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HEP - theory mathematical physics exactly solvable and integrable systems

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Thursday 15:15-17:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Andrea CavagliĆ , Nikolay Gromov, Evgeny Sobko*, Bogdan Stefanski
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ThuNov 2615:15LIJC Gong ShowLIJC Gong Show
ThuDec 0315:15Jorge RussoTBA
ThuDec 1015:15Matthias WilhelmTBA
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ThuNov 1915:15Jingxiang WuIntegrable Kondo line defect, 4D Chern Simons, and ODE/IM correspondence
ThuNov 1215:15Nicolai ReshetikhinSuperintegrable systems on moduli spaces of flat connections
ThuNov 0515:15Tristan McLoughlinNon-planar N=4 SYM: from integrability to quantum chaos
ThuOct 2915:15Roberto TateoThe TTbar deformation and a promising 4D generalisation
ThuOct 2214:15Lorenz EberhardtAn exact AdS/CFT correspondence
ThuOct 1514:15Rouven FrassekQQ-system construction for so(2r) spin chains
ThuOct 0814:15Florian LoebbertIntegrability for Feynman Integrals
ThuOct 0114:00Pedro VieiraMulti-point Bootstrap and Integrability
ThuSep 2414:00Yifei HeGeometrical four-point functions in the 2d critical Q-state Potts model
ThuSep 1714:00Davide Gaiotto't Hooft operators and Q-functions
ThuJul 2314:00Carlo MeneghelliPre-fundamental representations for the Hubbard model and AdS/CFT
ThuJul 1614:00Sergei LukyanovDensity matrix for the 2D black hole from an integrable spin chain
ThuJul 0914:00Marius de LeeuwSolving the Yang-Baxter equation
ThuJun 2514:00Joao CaetanoExact g-functions
ThuJun 1114:00Gwenael FerrandoFishnet CFT: TBA and Non-compact Spin Chain
ThuJun 0414:00Olof Ohlsson SaxCrossing equations for mixed flux AdS3/CFT2
ThuMay 2813:00Tamas GomborBoundary states, overlaps, nesting and bootstrapping AdS/dCFT
ThuMay 2113:00Ines AnicetoIntegrable Field Theories with an Interacting Massless Sector
FriMay 1513:00Shota KomatsuWilson loops as matrix product states
ThuMay 0709:00Dmytro VolinCompleteness of Bethe equations
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