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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Every other Wednesday 15:00-16:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Tara Sverko*, Daniel Balazs
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
WedDec 0816:00Prof. Lilac AmiravTBA
WedDec 0116:00Jeff DuBose, Eun Byoel Kim, Dr. Fabio BraunStudent/postdoc seminar
WedSep 0115:00summer breakTBA
WedAug 1815:00summer breakTBA
WedAug 0415:00TBATBA
WedJul 2115:00Freddy Rabouw/TBATBA
WedJul 0715:00TBAstudent/postdoc seminar
WedJun 2315:00Dr. Ivan Infante, Dr. Oleksandr VoznyyComputational methods for nanocrystal research
WedJun 0915:00Dr. Detlef-M. Smilgies, Dr. Burak GüzeltürkSynchrotron-based methods for nanocrystal research
WedMay 2615:00Prof. Maksym KovalenkoTBA
WedMay 1211:00Prof. Tae-Woo LeeTBA
WedApr 2815:00Yifan Sun/Jana Oliveras/Alexandra BrumbergTBA
WedApr 1415:00Emmanuel LhuillierTBA
WedMar 3115:00Dr James MurphyTBA
WedMar 1715:00Dr. James DelehantyTBA
WedMar 0316:00Prof. Delia MillironTBA
WedFeb 1716:00Dr. Muhammad Imran/Nguyen Le/Yunhua ChenTBA
WedFeb 0316:00Dr. Alexander EfrosTBA
WedJan 2016:00Prof. Prashant JainTBA
WedDec 0916:00Prof. Dmitri TalapinTBA
WedNov 2516:00Dr. Jonathan de RooThe surface chemistry of colloidal nanocrystals; empowered by NMR
WedNov 1116:00Laxmi Chiluka/Aniket Mule/Samantha HarveyTBA
WedOct 2815:00Prof. Vanessa WoodTBA
WedOct 1415:00Hunter McDanielTBA
WedSep 3015:00Ming Lee TangTBA
WedSep 1615:00Jette MathiesenFollowing the Atomic Ordering Transformation of PdCu Nanoparticles with In-Situ Pair Distribution Function Analysis
WedSep 1615:00Stijn HinterdingDynamics of Intermittent Delayed Emission in Single CdSe/CdS Quantum Dots
WedSep 1615:00Dr. Jaco GeuchiesElectrochemical Control Over Light Amplification in Quantum Dot Solids
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