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Centre de recherches mathématiques

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Tuesday 19:30-20:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Centre de recherches mathématiques, CRM*, William Witczak-Krempa, Rufus Boyack, Flore Lubin*
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Description: Weekly seminar - research

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Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
TueOct 0419:30Ian MarquetteTBA
TueSep 1319:30Juliàn Barragan AmadoQuasinormal modes via isomonodromy
TueMay 1719:30Dimitra KarabaliTBA
TueMay 1019:30David AasenTBA
TueMay 0319:30Fabrizio Del MonteSupersymmetric partition functions and isomonodromic tau functions
TueApr 2619:30Loic Poulain D'AndecyTBA
TueApr 1919:30Galina FilipukTBA
TueApr 1219:30Emily CliffModuli spaces of principal 2-group bundles and a categorification of the Freed-Quinn line bundle
TueApr 0519:30Andrzej PokrakaThe duals of Feynman integrals
TueMar 2919:30Semeon ArtamonovTBA
TueMar 2219:30Rafael NepomechieBethe ansatz and quantum computing
TueMar 1519:30Vincent BouchardTransalgebraic Spectral Curves, Quantum Curves, and Atlantes Hurwitz Numbers
TueMar 0820:30Cenke XuPhases and Phase Transitions with Fractal Symmetries: Models and Experimental Platform
TueFeb 2220:30Nicolas CrampeAbsorption or emission of solitons
TueFeb 1520:30Luca DelacretazNonlinear bosonization of Fermi liquids
TueFeb 0820:30Paul TerwilligerThe alternating central extension of the $q$-Onsager algebra
TueFeb 0120:30Clément BerthièreEntanglement of skeletal regions
TueJan 2520:30Yuan MiaoTBA
TueJan 1820:30Gilles ParezTBA
TueJan 1120:30Frédéric Dupont-DupuisTBA
TueDec 0720:30Bertrand EynardIntegrable systems from a Newton polygon
TueNov 3020:30Oleg LisovyyAccessory parameters in Heun equations and classical conformal blocks
TueNov 2320:30Robert ConteRéductions d'une équation de sine-Gordon en 2+1 dimensions
TueNov 1620:30Alexander ItsIsomonodrtomy aspects of the tt* equations of cecotti and vafa. Iwasawa factorization and asymptotics
TueNov 0920:30Ken McLaughlinSome intuition and some asymptotic analysis: from two solitons to a continuum limit of solitons
TueNov 0219:30Stéphane Vinet; Gabriel LongpréExcitations and ergodicity of critical quantum spin chains from non-equilibrium classical dynamics
TueOct 2619:30Peter Koroteevq-Opers, QQ-systems and Bethe Ansatz
TueOct 1219:30Sung-Sik LeeQuantum Renormalization Group
TueOct 0519:30Kevin CostelloCelestial holography and twistors
TueSep 2819:30Alex MaloneyThe Siegel-Weil Formula and Quantum Gravity as an Average
TueSep 2119:30Benjamin DoyonThe hydrodynamics of many-body integrable systems
TueSep 1419:30Rufus BoyackCritical properties of quantum spin liquid phase transitions described by gauged Gross-Neveu quantum field theories
TueJun 0819:30Thomas BothnerMomenta spacing distributions in anharmonic oscillators
TueJun 0119:30Tom ClaeysAiry kernel determinants, the KdV equation, and conditional point processes
TueMay 2519:30Semeon ArtamonovTBA
TueMay 1819:30Tamara GravaCorrelation functions for unitary invariant ensembles and Hurwitz numbers
TueMay 1119:30Dmitry KorotkinGenerating function of monodromy symplectomorphism, isomonodromic tau-function and its WKB expansion
TueMay 0419:30Mattia CafassoTau functions as Widom constants
TueApr 2719:30Shai ChesterMonopole operators in Quantum Electrodynamics
TueApr 2019:30Robert BuckinghamNonintersecting Brownian bridges on the unit circle with drift and generalized Hastings-McLeod functions.
TueApr 1319:30Simon Garneau-DesrochesLadder operators and coherent states for rational extensions of the Rosen-Morse system
TueApr 0619:30Natasha RozhkovskayaPolynomial tau-functions of the KP and BKP bilinear identities
TueMar 3019:30Marco BertolaPadé approximants on Riemann surfaces and KP tau functions
TueMar 2319:30Fabrizio Del MonteIsomonodromic tau functions on Riemann Surfaces through free fermions and four-dimensional QFTs
SunMar 2115:00Mickael NahonDegenerate free discontinuity problems and quantitative spectral inequalities
SunMar 2115:00Hanna KimMaximization of the second Laplacian eigenvalue on the sphere
SunMar 2115:00Samuel Perez-AyalaExtremal Eigenvalues of the Conformal Laplacian
TueMar 1619:30Prof. Johan van de LeurPolynomial solutions of KP and Gelfand-Dickey hierarchies
TueMar 0920:30James MoranNon-linear ladder operators and coherent states for the 2:1 oscillator
TueFeb 2320:30Alexander TurbinerAnharmonic oscillator: a solution
TueFeb 1620:30Michael KnapHilbert Space Fragmentation
TueFeb 0920:30Jerzy LewandowskiNon-singular global Kerr-NUT-(A)dS spacetimes
TueFeb 0220:30Jean-Marie StephanFermionic limit shapes
TueJan 2620:30Meng ChengFractonic topological phases
TueNov 1720:30Adrian EscobarNew infinite families of Nth-order superintegrable systems
TueNov 1020:30Luc VinetSklyanin algebras, Askey-Wilson polynomials and Heun operators
TueNov 0320:30Ian MarquetteEmbedding of Racah algebra and superintegrable systems
TueOct 1319:30John HarnadFermionic approach to bilinear expansions of KP correlators in terms of BKP correlators
TueOct 0619:30Manuela GirottiFredholm Determinant Solutions of the Painlevé II Hierarchy and Gap Probabilities of Determinantal Point Processes
TueSep 2919:30Steven RayanThe geometry and physics of Hitchin systems
TueSep 2219:30Kevin ZelayaFourth Painlevé and Ermakov equations: quantum invariants and new exactly-solvable time-dependent Hamiltonians
TueSep 1519:30Éric DupuisMonopole operators in gauged Gross-Neveu models
TueSep 0819:30Vincent ChalifourGeneral solution of the exceptional Hermite differential equation and its minimal surface representation
TueJun 1619:30Théo PinetThe structure of the representations of the affine Temperley-Lieb algebras on the periodic XXZ chain
TueJun 0919:30Robert BrandenbergerS-brane cosmology
TueJun 0219:30Joris Van der JeugtPartition functions for paraboson and parafermion systems
TueMay 2619:30Alexis Morin-DuchesneBoundary emptiness formation probabilities in the six-vertex model at $\Delta=- 1/2$
TueMay 1919:30Alex MaloneyProgress on Pure Gravity in Three Dimensions
TueMay 1219:30Hendrik de BieThe Dunkl intertwining operator
TueMay 0519:30Loïc Poulain d'AndecyFused Hecke algebras and centralisers of tensor representations of quantum sl(N)
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