IIT Bombay Virtual Commutative Algebra Seminar

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Audience: Advanced learners
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizers: Jugal Kishore Verma*, Kriti Goel*, Parangama Sarkar, Shreedevi Masuti
Curator: Saipriya Dubey*
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
FriMar 3113:00Alexandra SeceleanuPrincipal symmetric ideals
FriMar 2412:00Takumi MurayamaUniform bounds on symbolic powers in regular rings via closure theory
FriMar 1712:00Christine BerkeshDifferential operators, retracts, and toric face rings
FriMar 1012:00Cheng MengMultiplicities in flat local extensions
FriMar 0313:00Vaibhav PandeyLinkage and F-regularity of generic determinantal rings
FriFeb 2412:00Luis DuartePerturbations of ideals in local rings
FriFeb 1712:00Manuel BlickleTBA
FriFeb 1013:00Saugata BasuHomology of symmetric semi-algebraic sets
FriFeb 0313:00Kevin TuckerThe Theory of F-rational Signature
FriJan 2712:00Alessio CaminataDeterminantal varieties from point configurations on hypersurfaces
FriJan 2012:00A.V. JayanthanOn the resurgence and asymptotic resurgence of homogeneous ideals
FriJan 1312:00Lisa SecciaWeakly- closed graphs and F-purity of binomial edge ideals
FriJan 0612:00Vu Quang ThanhRegularity of powers and symbolic powers of squarefree monomial ideals
FriDec 3012:00Mitsuyasu HashimotoAsymptotic behaviors of the Frobenius pushforwards of the ring of invariants
FriDec 2312:00Shigeru KurodaZ/pZ-actions on the affine space: classification, invariant ring, and plinth ideal
FriDec 1612:00Utsav ChowdhuryCharacterisation of the affine plane using $\mathbb{A}^1$-homotopy theory
FriDec 0912:00Rajib SarkarLevel and pseudo-Gorenstein binomial edge ideals
FriNov 2512:00Kohsuke ShibataBounds of the multiplicity of abelian quotient complete intersection singularities
FriNov 1812:00Mina BigdeliQuadratic monomial ideals with almost linear free resolutions
FriNov 1112:00Ramakrishna NanduriOn regularity of (symbolic) Rees algebra and (symbolic) powers of edge & vertex cover ideals of graphs
FriNov 0412:00Vivek SadhuInjectivity of Brauer groups for valuation rings
FriOct 2813:00Xianglong NiLinkage in codimension three
FriOct 2113:00Louiza FouliRegular Sequences and the depth function for monomial ideals
FriOct 1412:00Parnashree GhoshOn the triviality of a family of linear hyperplanes
FriOct 0713:00Daniel ErmanMatrix factorizations of generic polynomials
FriSep 3012:00Joachim JelisiejewWhen is a homogeneous ideal a limit of saturated ones?
FriSep 0913:00Mircea MustataAn estimate for the F-pure threshold via the roots of the Bernstein-Sato polynomial
FriApr 2912:00Eleonore FaberCluster structures for the A-infinity singularity
FriApr 2212:00Yuji YoshinoNaive liftings of dg modules
FriApr 1512:00Alessandro De StefaniA uniform Chevalley theorem for direct summands in mixed characteristic
FriApr 0812:00Alessio SammartanoNested Hilbert schemes of the plane
FriApr 0112:00Soumi TikaderMonic inversion principle of local complete intersection ideal
FriMar 2512:00Dharm VeerOn Green-Lazarsfeld property $N_p$ for Hibi rings
ThuMar 2413:00Takumi MurayamaTBA
ThuMar 2413:00Takumi MurayamaTBA
FriMar 1812:00Ilya SmirnovLech's inequality can be sharpened uniformly
FriMar 1113:00Craig HunekeTorsion in Commutative Algebra
ThuMar 1013:00Cheng MengTBA
ThuMar 1013:00Cheng MengTBA
FriMar 0414:00Joseph GubeladzeNormal polytopes and ellispoids
FriFeb 2513:00Keri Sather-WagstaffMonomial Ideals Arising from Graph Domination Problems
FriFeb 1812:00Liran ShaulSpecial classes of rings in derived commutative algebra
FriFeb 1112:00Shunsuke TakagiKodaira vanishing for thickenings of globally $F$-regular varieties
FriFeb 0413:00Adam Van TuylToric ideals of graphs and some of their homological invariants
FriJan 2812:00Shinya KumashiroGraded Bourbaki ideals of graded modules and Ideals of reduction number two
ThuJan 2712:00Alessio CaminataTBA
FriJan 2112:00Fatemeh MohammadiToric degenerations of Grassmannians
ThuJan 2012:00A.V. JayanthanTBA
FriJan 1412:00Tony PuthenpurakalItoh's conjecture for normal ideals
ThuJan 1312:00Lisa SecciaTBA
FriJan 0712:00Dipankar Ghosh(Non) linear behavior of Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity
ThuJan 0612:00Vu Quang ThanhTBA
