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Charles University

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Tuesday 12:00-13:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Lenka Slavíková*, Anna Balci*
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Past talks
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TueApr 3012:00Valentina CicconeEndpoint estimates for higher-order Marcinkiewicz multipliers
TueApr 2312:00Arran FernandezFunction spaces for fractional integrals and derivatives
TueApr 1612:00Emil AirtaSingular integrals: Multiparameter framework and Zygmund dilation
TueApr 0212:00Firoj SkOn Morrey's inequality in fractional Sobolev spaces.
TueMar 1913:00Lorenzo BrascoAround Hardy's inequality for convex sets
TueMar 0513:00Rémy RodiacA relaxation approach for the minimisation of the neo-Hookean energy
TueFeb 2013:00Kim MyyryläinenParabolic Muckenhoupt weights
TueDec 1913:00Emiel LoristA discrete framework for the interpolation of Banach spaces
TueDec 0513:00Igor I. SkrypnikSome remarks on the weak Harnack inequality for unbounded minimizers of elliptic functionals with generalized Orlicz growth
TueNov 2113:00Jennifer DuncanBrascamp-Lieb Inequalities: Their Theory and Some Applications
TueNov 0713:00Swarnendu SilBMO estimates for Hodge-Maxwell systems with discontinuous anisotropic coefficients
TueOct 2412:00Jehoon OkEverywhere and partial regularity for parabolic systems with general growth
TueOct 1012:00Markus WeimarTheory of Function Spaces: On Classical Tools for Modern Spaces
ThuMay 1813:40Julian WeigtEndpoint regularity bounds of maximal operators in higher dimensions
ThuMay 1113:40Jonas SauerGeneral Time-Periodic Boundary Value Problems in Weighted Spaces
ThuMay 0413:40Błażej WróbelDimension-free $L^p$ estimates for the vector of maximal Riesz transforms
ThuApr 2713:40Carolin KreisbeckA variational theory for integral functionals involving finite-horizon fractional gradients
ThuApr 2013:40Anastasios FragkosModulation Invariant Operators near $L^1$
ThuApr 1313:40Andrea OlivoAbout the decay of the Fourier transform of self-similar measures on the complex plane
ThuApr 0613:40Olli SaariConstruction of a phase space localizing operator
ThuMar 3013:40Christopher IrvingFractional differentiability and (p,q)-growth
ThuMar 2314:40Armin SchikorraA Harmonic Analysis perspective on $W^{s,p}$ as $s \to 1^-$
ThuMar 1614:40Tainara Borges$L^p$ improving continuity estimates and sparse bounds for the bilinear spherical maximal function
ThuMar 0214:40Simon NowakNonlocal gradient potential estimates
ThuFeb 2314:40Luz RoncalSingular integrals along variable codimension one subspaces
ThuFeb 1614:40Cody B. StockdaleA different approach to endpoint weak-type estimates for Calderón-Zygmund operators
ThuDec 2214:40Bae Jun ParkEquivalences of (quasi-)norms in a certain vector-valued function space and its applications to multilinear operators
ThuDec 1514:40Zoe NieraethExtrapolation in quasi-Banach function spaces
ThuNov 2414:40Ioannis ParissisDirectional averages in codimension one
ThuNov 1014:40Michał BorowskiBoundedness of Wolff-type potentials
ThuNov 0314:40Odí Soler i GibertDyadic multiparameter $\mathrm{BMO}$ spaces
ThuOct 2713:40Marvin WeidnerRegularity for nonlocal problems with non-standard growth
ThuOct 2013:40Vjekoslav KovačBilinear and trilinear embeddings for complex elliptic operators
ThuOct 1313:40Olli TapiolaJohn conditions, Harnack chains and boundary Poincaré inequalities
ThuMay 2613:40Wentao TengDunkl translations, Dunkl--type $BMO$ space and Riesz transforms for Dunkl transform on $L^\infty$
ThuMay 1913:40Glenn ByrenheidSparse approximation for break of scale embeddings
ThuMay 1213:40Angkana RülandOn Rigidity, Flexibility and Scaling Laws: The Tartar Square
ThuMay 0513:40Alan ChangNikodym-type spherical maximal functions
ThuApr 2813:40Óscar DomínguezNew estimates for the maximal functions and applications
ThuApr 2113:40Michael RuzhanskySubelliptic pseudo-differential calculus on compact Lie groups
ThuApr 1413:40Peter HastöAnisotropic generalized Orlicz spaces and PDE
ThuApr 0713:40Rupert FrankSobolev spaces and spectral asymptotics for commutators
ThuMar 3113:40Sebastian SchwarzacherConstruction of a right inverse for the divergence in non-cylindrical time dependent domains
ThuMar 2414:40Anna Kh. Balci(Generalized) Sobolev-Orlicz Spaces of differential forms
ThuMar 1714:40Bogdan RaitaNonlinear spaces of functions and compensated compactness for concentrations
ThuMar 1014:40Tuomas HytönenOne-sided sparse domination
ThuMar 0314:40Lukas KochFunctionals with nonstandard growth and convex duality
ThuFeb 2414:40Giuseppe Rosario MingionePerturbations beyond Schauder
