SCMS Combinatorics Seminar


Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: Thursday 02:00-03:00, 07:00-08:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Ping Hu*, Hehui Wu, Qiqin Xie
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
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ThuApr 1506:00Kenta OzekiTBA
ThuApr 0802:00Bernard Lidický11/4-colorability of subcubic triangle-free graphs
ThuApr 0106:00Bundit LaekhanukitVertex Sparsification for Edge Connectivity
ThuJan 2111:00Joonkyung LeeTBA
ThuJan 1407:00Hong LiuA solution to Erdős and Hajnal’s odd cycle problem
ThuJan 0702:00Benjamin GunbyUpper Tails in Random Regular Graphs
ThuDec 3102:00Zi-Xia SongHadwiger’s Conjecture
ThuDec 2407:00Pinyan LuClassifying Computational Counting Problems
ThuDec 1707:00Xujin ChenRanking Tournaments with No Errors
ThuDec 1002:00Youngho YooPacking A-paths and cycles with modularity constraints
ThuDec 0302:00Guantao ChenGraph Edge Coloring
ThuNov 2602:00Luke PostleFurther progress towards Hadwiger's conjecture
ThuNov 1902:00Chun-Hung LiuClustered coloring for Hadwiger type problems
ThuNov 1207:00Weifan WangSimultaneous Colorings of Plane Graphs (In Chinese)
ThuNov 0507:00Jie Han$F$-factors in graphs with randomness conditions
ThuOct 2907:00Jiaao LiFlows and Cycle Covers of Signed Graphs
ThuOct 2202:00Fan WeiSome variants of the graph removal lemma
ThuOct 1502:00Daniel CranstonVertex Partitions into an Independent Set and a Forest with Each Component Small
ThuOct 0802:00Hao HuangCovering cubes by hyperplanes
ThuSep 2402:00Tao JiangLinear cycles of given lengths in linear hypergraphs
ThuSep 1707:00Jan VolecNon-bipartite k-common graphs
ThuSep 1007:00Jaehoon KimExtremal density for sparse minors and subdivisions
ThuSep 0307:00Hongliang LuCo-degree condition for matchings in $k$-partite $k$-graphs
ThuAug 2707:00Kevin HendreyCounting cliques in 1-planar graphs
ThuAug 2008:00Oliver JanzerRainbow Turán number of even cycles
ThuAug 1302:00Zilin JiangNegligible obstructions and Turán exponents
ThuAug 0602:00Yufei ZhaoEquiangular lines, spherical two-distance sets, and spectral graph theory
ThuJul 0902:00Yifan JingStructures of sets with minimum measure growth
ThuJul 0208:00Bojan MoharCan the genus of a graph be approximated?
ThuJun 2502:00Lina LiIndependent sets in middle two layers of Boolean lattice
ThuJun 1807:00Wojciech SamotijLarge deviations of triangle counts in the binomial random graph II
ThuJun 1107:00Wojciech SamotijLarge deviations of triangle counts in the binomial random graph I
ThuJun 0407:00Hong LiuBasics on the hypergraph container method V
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