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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Friday 19:00-20:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Ravi Vakil*
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The seminar is sometimes online, and sometimes in person.

For zoom talks: This seminar requires both advance registration, and a password. Register at Password: 362880

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Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
FriMar 1022:00Nathan ChenFano hypersurfaces and differential forms via positive characteristic
FriMar 1020:00Shiji LyuBehavior of some invariants in characteristic $p$
FriFeb 2420:00Patricio Gallardo CandelaA perspective on explicit compactifications of the moduli space of surfaces and pairs
FriFeb 1720:00Chih-Wei ChangThe Iitaka dimensions of toric vector bundles
FriFeb 1020:00Aaron LandesmanSplitting types of finite monodromy vector bundles
FriFeb 0320:00Hernan IriarteWeak continuity on the variation of Newton Okounkov bodies
FriJan 2720:00Dusty RossPutting the “volume” back in “volume polynomials”
FriJan 2021:45Allen KnutsonGeneric pipe dreams and the commuting scheme
FriJan 2020:00Will SawinQuantitative $\ell$-adic sheaf theory
FriDec 0220:00Chengxi WangCalabi-Yau varieties of large index
FriNov 1820:00Pierrick BousseauFock–Goncharov Dual Cluster Varieties and Gross–Siebert Mirrors
FriNov 1120:00Jacob TsimermanAbelian Varieties not Isogenous to Jacobians
FriOct 2819:00Matthew EmertonStacks in the arithmetic Langlands program
FriOct 2119:00Matt LarsonThe local motivic monodromy conjecture for simplicial nondegenerate singularities
FriSep 1619:00Adeel KhanAn invitation to motivic sheaves (part 2)
FriSep 0919:00Adeel KhanAn invitation to motivic sheaves (part 1)
FriSep 0219:00Hunter SpinkExamples of o-minimality in algebraic geometry
FriMay 2719:00Soheyla FeyzbakhshHyperkahler varieties as Brill-Noether loci on curves
FriMay 2019:00Tony FengEnumerative arithmetic geometry and automorphic forms
FriMay 1319:00Daniele AgostiniSingular curves, degenerate theta functions and KP solutions
FriMay 0619:00Daniil RudenkoRational Elliptic Surfaces and Trigonometry of Non-Euclidean Tetrahedra
FriApr 2919:00David AndersonThe direct sum morphism in (equivariant) Schubert calculus
FriApr 1519:00Kiran KedlayaAngle ranks of abelian varieties
FriApr 0819:00Michail SavvasReduction of stabilizers and generalized Donaldson-Thomas invariants
FriApr 0119:00Siddarth KannanModuli of relative stable maps to $\mathbf{P}^1$: cut-and-paste invariants
FriMar 2519:00Hunter SpinkA new Chern character for "classical Lie type" combinatorics
FriMar 1819:00Tony Yue YuNon-archimedean Quantum K-theory and Gromov-Witten invariants
FriMar 1120:00Omid AminiGeometry of hybrid curves and their moduli spaces, with a view toward applications
FriMar 0420:00Ana BalibanuRegular centralizers and the wonderful compactification
FriFeb 2520:00Yi HuResolution of Singularities in Arbitrary Characteristics
FriFeb 1820:00Enrica MazzonHigher Fano manifolds
FriFeb 0420:00Madeline BrandtTop Weight Cohomology of $A_g$
FriJan 2820:00Allen KnutsonResolutions of Richardson varieties, stable curves, and dual simplicial spheres
FriJan 2120:00Chelsea WaltonRepresentation theory of elliptic algebras
FriJan 1420:00Emily CladerPermutohedral complexes and rational curves with cyclic action
FriDec 1720:00Ziquan ZhuangProperness of the K-moduli space
FriDec 1020:00Noah OlanderSemiorthogonal decompositions and dimension
FriDec 0320:00Louis EsserVarieties of general type with doubly exponential asymptotics
FriNov 1920:00Renzo CavalieriThe integral Chow ring of $M_{0}(\mathbb{P}^r,d)$
FriNov 1220:00Kai BehrendDonaldson-Thomas theory of the quantum Fermat quintic
FriNov 0519:00Mohammed AbouzaidWhat can symplectic topology tell us about algebraic varieties?
