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Harvard University

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Thursday 14:30-16:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Juven Wang*, Ryan Maloney*
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Description: Quantum Matter in Math and Physics Thur 10:30 – 12 EST

harvard.zoom.us/j/977347126 with a password: cmsa see: cmsa.fas.harvard.edu/quantum-matter-seminar/

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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ThuJul 0714:30Kenichi KonishiAnomalies, dynamics and phases in strongly-coupled chiral gauge theories: recent developments
FriJul 0100:30Linhao LiBoundary conditions and LSM anomalies of conformal field theories in 1+1 dimensions
ThuMay 1214:30Cari CesarottiOblique Lessons from the W Mass Measurement at CDF II
ThuApr 2814:30Shlomo S. Razamat4d supersymmetric dynamics and geometry
ThuApr 1413:30Latham BoyleCancellation of the vacuum energy and Weyl anomaly in the standard model, and a two-sheeted, CPT-symmetric universe
ThuMar 2413:30Ruochen MaEdge physics at the deconfined transition between a quantum spin Hall insulator and a superconductor
ThuMar 1713:30Miguel MonteroA Hike through the Swampland
FriMar 1101:00Haoyu GuoResonant side-jump thermal Hall effect of phonons coupled to dynamical defects
ThuMar 0314:30Theodore Daniel BrennanCallan Rubakov Effect and Higher Charge Monopoles
FriFeb 2501:00Yohei FujiBridging three-dimensional coupled-wire models and cellular topological states
ThuFeb 1714:30Andrea GrigolettoSpin-cobordisms, surgeries and fermionic modular bootstrap
ThuFeb 1014:30Mohamed AnberThe global structure of the Standard Model and new nonperturbative processes
ThuDec 0215:30Daniel HaarlowSymmetry in quantum field theory and quantum gravity 2
ThuNov 1819:30Andrei BernevigExact Eigenstates in Non-Integrable Systems: A violation of the ETH
ThuNov 0414:30Yifan WangFusion Category Symmetries in Quantum Field Theory
ThuOct 2117:30Anton KapustinElectric-magnetic duality and the Geometric Langlands duality
ThuOct 0714:30Ryan ThorngrenA tour of categorical symmetry
ThuSep 2314:30Edward ShuryakApplications of instantons, sphalerons and instanton-dyons in QCD
ThuSep 1614:30Shiraz MinwallaThe Hilbert Space of large N Chern-Simons matter theories
ThuSep 0914:30Sung-Sik LeeQuantum gravity from quantum matter
ThuSep 0214:30Joseph MaciejkoExotic quantum matter: From lattice gauge theory to hyperbolic lattices
ThuAug 1914:30Ran Hong and Dominik StoeckingerProbing the Standard Model Using the Muon Anomalous Magnetic Moment
ThuAug 1214:30Beni YoshidaOn the firewall puzzle
ThuAug 0514:30Hans-Werner HammerUn-nuclear physics: conformal symmetry in nuclear reactions
ThuJul 2914:30Ady Stern & David MrossThe nu=5/2 enigma: Recent insights from theory and experiment
FriJul 2300:00Hong YaoEmergent spacetime supersymmetry in topological phases of matter
ThuJul 1514:30Nathanan TantivasadakarnHybrid Fracton Orders
FriJul 0900:00Jing-Yuan ChenSolvable Lattice Hamiltonians with Fractional Hall Conductivity
ThuJun 1714:30Mikhail ShifmanWhat can supersymmetry do that other field theories cannot
ThuJun 1014:30Theo Johnson-FreydMinimal nondegenerate extensions and an anomaly indicator
ThuJun 0314:30Tian LanHigher Dimensional Topological Order, Higher Category and A Classification in 3+1D
ThuMay 2014:30Steven WeinbergMassless Particles
ThuMay 1314:30Masataka WatanabeQuantum Information Theory of the Gravitational Anomaly