ThuFeb 1714:40Daniel SpectorAn Atomic Decomposition for Divergence Free Measures
ThuFeb 1014:40Sergi Baena MiretDecreasing rearrangements on average operators
ThuFeb 0314:40Loukas GrafakosFrom Fourier series to multilinear analysis
ThuJan 2714:40Vincenzo FeroneSymmetrization for fractional elliptic problems: a direct approach
ThuJan 2014:40Aleksander PawlewiczOn the Embedding of BV Space into Besov-Orlicz Space
ThuJan 1314:40Paolo BaroniNew results for non-autonomous functionals with mild phase transition
ThuJan 0614:40Franz GmeinederA-quasiconvexity, function spaces and regularity
ThuDec 1614:40Daniel Cameron CampbellClosures of planar BV homeomorphisms and the relaxation of functionals with linear growth
ThuDec 0914:40Marco FraccaroliOuter $L^p$ spaces: Köthe duality, Minkowski inequality and more
ThuNov 1814:40Iwona ChlebickaApproximation properties of Musielak-Orlicz-Sobolev spaces and its role in well-posedness of nonstandard growth PDE
ThuNov 1114:40Joao Pedro G. RamosStability for geometric and functional inequalities
ThuNov 0414:40Alexei KarlovichOn the interpolation constants for variable Lebesgue spaces
ThuJul 0113:40Jean Van SchaftingenEstimates for the Hopf invariant in critical fractional Sobolev spaces
ThuJun 2413:40Ritva Hurri-SyrjänenOn the John-Nirenberg space
ThuJun 1713:40Polona DurcikSingular Brascamp-Lieb inequalities with cubical structure
ThuJun 1013:40Gianluigi ManzoThe spaces $BMO_{(s)}$ and o-O structures
ThuJun 0313:40Petru MironescuSobolev maps to the circle
ThuMay 2713:40Jose Maria MartellDistilling Rubio de Francia's extrapolation theorem
ThuMay 2013:40Viktor KolyadaEstimates of Besov mixed-type norms for functions in Sobolev and Hardy-Sobolev spaces
ThuMay 1313:40Nages ShanmugalingamUniformization of weighted Gromov hyperbolic spaces and uniformly locally bounded geometry
ThuMay 0613:40Santeri MiihkinenThe infinite Hilbert matrix on spaces of analytic functions
ThuApr 2913:40Gael Diebou YomgneStationary Navier-Stokes flow with irregular Dirichlet data
ThuApr 2213:40Lukáš MalýDirichlet problem for functions of least gradient in domains with boundary of positive mean curvature in metric measure spaces
ThuApr 1513:40Fernando CobosInterpolation of compact bilinear operators
ThuApr 0813:40Ryan GibaraThe decreasing rearrangement and mean oscillation
ThuApr 0113:40Pedro Fernández MartínezGeneral Reiteration Theorems for $\mathcal{R}$ and $\mathcal{L}$ spaces
ThuMar 2514:40Tino UllrichConsequences of the Kadison Singer solution and Weaver's conjecture for the recovery of multivariate functions from a few random samples
ThuMar 1814:40Hans G. FeichtingerCompleteness of sets of shifts in invariant Banach spaces of functions
ThuMar 1114:40Alex KaltenbachVariable exponent Bochner–Lebesgue spaces with symmetric gradient structure
ThuMar 0414:40Jan KristensenRegularity and uniqueness results in some variational problems
ThuFeb 2514:40Javier SoriaOptimal doubling measures and applications to graphs
ThuFeb 1814:40María CarroBoundedness of Bochner-Riesz operators on rearrangement invariant spaces
ThuFeb 1114:40Nenad TeofanovContinuity properties of analytic pseudodifferential operators
ThuFeb 0414:40Carlos PérezFractional Poincaré inequalities and Harmonic Analysis
ThuJan 2814:40Winfried SickelComplex Interpolation of Smoothness Spaces built on Morrey Spaces
ThuJan 2114:40Nikita EvseevVector-valued Sobolev spaces based on Banach function spaces
ThuJan 1414:40Angela AlbericoLimits of fractional Orlicz-Sobolev spaces
ThuJan 0714:00Andrea CianchiOptimal embeddings for fractional-order Orlicz-Sobolev spaces
ThuDec 1714:40Anastasia MolchanovaAn extended variational approach for nonlinear PDE via modular spaces
ThuDec 1014:40Behnam EsmayliCo-area formula for maps into metric spaces
ThuDec 0314:40Agnieszka KalamajskaStrongly nonlinear multiplicative inequalities
ThuNov 2614:40Jan LangExtremal functions for Sobolev Embedding and non-linear problems
ThuNov 1914:40Lars DieningElliptic Equations with Degenerate Weights
ThuNov 1214:40Gord SinnamonA Normal Form for Hardy Inequalities
ThuNov 0514:40Irshaad AhmedOn Limiting Approximation Spaces with Slowly Varying Functions
ThuOct 2914:40Karol LesnikFactorization of function spaces and pointwise multipliers
ThuOct 2213:40Dominic BreitOptimal Sobolev embeddings for symmetric gradients (joint work with Andrea Cianchi)
ThuOct 1513:40David Cruz-Uribe, OFSNorm inequalities for linear and multilinear singular integrals on weighted and variable exponent Hardy spaces
ThuOct 0813:40Georgios DosidisLinear and multilinear spherical maximal functions
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