0817:00Anton LukyanenkoTBA
TueDec 0117:00Yusheng LuoCusps, pinching and self-bump
TueNov 2417:00Katrin FässlerThe Loomis-Whitney inequality in the Heisenberg group
TueNov 1717:00Jack BurkartTranscendental Julia sets with Fractional Packing Dimension
TueNov 1017:00InSung ParkJulia sets with Ahlfors regular conformal dimension one
TueNov 0317:00Dzmitry DudkoExpanding and relatively expanding maps
TueOct 2716:00Sergei TabachnikovCross-ratio dynamics on ideal polygons
TueOct 2016:00Dimitrios NtalampekosRigidity theorems for circle domains
TueOct 1316:00Nageswari ShanmugalingamPrime end boundaries and their applications in potential theory and BQS maps
TueOct 0616:00Kostya DrachDynamical Rigidity of Rational Maps
TueSep 2916:00Malik YounsiTBA
TueSep 2216:00Annina iseliEliminating obstructions for Thurston maps with four postcritical points
WedJul 1518:00Becca WinarskiTopological techniques for recognizing post-critically finite polynomials
WedJul 1517:00Yilin WangLarge deviations of multichordal SLE0+, real rational functions, and zeta-regularized determinants of Laplacians
WedJul 1515:00Kirill LazebnikBers Slices in Families of Univalent Maps
WedJul 1514:00Alex EremenkoModuli spaces for Lamé functions and Abelian differentials of the second kind
TueJul 1418:00Volodia NekrashevychConformal dimension of self-similar groups
TueJul 1417:00Giulio TiozzoStatistical properties of coarse expanding dynamical systems
TueJul 1415:00Kathryn LindsayThe Shape of Thurston's Master Teapot
TueJul 1414:00Enrico Le DonneOn quasi-isometries of some negatively curved homogeneous spaces
TueJul 0717:00Sabyasachi MukherjeeReflection groups, anti-rational maps, and univalent functions
TueJun 1617:00André Salles de CarvalhoInverse limits of expanding Thurston maps and pseudo-Anosov homeomorphisms of the 3-sphere
TueJun 0917:00Toby HallInverse limits of tent maps and sphere homeomorphisms
TueJun 0217:00Mikhail HlushchankaInvariant graphs and curves and their applications in complex dynamics.
TueMay 2617:00John MackayConformal dimension and decompositions of hyperbolic groups
TueMay 1917:00Dragomir SaricThe ergodicity of the geodesic flow and Fenchel-Nielsen coordinates
TueMay 1217:00Sarah KochIrreducibility in complex dynamics
TueMay 0517:00Bruce KleinerRigidity and regularity of mappings between Carnot groups
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