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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Thursday 12:00-13:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Louis-Hadrien Robert*, Emmanuel Wagner, Lukas Lewark, Alexandra Kjuchukova
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Description: Seminar on knot theory and low dimensional topology

Password and direction to register to the mailing list are given on the homepage of the seminar.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
ThuDec 1515:00Steven SivekFloer homology and non-fibered knot detection
ThuDec 1613:00Roland van der VeenHopf algebras and 3-manifolds
ThuDec 0913:00Richard SchwartzOn the optimal paper Moebius band
ThuDec 0213:00Cristina AnghelColoured Jones and coloured Alexander invariants from two Lagrangians intersected in a symmetric power of a surface
ThuNov 1813:00Gordana MaticFillability of contact structures and the spectral order invariant
ThuNov 1113:00Allison MillerSatellite operators and knot concordance
ThuNov 0414:00Liam WatsonImmersed curve invariants in low-dimensions
ThuOct 2812:00Paolo BellingeriVirtual Artin groups
ThuOct 2112:00Dror Bar-NatanA modest light conversation on how knots should be measured
ThuOct 1412:00Renaud DetcherryA quantum obstruction to purely cosmetic surgeries
ThuOct 0712:00Patrick OrsonMapping class group of simply-connected 4-manifolds
ThuSep 3012:00Benjamin RuppikHandlebodies, Trivial tangles and Group Trisections for Knotted surfaces
ThuSep 2312:00Maggie MillerExotic Brunnian surfaces
ThuSep 1612:00Dan Cristofaro-GardinerThe Simplicity Conjecture
ThuSep 0912:00Sebastian BaaderSignature spectrum of positive braids
ThuJun 2412:00Christian BlanchetHeisenberg homology on surface configurations
ThuJun 1712:00Vincent ColinVariations on Khovanov homology
ThuJun 1012:00Raphael ZentnerToroidal homology 3-spheres and SU(2)-representations
ThuJun 0312:00Yuta NozakiAbelian quotients of the Y-filtration on the homology cylinders via the LMO functor
ThuMay 2712:00Agnès GadbledWeinstein handlebody diagrams for complements of smoothed toric divisors
ThuMay 2012:00Delphine MoussardA triple point knot invariant and the slice and ribbon genera
ThuMay 1312:00William BallingerConcordance invariants from Khovanov homology
ThuMay 0612:00Jacob RasmussenAn SL2(ℝ) Casson–Lin invariant
ThuApr 2912:00David Leturcq(High-dimensional) Alexander polynomial(s) and diagram counts
ThuApr 0812:00Andrew LobbFour-sided pegs fitting round holes fit all smooth holes
ThuApr 0112:00Maciej BorodzikNon-rational, non-cuspidal plane curves via Heegaard Floer homology
ThuMar 2513:00Jean-Baptiste MeilhanMilnor concordance invariant for knotted surfaces and beyond
ThuMar 1813:00Ricard Riba GarciaInvariants of rational homology 3-spheres and the mod p Torelli group
ThuMar 1113:00Akram AlishahiBraid invariant related to knot Floer homology and Khovanov homology
ThuMar 0413:00Daniel RubermanA Levine–Tristram invariant for knotted tori
ThuFeb 1813:00María CumplidoBraiding trees: A new family of Thompson-like groups
ThuFeb 1113:00Marco de RenziNon-Semisimple Quantum Invariants of 3-Manifolds From the Kauffman Bracket
ThuFeb 0413:00Anthony ConwayKnotted surfaces with infinite cyclic knot group
ThuJan 2813:00Jennifer HomInfinite order rationally slice knots
ThuJan 2113:00Mikhail KhovanovBilinear pairings and topological theories
ThuJan 1413:00Peter FellerBraids, quasimorphisms, and slice-Bennequin inequalities
ThuDec 1013:00Joshua Sussanp-dg structures in link homology
ThuDec 0313:00Celeste DamianiGeneralisations of Hecke Algebras from Loop Braid Groups
ThuNov 2613:00Léo BénardTwisted L^2 torsion on character varieties of 3-manifolds
ThuNov 1913:00Caterina CampagnoloThe simplicial volume of surface bundles over surfaces, and other invariants
ThuNov 1213:00Lisa PiccirilloA users guide to straightforward exotica
ThuNov 0513:00Hugo ParlierWhere the orthogeodesics roam
ThuOct 2212:00Louis FunarBraided surfaces and their characteristic maps
ThuOct 1512:00Tara BrendleThe mapping class group of connect sums of 𝕊2 × 𝕊1
ThuOct 0812:00Livio LietchiBi-Perron numbers and the Alexander polynomial
ThuOct 0112:00András StipsiczCosmetic surgery conjecture for pretzel knots
ThuSep 2412:00Fathi Ben AribiThe Teichmüller TQFT volume conjecture for twist knots
ThuSep 1712:00Stefan FriedlReidemeister torsion and topological link concordance
ThuSep 1012:00Marco GollaSymplectic rational cuspidal curves
ThuSep 0312:00Jun MurakamiSome applications of the volume conjecture
ThuJun 2512:00Anna BeliakovaNon-semisimple quantum invariants
ThuJun 1812:00Catherine MeusburgerMapping class group actions from Hopf monoids
ThuJun 1112:00Maÿlis LimouzineauAbout reversing surgery in immersed Lagrangian fillings of Legendrian knots
ThuJun 0412:00Bruno MartelliConvex hyperbolic 4-manifolds
ThuMay 2812:00Hugh MortonSkeins and algebras
ThuMay 2112:00John Guaschi(Almost)-crystallographic quotients of Artin and surface braid groups and their finite subgroups.
ThuMay 1412:00Giulio BellettiThe volume conjecture for Turaev–Viro invariants
ThuMay 0712:00Mark PowellShake slice knots
ThuApr 3012:00Jules MartelA full homological model for quantum Verma modules and their representations of braid groups
ThuApr 2312:00Alexandra KjuchukovaThe meridional rank conjecture: an attack with crayons
ThuApr 1612:00Lukas LewarkUnknotting and cobordism distances
ThuApr 0912:00Julien MarchéAutomorphisms of the character variety of a surface
ThuApr 0212:00Pierre DehornoyAlmost equivalence for transitive Anosov flows
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