Minimal Model Program Learning Seminar


Princeton University

Audience: Advanced learners
Seminar series time: Friday 22:00-23:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Joaquín Moraga*
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
FriSep 1022:00Fernando FigueroaIntroduction to BCHM
FriSep 0322:00Joaquin MoragaOn the termination of flips
FriAug 2722:00Chengxi WangVarieties of general type with small volume
FriAug 2022:00Justin LaciniLogarithmic bounds on Fujita's conjecture
FriAug 1322:00Joaquin MoragaCox rings and Mori Dream Spaces
FriAug 0622:00Jacob KellerFinite generation of the limiting algebra.
FriJul 3022:00Justin LaciniReduction to limiting algebras.
FriJul 2322:00Tai-Hsuan ChungReduction to finite generation of the restricted algebra.
FriJul 1622:00Sridhar VenkateshBoundedness of pluricanonical maps for varieties of general type
FriJul 0922:00Devlin MalloryBoundedness of Pluricanonical Maps for Varieties of General Type
FriJul 0222:00Swaraj PandeVolume and log canonical centers.
FriJun 2522:00Joaquin MoragaRational connectedness of Fano type varieties.
FriJun 1822:00Jose YañezFibers of Fano type Morphisms.
FriJun 1122:00Fernando FigueroaPreliminaries about Rational Connectedness.
FriJun 0422:00John SheridanSingularities of Theta Divisors.
FriMay 2822:00Joaquin MoragaSiu's Theorem on Invariance of Plurigenera
FriMay 2122:00Devlin MalloryFujita's Approximation Theorem.
FriMay 1422:00Joaquin MoragaAsymptotic Multiplier Ideals
FriMay 0722:00Swaraj PandeSkoda's Theorem and Global Division Theorem.
FriApr 3022:00Jose YañezNakamaye's Theorem on Base Loci.
FriApr 2322:00Fernando FigueroaKollár-Matsusaka's Theorem.
FriApr 1622:00Sridhar VenkateshTheorem of Angehrn and Siu.
FriApr 0922:00Joaquin MoragaRestrictions of Multiplier Ideals and the Subadditivity Theorem.
FriApr 0222:00Joaquin MoragaMultiplier Ideals and the Nadel Vanishing Theorem
FriMar 2622:00Joaquin MoragaTerminal 3-fold Minimal Model Program
FriMar 1922:00Joaquin MoragaInversion of adjunction and duality theory
FriMar 1223:00Joaquin MoragaRational singularities and canonical 3-fold singularities
FriMar 0523:00Joaquin MoragaThe Relative Cone Theorem
FriFeb 2623:00Joaquin MoragaThe Rationality Theorem and the Non-vanishing Theorem
FriFeb 1923:00Joaquin MoragaBase-point Free Theorem and the Cone Theorem
FriFeb 1223:00Joaquin MoragaTerminal, canonical, and klt singularities
FriFeb 0523:00Joaquin MoragaThe existence of rational curves
FriJan 2923:00Joaquin MoragaOverview of the Minimal Model Program
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