PIMS-CORDS SFU Operations Research Seminar


Simon Fraser University

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Thursday 21:00-22:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Tamon Stephen*, Sandy Rutherford
*contact for this listing

In the "Big Data Hub", room ASB 10908.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
ThuMay 0921:00Fatemeh BeikA survey on preconditioning techniques for a class of block three-by-three linear systems
ThuApr 2521:00João Gouveia (UBC-O hosted)Self-dual polyhedral cones and their slack matrices
ThuApr 1821:00Benny WaiData Science Initiatives in the Grocery Industry
ThuApr 0421:00Yiwen Chen (UBC-O hosted)Q-fully quadratic modeling and its application in a random subspace derivative-free method
ThuMar 1421:00Charles Audet (UBC-O hosted)Evolution of the Mads Algorithm by Developing Specific Features
ThuFeb 2922:00Yves Lucet (UBC-O hosted)Recent Results in Computational Convex Analysis
ThuJan 2522:00Eitan Levin (UBC-O hosted)Any-dimensional Convex Sets
ThuJan 1122:00Warren Hare (UBC-O hosted)Expected Decrease for Derivative-free Algorithms Using Random Subspaces
ThuNov 3022:00Frederik KunstnerSearching for Optimal Per-Coordinate Step-sizes with Multidimensional Backtracking
ThuNov 1622:00Feyza SahinyazanPath to Energy Sovereignty: Clean and Affordable Solutions for Remote Communities
ThuNov 0221:00Julia YanPricing Shared Rides
ThuOct 1921:00Sharan VaswaniExploiting Problem Structure for Efficient Optimization in Machine Learning
ThuOct 0521:00Heinz Bauschke (UBC-O hosted)On the Composition of Two Linear Projections
ThuSep 2121:00Zhaosong LuFirst-order Methods for Bilevel Optimization
ThuMay 2522:30Isabelle Shankar (UBC-O hosted)Central Curve in Semidefinite Programming
ThuApr 0622:30Marco CaoduroOn the Packing and Hitting Numbers of Axis-parallel Segments
ThuMar 2322:30Mona Imanpoor YourdshahyEffects of Usage-Based Auto Insurance: A Dynamic Mechanism-Design Approach
ThuMar 1622:30Gohram BalochData-driven Approach to Optimal Ordering batching Problem in Warehouse Management
FriMar 1023:30Jean-François CordeauThe Park-and-loop Technician Routing Problem
ThuMar 0923:30[Special talk on Friday in Surrey][]
ThuMar 0223:30Sandy RutherfordSimulation Modelling of the BC Critical Care System for Pandemic Response
ThuFeb 2323:30[Reading break][]
ThuFeb 1623:30Angela Morrison (UBCO-hosted)On Combinatorial Algorithms and Circuit Augmentation for Pseudoflows
ThuFeb 0223:30Dimitri LeemansThe Number of String C-groups of High Rank
ThuJan 2623:30Ben AdcockRestarts Subject to Approximate Sharpness: a Parameter-free and Optimal Scheme for Accelerating First-order Methods
ThuJan 1923:30Tanmaya Karmarkar (UBC-O hosted)Tensor Optimization and Applications
ThuJan 0523:30Hossein PiriIndividualized Dynamic Patient Monitoring Under Alarm Fatigue
ThuNov 1723:30Jing LuCase Studies in Data Science and Analytics from a UK Business School
ThuNov 1022:30Diego Cifuentes (remote)Computing the Nearest Structured Rank Deficient Matrix
ThuOct 2722:30Nadia LahrichiImproving Radiotherapy Treatment Logistics
ThuOct 1322:30Tim HoheiselThe Maximum Entropy on the Mean Method for Linear Inverse Problems (and beyond)
ThuSep 2922:30Imre BárányCells in the Box and a Hyperplane
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