FriDec 1712:00Naoki TeraiCohen-Macaulay property of weighted edge ideal of very well-covered graphs
FriDec 1013:00Claudiu RaicuCohomology of line bundles on the incidence correspondence
FriDec 0313:00Jerzy WeymanGorenstein ideals of codimension 4
FriNov 2612:00Nursel EreySquarefree powers of edge ideals
FriNov 1913:00Susan MoreyCellular Resolutions and Powers of Monomial Ideals
FriNov 1212:00Seyed Amin Seyed FakhariHomological properties of symbolic powers of cover ideals of graphs
FriNov 0514:00Christopher EurTautological classes of matroids
FriOct 2913:00Josh PollitzSymmetries in Bass and Betti sequences over a complete intersection ring
FriOct 2212:00Amalendu KrishnaChow groups and Euler class groups of affine varieties
FriOct 1514:00Ritvik RamkumarAn invitation to the fiber-full scheme
FriOct 0812:00Krishna HanumanthuSeshadri constants
FriOct 0113:00Jean FaselCohomotopy groups in algebraic geometry and unimodular rows
FriSep 2412:00Prashant SridharFinding Maximal Cohen-Macaulay modules
FriSep 1712:00Winfried BrunsCastelnuovo-Mumford regularity over general base rings
FriSep 1012:00Dumitru StamateThe trace of the canonical module: algebra and combinatorics
FriSep 0313:00Eloisa GrifoA survey of Harbourne’s Conjecture
FriAug 2712:00Jai LaxmiGorenstein ideals of codimension four
FriAug 2012:00Mousumi MandalTBA
FriAug 1312:00K.-i. WatanabeInverse polynomials of symmetric numerical semigroups
FriAug 0613:00Purna BangereSyzygies and Gonality
FriJul 3012:00Kazuma ShimomotoPerfectoid spaces-II
FriJul 2312:00Kazuma ShimomotoPerfectoid spaces-I
FriJul 1612:00Yairon Cid-RuizConvex bodies and graded families of monomial ideals
FriJul 0913:00Jonathan MontanoMixed multiplicities of graded families of ideals
FriJul 0212:00Peter SchenzelNews about Koszul and \v{C}ech complexes: Another view at local cohomology and completion-II
FriJun 2512:00Peter SchenzelNews about Koszul and \v{C}ech complexes: Another view at local cohomology and completion-I
FriJun 1812:00Marc ChardinMultigraded Sylvester forms, Duality and Elimination
FriJun 1112:00Moty KatzmanA generalized-fractions approach to computing local cohomology.
FriJun 0412:00Anand SawantNaive $\mathbb A^1$-homotopies on surfaces
FriMay 2813:00Ravi RaoSome approaches to a question of Suslin
FriMay 2112:00Trung Cuong DoanBetti numbers and ideal structure of projective subschemes of almost maximal degree
FriMay 1412:00Tim RoemerCut and related polytopes in commutative algebra
FriMay 0712:00Indranath SenguptaSome Questions on bounds of Betti Numbers of Numerical Semigroup Rings
FriApr 3014:00David EisenbudLayered resolutions and Cohen-Macaulay approximation
FriApr 2312:00L. T. HoaAsymptotic behavior of Integer Programming and the stability of the Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity
FriApr 1612:00Mitsuhiro MiyazakiHibi rings and the Ehrhart rings of chain polytopes - Part 2
FriApr 0912:00Mitsuhiro MiyazakiHibi rings and the Ehrhart rings of chain polytopes - Part 1
ThuApr 0813:00Karen SmithExtremal Singularities in Prime Characteristic
FriApr 0213:00Jason McCulloughRees-like Algebras
FriMar 2613:00Jason McCulloughThe Eisenbud-Goto Conjecture
FriMar 1913:00Thomas PolstraPrime characteristic singularities and the deformation problem
FriMar 1213:00Thomas PolstraStrongly F-regular rings, maximal Cohen-Macaulay modules, and the F-signature
FriMar 0512:00K. OzekiThe reduction number of stretched ideals
FriFeb 2613:00Bernd UlrichGeneralized multiplicities and integral dependence-II
FriFeb 1913:00Bernd UlrichGeneralized multiplicities and integral dependence-I
FriFeb 1213:00Graham LeuschkeMatrix Factorizations and Knörrer Periodicity
FriFeb 0512:00Vijaylaxmi TrivediHilbert-Kunz density function and its applications
WedFeb 0313:00Kevin TuckerTBA
FriJan 2913:00Dan KatzRees Valuations-II
FriJan 2213:00Dan KatzRees Valuations-I
FriJan 1512:00Viviana EneBinomial edge ideals
FriJan 0812:00Juergen HerzogPowers of component wise linear ideals
FriJan 0812:00Tony JosephTBA
ThuJan 0713:00Dipankar GhoshTBA
FriJan 0112:00Suprajo DasAn inequality in mixed multiplicities of filtrations
TueDec 2913:00Anthony IarrobinoJordan type and Lefschetz Properties for Artinian algebras
TueDec 2212:00Ken-ichi YoshidaLower bound on Hilbert-Kunz multiplicities and some related results.
