Knots and representation theory

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algebraic topology

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Monday 15:30-17:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Seongjeong Kim*, Vassily O. Manturov, Denis A. Fedoseev, Denis P. Ilyutko, Igor M. Nikonov
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Past talks
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MonJun 0715:30Andriy HaydysOn Fukaya-Seidel category and Khovanov homology
MonMay 1015:30Adam LowranceThe Jones polynomial, Khovanov homology, and Turaev genus
MonMay 0315:30Ivan ReshetnikovDiscontinuously basic sets and the 13th problem of Hilbert
MonApr 2615:30Ivan DynnikovA method for distingiushing Legendrian and transverse links
MonApr 1915:30Colin AdamsMulti-crossings and Petal Number for Classical and Virtual Knots
MonApr 1215:30Hyeran ChoDerivation of Schubert normal forms of 2-bridge knots from (1,1)-diagrams
MonMar 2915:30Svjetlana Terzi ́cToric topology of the Grassmann manifolds
MonMar 2215:30Mahender SinghSurface knot theory and related groups
MonMar 1515:30Byeorhi KimOn generalized quandle extensions of a quandle defined on a group
MonMar 0115:30M. KhovanovIntroduction to universal construction of topological theories
MonFeb 2215:30Th. Yu. PopelenskyQuaternionic conjugation spaces
MonFeb 1515:30Neha NandaAn excursion on doodles on surfaces and virtual twins
MonFeb 0815:30Manpreet SinghAlgebraic structures in knot theory
MonFeb 0115:30V.O. ManturovInvariants of free knots valued in free groups
MonJan 2515:30S. KimLinks in $S_{g} \times S^{1}$ and its lifting
MonJan 1815:30Victoria LebedUnexpected applications of homotopical algebra to knot theory
MonJan 1115:30I.M. NikonovOn noncommutative geometry
MonDec 2815:30N. BogachevArithmetic and quasi-arithmetic hyperbolic reflection groups
MonDec 2115:30L. KauffmanVirtual Knots, Index Polynomials and the Sawollek Polynomial
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