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HEP - theory

Stanford University

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Monday 22:00-23:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Raghu Mahajan*, Victor Gorbenko
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Description: Research seminar in high energy theory

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Past talks
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MonMar 0122:00Renato RennerA thought experiment to test the range of validity of quantum theory
MonMar 0822:00Joao PenedonesBootstrapping Effective Field Theories: pions and supergravitons
MonMar 1521:00Matias ZaldarriagaTBA
MonApr 1221:00Sameer MurthyTBA
MonApr 1921:00Marjorie SchilloTBA
MonApr 2621:00Jorge SantosAdS Euclidean Wormholes
MonMay 0321:00Yu-tin HuangTBA
MonMay 1021:00Junwu HuangTBA
MonMay 1721:00Veronika HubenyTBA
MonMay 2421:00Nina HoldenTBA
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MonFeb 0822:00Jorge KurchanAn unexpected bridge between Black Holes and glasses
MonFeb 0119:00Slava RychkovReplicas and RG: case study of Random Field Ising Model
MonJan 2522:00Emil MartinecIn Pursuit of the Hirsute: Finding Fuzz Around Black Holes
MonNov 3022:00Alejandra CastroThe Spectrum of Near-Extremal Rotating Black Holes
MonNov 1622:00Sung-Sik LeeA model of quantum gravity with emergent spacetime
MonNov 0222:00Vijay BalasubramanianKnitting wormholes by entanglement in supergravity
MonOct 2621:00Petr HoravaLarge N Expansion and String Theory Out of Equilibrium
MonOct 1921:00Lorenz EberhardtPartition functions of the tensionless string
MonOct 1221:00Netta EngelhardtFree Energy from Replica Wormholes
MonOct 0521:00Leonardo SenatoreA de-Sitter no-hair theorem for spacetimes with isometry group forming two-dimensional orbits
MonSep 2821:00Alexey Milekhinquantum error correction and large N
MonAug 3121:00Eva SilversteinThe positive potential of negative curvature
MonAug 1021:00Juan MaldacenaBra-ket wormholes in gravitationally prepared states
MonAug 0321:00Kevin CostelloIntegrable field theories from four-dimensional gauge theory
MonJul 2721:00Hirosi OoguriStringy Tidal Effects Near Black Hole Photon Spheres
MonJul 1321:00Shinsei RyuEntanglement negativity and reflected entropy after quantum quench in 2d CFTs
MonJun 2221:00Sean HartnollClassical aspects of the black hole interior
MonJun 1521:00Finn LarsenMicroscopic Entropy of AdS Black Holes
MonJun 0821:00Kristan JensenWormholes in AdS3 gravity and random matrix theory
MonJun 0121:00Riccardo RattazziMultilegs, Superfluids and Semiclassics
MonMay 1821:00Tom HartmanSphere packing, 3d gravity, and the bootstrap
MonMay 1121:00Po-shen HsinBerry phase in quantum field theory
MonMay 0421:00Hong LiuVoid formation in operator growth, quantum chaos and black hole evaporation
MonApr 2721:00Nathan SeibergContinuum Quantum Field Theories for Fractons
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