Representation Theory and Mathematical Physics Seminar

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mathematical physics representation theory

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Tuesday 17:00-18:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Dimitar Grantcharov*, Natalia Rozhkovskaya*
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The suggested scope of the talks of this online seminar includes (but is not limited to) the aspects of representation theory, its applications, geometric, algebraic and combinatorial approaches, and connections to mathematical physics.

Zoom links will be uploaded on the seminar website one day prior to the talks.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
TueApr 2717:00Irina KashubaRepresentation type of Jordan algebras and superalgebras
TueApr 2017:00Julia PevtsovaSupport and tensor product property for integrable finite dimensional Hopf algebras.
TueApr 1317:00Thorsten HeidersdorfMonoidal structures for supergroups
TueApr 0617:00Zongzhu LinIrreducible characters for algebraic groups in positive characteristics and quantum groups at $p^r$-th roots of 1.
TueMar 3017:00Hadi SalmasianCapelli problems for basic classical Lie superalgebras
TueMar 2317:00Oksana YakimovaOn the Feigin-Frenkel centre and its applications to quantisation problems
TueMar 1617:00Evgeny MukhinCharacters, q-characters, and qq-characters
TueMar 0918:00Khoa NguyenExponentiation functors on differential operators of $\mathfrak{sl}(n+1)$.
TueMar 0218:00Vidas RegelskisR-matrix presentation of orthogonal and symplectic quantum loop algebras
TueFeb 2318:00John HarnadBilinear expansions of lattices of KP $\tau$-function in BKP $\tau$-functions: a fermionic approach
TueFeb 1618:00Oleg SheinmanLax representation and separation of variables for Hitchin systems
TueFeb 0918:00Alistair SavageAffinization of monoidal categories
TueFeb 0218:00Volodymyr MazorchukImages of simple modules under projective functors and Kostant's problem
TueJan 2618:00Jonas HartwigHarish-Chandra modules over orders in smash products
TueDec 0118:00Leonid PetrovSymmetric functions from integrable vertex models
TueNov 1718:00Pavel MnevTwo-dimensional BF theory as a conformal field theory
TueNov 1018:00Letterio GattoBosonic and Fermionic Representations of Endomorphisms of Exterior Algebras
TueNov 0318:00Johan van de LeurThe Extended Toda and Non-Linear Schroedinger Hierarchies
TueOct 2717:00Maria GorelikArc diagrams and Duflo-Serganova functor $DS_x$
TueOct 2017:00Vera SerganovaTensor product of the Fock representation with its dual.
TueOct 1317:00Sophie Morier-Genoud$q$-analogues of rational and real numbers
TueOct 0617:00Vyacheslav FutornyPositive energy representations of affine vertex algebras via localization
TueSep 2917:00Siddhartha SahiLie superalgebras and the Capelli eigenvalue problem
TueSep 2217:00Saber AhmedQuantized enveloping superalgebra of type $P$
TueSep 1517:00Misha FeiginLassalle-Nekrasov correspondence for Calogero-Moser systems and quasi-invariant Hermite polynomials
TueSep 0817:00Bojko BakalovA vertex algebra construction of representations of toroidal Lie algebras
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