FriDec 1812:00Rajendra GurjarZariski-Lipman Conjecture for Module of Derivations - Part 2
TueDec 1512:00Rajendra GurjarZariski-Lipman Conjecture for Module of Derivations - Part 1
FriDec 1112:00Aldo ConcaIdeals and algebras associated with subspace arrangements.
TueDec 0813:00Hema SrinivasanSemigroup rings
FriDec 0413:00Ian AberbachOn the equivalence of weak and strong F-regularity
TueDec 0112:00Marilina RossiA constructive approach to one-dimensional Gorenstein k-algebras
FriNov 2712:00Ryo TakahashiGetting a module from another and classifying resolving subcategories
TueNov 2413:00Tai Huy HaThe ideal containment problem and vanishing loci of homogeneous polynomials
FriNov 2012:00Parangama SarkarFrobenius Betti numbers of finite length modules
TueNov 1713:00Giulio CavigliaThe Eisenbud-Green-Harris Conjecture
FriNov 1312:00Amartya DattaG_a-actions on Affine Varieties: Some Applications - Part 2
TueNov 1012:00Amartya DattaG_a-actions on Affine Varieties: Some Applications - Part 1
FriNov 0613:00Claudia PoliniThe core of monomial ideals
TueNov 0313:00Claudia PoliniThe core of ideals
FriOct 3013:00Satya MandalQuillen $K$-Theory: A reclamation in Commutative Algebra - Part 2
ThuOct 2912:00N. V. TrungMultiplicity sequence and integral dependence
TueOct 2713:00Satya MandalQuillen $K$-Theory: A reclamation in Commutative Algebra - Part 1
FriOct 2313:00Jack JeffriesFaithfulness of top local cohomology modules in domains
FriOct 1612:00Kamran Divaani AazarA survey on the finiteness properties of local cohomology modules - Part 2
TueOct 1312:00Kamran Divaani AazarA survey on the finiteness properties of local cohomology modules - Part 1
FriOct 0912:00Sarang Sane$K_0$ and ideals
TueOct 0612:00Mrinal DasSome open problems in projective modules and complete intersections
FriOct 0212:00K. N. RaghavanMultiplicities of points on Schubert varieties in the Grassmannian-II
TueSep 2912:00K. N. RaghavanMultiplicities of points on Schubert varieties in the Grassmannian-I
FriSep 2512:00Shunsuke TakagiTBA
TueSep 2212:00Shunsuke Takagi$F$-singularities and singularities in birational geometry - Part 1
FriSep 1813:30Ben BriggsOn a conjecture of Vasconcelos - Part 2
TueSep 1513:30Ben BriggsOn a conjecture of Vasconcelos - Part 1
FriSep 1112:00Tony PuthenpurakalHomological algebra over complete intersections
TueSep 0813:00Irena SwansonPrimary decomposition and powers of ideals
FriSep 0412:00Mandira MondalDensity functions for the coefficients of the Hilbert-Kunz function of polytopal monoid algebra
TueSep 0112:00Matteo VarbaroF-splittings of the polynomial ring and compatibly split homogeneous ideals
FriAug 2812:00Vivek MukundanReduction to characteristic p- Part 2
TueAug 2512:00Vivek MukundanReduction to characteristic p - Part 1
FriAug 2112:00Arindam BanerjeeLyubeznik numbers
TueAug 1812:00Pham Hung QuyFrobenius closure of parameter ideals
FriAug 1413:00Luis Núñez BetancourtSplittings and symbolic powers of Ideals
TueAug 1112:00Alessandro De Stefani,Deformation and stability of F-injective singularities
FriAug 0712:00Shreedevi MasutiNormal Hilbert coefficients and blow-up algebras
TueAug 0413:00Linquan MaThe deformation problem for $F$-injective singularities
FriJul 3112:00Neena GuptaOn the triviality of the affine threefold $x^my = F(x, z, t)$ - Part 2
TueJul 2813:00Melvin HochsterTight Closure, lim Cohen-Maculay sequences, content of local cohomology, and related open questions - Part 2
FriJul 2413:00Hai Long DaoReflexive modules over curve singularities
TueJul 2113:00Melvin HochsterTight Closure, lim Cohen-Maculay sequences, content of local cohomology, and related open questions - Part 1
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