ThuMay 0614:30Weslei Bernardino FontanaChern-Simons-like theories for fracton phases
ThuApr 2914:30Fiona BurnellSubsystem-Symmetry protected phases of matter
ThuApr 2214:30Dung-Hai LeeNon-abelian bosonization in two and three spatial dimensions and some applications
ThuApr 1514:30Michael CreutzQCD without diagrams
ThuApr 0814:30Anton KapustinChiral edge modes, thermoelectric transport, and the Third Law of Thermodynamics
ThuApr 0113:00Naoto NagaosaApplied physics of high-Tc theories
ThuMar 2514:30Michael LevinAn introduction to string-net models
ThuMar 1816:00Thomas DumitrescuFrom SU(N) Seiberg-Witten Theory to Adjoint QCD
ThuMar 1115:30Chao-Ming JianEntanglement Criticality in Random Gaussian Quantum Circuits
ThuMar 0415:30Mohamed M. AnberGeneralized 't Hooft anomalies in vector-like theories
ThuFeb 2515:30Justin KaidiExploring Non-Supersymmetric String Theory
ThuFeb 1815:30Xiao-Gang WenA solution to the chiral fermion problem
ThuFeb 1115:30Michael HermeleFamilies of gapped systems and quantum pumps
ThuFeb 0415:30Diego DelmastroDomain Walls in 4d N=1 Supersymmetric Yang-Mills
ThuJan 2815:30Simon CatterallChiral Fermions from Staggered Fields
FriJan 2201:30Masahito YamazakiConfinement as Analytic Continuation Beyond Infinity
ThuDec 1015:30Xinan ZhouAn analytic bootstrap approach for CFTs on RP^d and CFTs with boundaries
ThuDec 0315:30David B. KaplanDomain Wall Fermions and Chiral Gauge theories: Topological Insulators in Particle Physics
ThuNov 1915:30Eduardo FradkinPair Density Waves and Intertwined Orders in High Tc Superconductors
ThuOct 2914:30Biao LianSymmetry, Insulating States and Excitations of Twisted Bilayer Graphene with Coulomb Interaction
ThuOct 2214:30Paul FendleyThe uses of lattice topological defects
ThuOct 1514:30Louis TailleferNew signatures of the pseudogap phase of cuprate superconductors
ThuSep 2416:00Inna VishikUniversality vs materials-dependence in cuprates: ARPES studies of the model cuprate Hg1201
ThuSep 1014:30Maissam BarkeshliAbsolute anomalies in (2+1)D symmetry-enriched topological states and exact (3+1)D constructions
ThuSep 0313:30Janet Ling Yan HungGapped Boundaries, Junctions via (fermionic) anyon condensation
ThuAug 2713:30Ho Tat LamDiscrete Theta Angles, Symmetries and Anomalies
ThuAug 2013:30Ling LinF-theory, Part II: Global Structures from Arithmetics
ThuJul 3013:30Zheng-Cheng GuTopological qauntum field theory in 3+1D and a potential origin of dark matter
ThuJul 2313:30Kazuya YonekuraNonperturbative anomaly inflow for fermions and p-form fields
ThuJul 1614:30Liujun ZouDeconfined metallic quantum criticality-II
ThuJul 0913:00Debanjan ChowdhuryDeconfined metallic quantum criticality-I
ThuJun 2513:30Daniel BulmashInsights into type-II fractons via topological order
ThuJun 1814:30Kevin SlagleFoliated QFT and topological defect networks of fracton order
ThuJun 1114:30Liujun ZouSymmetry enriched U(1) quantum spin liquids and beyond
ThuJun 0414:30Sheng-Jie HuangCoupled layers, p-string condensate, and exactly solvable fracton models
ThuMay 2814:30Hiroki IsobeSupermetal from a high-order Van Hove singularity
ThuMay 2114:30Yoshio KikukawaGauge-invariant path-integral measure for the overlap Weyl fermions in 16 of SO(10)
ThuMay 1414:30Shu-Heng ShaoContinuum quantum field theory for fractons, part II
ThuMay 0714:30Sahand SeifnashriLine operators of gauge theories on non-spin manifolds
ThuApr 3014:30Zohar KomargodskiQuantum systems at high temperature
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