FriOct 1519:00Maddie WeinsteinAlgebraic Geometry of Curvature and Matrices with Partitioned Eigenvalues
FriOct 0819:00Joaquín Moraga​​Toroidalization principles for klt singularities
FriOct 0119:00Arnav TripathyLine bundles in equivariant elliptic cohomology
FriSep 2419:00Ming Hao QuekLogarithmic resolution of singularities via multi-weighted blow-ups
FriSep 1719:00Han-Bom MoonDerived category of moduli of vector bundles
FriSep 1019:00Maria YakersonTwisted K-theory in motivic homotopy theory
FriAug 1319:00Elden ElmantoThe completely decomposed arc topology and motivic applications
FriAug 0619:00Ritvik RamkumarOn the tangent space to the Hilbert scheme of points in $\mathbf{P}^3$
FriJul 3019:00Federico ScaviaThe Grothendieck ring of stacks
FriJul 2319:00Tom GraberVirtual localization for relative obstruction theories and stable log maps
FriJul 1619:00Raymond Cheng$q$-bic Hypersurfaces
FriJul 0919:00Denis NardinQuadratic forms on rings and the homotopy limit problem
FriJun 1119:00Lena JiThe Noether–Lefschetz theorem
FriJun 0419:00Martin UlirschTropical geometry and logarithmic compactifications of reductive algebraic groups
FriMay 2819:00Dhruv RanganathanConstructing logarithmic moduli
FriMay 2119:00Eric KatzIterated p-adic integration on semistable curves
FriMay 1419:00Joachim JelisiejewPathologies on the Hilbert scheme of points
FriMay 0719:00Geoff SmithNormal bundles of rational curves and separably rationally connected varieties
FriApr 3019:00Remy van Dobben de BruynConstructing varieties with prescribed Hodge numbers modulo m in positive characteristic
FriApr 2319:00Michael TemkinLogarithmic resolution of singularities
FriApr 1619:00Samir CanningThe Chow rings of $M_7$, $M_8$, and $M_9$
FriApr 0919:00Sam MolchoThe strict transform in logarithmic geometry
FriApr 0219:00Matt BakerPastures, Polynomials, and Matroids
FriMar 2619:00Nikolas KuhnA blowup formula for virtual Donaldson invariants
SatMar 1300:00Yuuji TanakaOn the virtual Euler characteristics of the moduli spaces of semistable sheaves on a complex projective surface
FriMar 0520:00Arend BayerFano varieties: from derived categories to geometry via stability
FriFeb 2620:00Jihao LiuComplements and local singularities in birational geometry
FriFeb 1920:00Izzet CoskunAlgebraic Hyperbolicity and Lang-type loci in hypersurfaces
FriFeb 1220:00Laure FlapanFano manifolds associated to hyperkähler manifolds
FriFeb 0520:00Sean KeelBerkovich geometry and mirror symmetry
FriJan 2920:00Soumya SankarDerived equivalences of gerbey curves
FriJan 2220:00Takumi MurayamaGrothendieck's localization problem
FriJan 1520:00Ben AntieauGenus 1 curves in twisted projective spaces
FriDec 0420:00Rahul PandharipandeThe top Chern class of the Hodge bundle and the log Chow ring of the moduli space of curves
FriNov 1320:00Taylor DupuyAbelian Varieties Over Finite Fields in the LMFDB
FriNov 0620:00Akhil Mathew\'Etale K-theory and motivic cohomology
FriOct 3019:00Aaron LandesmanThe Torelli map restricted to the hyperelliptic locus
FriOct 2319:00Jarod AlperCoherent completeness and the local structure of algebraic stacks
FriOct 1619:00Barbara FantechiInfinitesimal deformations of semi-smooth varieties
FriOct 0919:00Karen SmithExtremal Singularities in Prime Characteristic
FriOct 0219:00Juliette BruceThe top weight cohomology of $A_g$
FriSep 2519:00Richard ThomasSquare root Euler classes and counting sheaves on Calabi-Yau 4-folds
FriSep 1819:00Rachel WebbVirtual cycle on the moduli space of maps to a complete intersection
FriSep 1119:00Andrew KobinZeta functions and decomposition spaces
FriSep 0419:00Chris EurSimplicial generation of Chow rings of matroids
FriAug 2819:00Martin OlssonDeterminants and deformation theory of perfect complexes
FriAug 2119:00Hannah LarsonBrill--Noether theory over the Hurwitz space
FriJul 3119:30Dan AbramovichResolution and logarithmic resolution via weighted blowings up
FriJul 2419:00Brendan HassettSymbols, birational geometry, and computations
FriJul 1719:00Laura EscobarWall-crossing phenomena for Newton-Okounkov bodies
FriJul 1019:00John Christian OttemOn (2,3)-fourfolds
FriJun 1219:00Wei HoSplitting Brauer classes
FriJun 1217:45Margaret BiluArithmetic and motivic statistics via zeta functions
FriJun 0519:00Bhargav BhattA p-adic Riemann-Hilbert functor and vanishing theorems
FriMay 2917:45Yuchen LiuModuli spaces of quartic hyperelliptic K3 surfaces via K-stability
FriMay 2218:00Chenyang XuK-moduli of Fano varieties
FriMay 1519:00Rob SilversmithStudying subschemes of affine/projective space via matroids
FriMay 1517:45Rohini RamadasThe locus of post-critically finite maps in the moduli space of self-maps of $\mathbb{P}^n$
FriMay 0819:00Bjorn PoonenBertini irreducibility theorems via statistics
FriMay 0817:45Julie DesjardinsDensity of rational points on a family of del Pezzo surface of degree 1
FriMay 0119:00Burt TotaroThe Hilbert scheme of infinite affine space
FriMay 0117:45Borys Kadets38406501359372282063949 & all that: Monodromy of Fano problems
FriApr 2418:00Kirsten WickelgrenThere are $160,839 \langle 1 \rangle + 160,650 \langle -1\rangle$ 3-planes in a 7-dimensional cubic hypersurface
FriApr 1718:00Gavril FarkasGreen’s conjecture via Koszul modules
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