High Energy Theory, Gravity and Cosmology Seminars @ NTUA

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general relativity and quantum cosmology HEP - lattice HEP - phenomenology HEP - theory mathematical physics

National Technical University of Athens

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizers: Ioannis Dalianis, George Manolakos, Konstantinos Anagnostopoulos*
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Past talks
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WedOct 1210:30Frans KlinkhamerCosmological constant problem: Revisiting the unimodular-gravity approach
WedNov 0312:00Stratos PateloudisConfinement/deconfinement transition in the D0-brane matrix model—Appearance of M-theory?
ThuJul 1510:00Eran PaltiIntroduction to the Swampland
ThuJul 0110:00E. PaltiIntroduction to the Swampland
ThuJun 2410:00Carlo AngelantonjA short introduction to superstring theory IV
WedJun 2310:30Marco ScalisiThe Gravitino and the Swampland
ThuJun 1710:00Carlo AngelantonjA short introduction to superstring theory III
ThuJun 1010:00Carlo AngelantonjA short introduction to superstring theory II
FriJun 0410:00Carlo AngelantonjA short introduction to superstring theory I
WedJun 0210:30Theodoros PapanikolaouConstraining the early universe with ultralight primordial black holes and vice-versa
FriMay 2815:00Fotis KoutroulisOn the Spontaneous and Simultaneous Breaking of Internal and Scale symmetry in Effective Field Theories of extra dimensional origin enhanced with Higher Dimensional Operators: A New Approach to the Hierarchy Problem
ThuMay 2710:00Andreas GoudelisDark Matter in Cosmology and Particle Physics
WedMay 2610:30Ioanna StamouProducing PBHs and Gravitational Waves by breaking the SU(2,1)/SU(2)xU(1) Symmetry
ThuMay 2010:00Andreas GoudelisDark Matter in Cosmology and Particle Physics
WedMay 1910:30Steven CunningtonLarge Scale Cosmology with 21cm Intensity Mapping
ThuMay 1310:00Fotis FarakosSupergravity and applications in string theory
WedApr 2110:30Maria ChiraDependence of the dynamical properties of light-cone simulation dark matter halos on their environment
WedApr 1410:30Konstantinos KritosBlack Holes merging with Low Mass Gap Objects inside Globular Clusters
WedApr 0710:30Stelios KarydasSuccessful (Higgs) inflation from combined non minimal and derivative couplings.
WedMar 3110:30Georgios TringasFrom Type II to 3D flux vacua on G2 orientifolds
WedMar 2411:30Guillem DomènechAre induced gravitational waves gauge dependent?
WedMar 1011:30Fotis KoutroulisWhen a UV and Quantum 1st Order Phase Transition Gives the Solution to the Higgs Fine-Tuning Problem
WedMar 0311:30Ville VaskonenPrimordial black holes in light of LIGO-Virgo observations
WedFeb 2411:30Ilias CholisAntimatter Cosmic-Ray Nuclei as a probe of Dark Matter
WedFeb 1711:30Georgios KarananasSpontaneous Conformal Symmetry Breaking in the Fishnet CFT
WedFeb 1012:30Kostas FilippasHolography in 2d N=(0,4) quantum field theory
WedFeb 0311:30Vasileios LetsiosThe eigenmodes for spinor quantum field theory in global de Sitter space-time
WedJan 2711:30Kristjan KannikeMinima of Classically Scale-Invariant Potentials
WedJan 2011:30Pascal AnastasopoulosEmergent fields from Hidden sectors
ThuDec 1712:00Michalis AgathosGravitational Waves as Probes of Strong-Field Gravity
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