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mathematical physics analysis of PDEs differential geometry

Independent University of Moscow

Audience: Researchers in the topic
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WedOct 2716:20Oleg MorozovIntegrable PDEs and extensions of Lie-Rinehart algebras
WedNov 0316:20Anna Duyunova and Sergey TychkovThe Euler system on a space curve
WedNov 1016:20Eivind SchneiderDifferential invariants of Kundt spacetimes
WedNov 2416:20Boris DoubrovTBA
WedDec 0116:20Eugene FerapontovTBA
WedDec 1516:20Sergey AgafonovTBA
WedDec 2216:20Sergei IgoninTBA
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WedOct 2016:20Igor KhavkineTriangular decoupling of systems of differential equations, with application to separation of variables on Schwarzschild spacetime
WedOct 1316:20Alexei KotovRiemannian Cartan-Lie algebroids and groupoids and curved Yang-Mills-Higgs models
WedOct 0616:20Raffaele VitoloWDVV equations and invariant bi-Hamiltonian formalism
WedSep 2216:20Valentin LychaginOn metric invariants of spherical harmonics
WedMay 1916:20Anton ZabrodinKadomtsev-Petviashvili hierarchies of types B and C
WedMay 1216:20Georgy SharyginOperations on universal enveloping algebra and the "argument shift" method
WedMay 0516:20Eugene FerapontovSecond-order PDEs in 3D with Einstein-Weyl conformal structure
WedApr 2816:20Taras SkrypnykAsymmetric variable separation for the Clebsch model
WedApr 2116:20Oleg MorozovLax representations via twisted extensions of infinite-dimensional Lie algebras: some new results
WedApr 1416:20Yuri SachkovSub-Riemannian geometry on the group of motions of the plane
WedApr 0716:20Valentin LychaginOn dynamics of molecular media and generalization of Navier-Stokes equations
WedMar 3116:20Hovhannes KhudaverdianOdd symplectic geometry in the BV-formalism
WedMar 2416:20Anatolij PrykarpatskiOn integrability of some Riemann type hydrodynamical systems and Dubrovin integrability classification of perturbed Korteweg-de Vries type equations
WedMar 1716:20Vladislav ZhvickNonlocal conservation law in a submerged jet
WedMar 1016:20Maxim PavlovNew variational principles for one-dimensional gas dynamics and for Egorov hydrodynamic type systems
WedMar 0316:20Vladimir RubtsovReal Monge-Ampère operators and (almost) complex structures. Part 2
WedFeb 2416:20Vladimir SokolovNon-Abelian generalizations of integrable PDEs and ODEs
WedFeb 1716:20Petr PushkarMorse theory, Bruhat cells and Unitriangular geometry
WedFeb 1016:20Alexey SamokhinOn monotonic pattern in periodic boundary solutions of cylindrical and spherical Kortweg-de Vries-Burgers equations
WedFeb 0316:20Vladimir ChetverikovCoverings and multivector pseudosymmetries of differential equations
WedDec 2316:20Boris KruglikovDispersionless integrable hierarchies and GL(2) geometry
WedDec 1616:20Igor KhavkineKilling compatibility complex on Kerr spacetime
WedDec 0916:20Alexander MikhailovQuantisation ideals of nonabelian integrable systems
WedDec 0216:20Vladimir RubtsovReal Monge-Ampère operators and (almost) complex structures
WedNov 2516:20Valentin LychaginDifferential equations, their symmetries, invariants and quotients
WedNov 1816:20Andrey LosevTau theory, d=10 N=1 SUSY and BV
WedNov 1116:20Pierandrea VergalloHydrodynamic-type systems and homogeneous Hamiltonian operators: a necessary condition of compatibility
WedNov 0416:20Mikhail SheftelNonlocal symmetry of CMA generates ASD Ricci-flat metric with no Killing vectors
WedOct 2116:20Markus DafingerA converse to Noether's theorem
WedSep 3016:20Joseph Krasil'shchikNonlocal conservation laws of PDEs possessing differential coverings
MonJul 2012:00Vladimir RubtsovPolynomial Poisson algebras associated with elliptic curves. Part 2
MonJul 1312:00Vladimir RubtsovPolynomial Poisson algebras associated with elliptic curves. Part 1
MonJul 0612:00Maxim GrigorievPresymplectic structures and intrinsic Lagrangians
MonJun 2912:00Konstantin DruzhkovExtendable symplectic structures and the inverse problem of the calculus of variations for systems of equations written in an extended Kovalevskaya form
MonJun 2212:00Oleg MorozovLax representations via extensions and deformations of Lie symmetry algebras
MonJun 1512:00Hovhannes KhudaverdianNon-linear homomorphisms and thick morphisms
MonJun 0812:00Irina BobrovaOn the second Painlevé equation and its higher analogues
MonJun 0112:00Aleks KleynSystem of differential equations over quaternion algebra
MonMay 2512:00Sergey TychkovContinuum mechanics of media with inner structures
MonMay 1812:00Alexey SamokhinUsing the KdV conserved quantities in problems of splitting of initial data and reflection / refraction of solitons in varying dissipation and/or dispersion media
MonMay 1112:00Valery YumaguzhinInvariants of forth order linear differential operators
MonMay 0412:00Valentin LychaginOn structure of linear differential operators of the first order
MonApr 2712:00Michael RoopShock waves in Euler flows of gases
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