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University of California, San Diego

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Thursday 21:00-22:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Kiran Kedlaya*, Alina Bucur, Aaron Pollack, Cristian Popescu, Claus Sorensen
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Only one registration required for 2021-22.

Most talks are preceded by a pre-talk for graduate students and postdocs. The pre-talks start 40 minutes prior to the posted time (usually at 1:20pm Pacific) and last about 30 minutes.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
ThuOct 2821:00Rahul DalalCounting level-1, quaternionic automorphic representations on $G_2$
ThuNov 0421:00Linus HamannTBA
ThuNov 1822:00Gabriel Dorfsman-HopkinsTBA
ThuDec 0222:00TBATBA
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ThuOct 2121:00Thomas GrubbA cut-by-curves criterion for overconvergence of $F$-isocrystals
ThuOct 1421:00Jeff LagariasComplex Equiangular Lines and the Stark Conjectures
ThuOct 0721:00Kiran KedlayaOrders of abelian varieties over F_2
ThuSep 2321:00Organizational meetingOrganizational meeting (Zoom only)
ThuJun 0321:00Kelly IshamAsymptotic growth of orders in a fixed number field via subrings in $\mathbb{Z}^n$
ThuMay 2721:00Evan O'DorneyArithmetic statistics of $H^1(K, T)$
ThuMay 2021:00Nahid WaljiOn the conjectural decomposition of symmetric powers of automorphic representations for GL(3) and GL(4)
ThuMay 1321:00Sean HoweBialgebraicity in local Shimura varieties
ThuMay 0621:00Maria FoxSupersingular Loci of Some Unitary Shimura Varieties
ThuApr 2921:00Christian KlevdalIntegrality of G-local systems
ThuApr 2221:00Owen BarrettThe derived category of the abelian category of constructible sheaves
ThuApr 1521:00Lance MillerFiniteness of quasi-canonical lifts of elliptic curves
ThuApr 0817:00Mahesh KakdeOn the Brumer-Stark conjecture and applications to Hilbert's 12th problem
ThuApr 0118:00Peter KoymansMalle's conjecture for nonic Heisenberg extensions
ThuMar 1122:00Organizational meetingOrganizational meeting
ThuMar 0422:00Soumya SankarCounting elliptic curves with a rational $N$-isogeny
ThuFeb 2522:00Tim TrudgianVerifying the Riemann hypothesis to a new height
ThuFeb 1822:00Zuhair MullathUnobstructed Galois deformation problems associated to GSp(4)
ThuFeb 1122:00Allechar Serrano LopezCounting elliptic curves with prescribed torsion over imaginary quadratic fields
ThuFeb 0422:00Naomi SweetingKolyvagin's conjecture and higher congruences of modular forms
ThuJan 2822:00Ashwin IyengarThe Iwasawa Main Conjecture over the Extended Eigencurve
ThuJan 2122:00Kwun Angus Chung$v$-adic convergence for exp and log in function fields and applications to $v$-adic $L$-values
ThuJan 1422:00Aranya LahiriResolutions of locally analytic principal series representations of GL_2(F)
ThuJan 0722:00Joshua LamCalabi-Yau varieties and Shimura varieties
ThuDec 1022:00Bao Le HungModuli of Fontaine-Laffaille modules and mod p local-global compatibility.
ThuDec 0318:00Maxim MornevLocal monodromy of Drinfeld modules
FriNov 2000:00Yifeng LiuBeilinson-Bloch conjecture and arithmetic inner product formula
ThuNov 1222:00James UptonNewton Slopes in $\mathbb{Z}_p$-Towers of Curves
ThuNov 0522:00Samuel MundyArchimedean components of Eisenstein series and CAP forms for $G_2$
ThuOct 2921:00Brandon AlbertsModeling Malle's Conjecture with Random Groups
ThuOct 2221:00Paul Van KoughnettTopological modular forms for number theorists
ThuOct 1521:00Cristian PopescuAn equivariant Tamagawa number formula for Drinfeld modules and beyond
ThuOct 0821:00Aaron PollackSingular modular forms on quaternionic E_8
ThuOct 0121:00Organizational meetingOrganizational meeting
ThuJun 0421:00Niccolo RonchettiA derived Hecke action on the ordinary Hida tower
ThuMay 2821:00Elena FuchsPrime components in integral circle packings
ThuMay 2121:00Jack ThorneSymmetric power functoriality for holomorphic modular forms
ThuMay 1421:00Xin TongTowards a Hodge-Iwasawa theory
ThuMay 1417:00Federico PellarinOn Drinfeld modular forms in Tate algebras
ThuMay 0721:00Carl Wang-EricksonThe Eisenstein ideal with squarefree level
ThuApr 3021:00Jize YuThe integral geometric Satake equivalence in mixed characteristic
ThuApr 2321:00Jishnu RayConjectures in Iwasawa Theory of Selmer groups and Iwasawa Algebras
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