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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizers: Edy Tri Baskoro*, Djoko Suprijanto, Pritta Etriana Putri
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This series aims to discuss the latest developments and advances in the field of combinatorics and graph theory, presented by world–renowned researchers. This series is organized fortnightly by the Combinatorial Mathematics Research Group, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia. Students, lecturers and researchers in the fields of combinatorics, mathematics in general and others are welcome to attend this series.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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SatMay 1102:00Charles Joseph ColbournPopularity Labellings for Steiner Systems
SatFeb 2407:00Djoko SuprijantoCyclic codes over finite rings and their generalizations: Structural properties and applications
FriDec 0812:00Vida DujmovicProof of the Clustered Hadwiger Conjecture
FriNov 1707:00Sandi KlavzarVisibility Concepts in Graph Theory
FriNov 0307:00Kiki Ariyanti SugengOn Modular Irregularity Strength for Some Families of Graphs
FriOct 2007:00Mihyun KangTopological aspects of random graphs
SatSep 3007:00Jose Maria BalmacedaAssociation Schemes and Related Structures
FriJul 0707:00Marien AbreuExtending perfect matchings to Hamiltonian cycles
ThuJun 0807:00Gordon RoyleHamilton cycles in cubic and other graphs
TueApr 1107:00Daniel KralQuasirandom combinatorial structures
FriMar 3107:00Hilda AssiyatunOn Ramsey-minimal graphs for combinations containing matchings, paths or stars
FriFeb 1707:00Sanming ZhouNowhere-zero 3-flows in vertex-transitive graphs
FriDec 1607:00Csilla BujtásTriangle packings and coverings
ThuNov 2407:00Nicolas TrotignonWidths and even-hole-free graphs, a tour in structural graph theory
FriNov 1102:00Sang-il OumBuilding the hierarchy of graph classes
SatOct 2907:00Edy Tri BaskoroOn the Existence of Almost Moore Digraphs
ThuOct 1307:00Nicholas WormaldUniform generation of combinatorial objects
ThuSep 2907:00Akihiro MunemasaSphere Packings, Root Systems and Signed Graphs
FriSep 0912:00Linda LesniakOn the Necessity of Chvatal's Hamiltonian Degree Condition and Forcibly P Degree Conditions
ThuAug 2512:00Stanislaw RadziszowskiMore on Computational Approach in Ramsey Theory
ThuJul 2807:00Brendan McKayRamsey Theory and Ramsey Numbers
SatJun 2507:00Eiichi BannaiExplicit Construction of Exact Unitary Designs
SatApr 2307:00Hao HuangInterlacing Methods in Extremal Combinatorics
FriApr 0807:00Xueliang LiExtremal Problems for Graphical Function-Indices and f-Weighted Adjacency Matrices
FriFeb 1807:00Nobuaki ObataQuadratic Embedding Constants of Graphs and Related Topics
FriJan 2807:00Camino BalbuenaMoore Cages of Girth 8
FriDec 1007:00Catherine GreenhillResults about random hypergraphs, proved using asymptotic enumeration formulae
FriNov 2608:00Tom KellyColoring hypergraphs of small codegree, and a proof of the Erdős–Faber–Lovász conjecture
FriNov 1907:00Martin GroheThe Logic of Graph Neural Networks
FriOct 2208:00Peter CameronGraphs defined on groups
FriOct 0807:00Chie NARARecent Results in Continuous Flattening Problems of Polyhedra
FriSep 2406:30Cheryl PraegerCodes and designs in Johnson graphs
FriSep 1007:00Akira SaitoImplications in rainbow forbidden subgraphs
TueAug 2407:00Ian WanlessDiagonally Cyclic Latin Squares
TueAug 1008:00Oriol SerraCombinatorial Nullstellensatz
WedJul 1407:00Shariefuddin PirzadaThe Laplacian Eigenvalues of Graphs
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