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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Wednesday 15:00-17:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Dmitry Ponomarev*
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Past talks
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WedDec 1415:00Dionysios AnninosFinite Features in Holography
WedDec 0715:00Anton PribytokAutomorphic symmetry and AdS String novel integrable deformations
WedNov 3015:00Carlo HeissenbergAngular Momentum Loss Due to Tidal Effects in the Post-Minkowskian Expansion
WedNov 2315:00Yuya KusukiAdS/BCFT from Bootstrap: Construction of Gravity with particle & brane
WedNov 1615:00Alexey LitvinovR-matrix formulation of affine Yangian of $\hat{gl}(1|1)$ and integrable systems of N=2 superconformal field theory
WedNov 0915:00Francois RondeauIntersecting D-brane models and the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon
WedNov 0215:00Alexander OchirovChiral Approach to Massive Higher Spins
WedOct 2615:00Leonid BorkExact off-shell Sudakov form factor in N=4 SYM
WedOct 1915:00Sabir RamamzanovPhase transitions in the dark Universe
WedOct 0515:00Vasily MaslovAn Effective Field Theory for Large Oscillons
WedJun 0815:00Euihun JoungColorful particles and fields in low dimensions
WedJun 0115:00Dmitry PonomarevInvariant traces of the flat space chiral higher-spin algebra as scattering amplitudes
WedMay 2515:00Luca Cassiaq-Virasoro constraints and the algebra of Wilson loops in 3d
WedMay 1815:00Dmitry ChicherinNull Wilson loop with Lagrangian insertion in N=4 super Yang-Mills theory
WedMay 1115:00Sergey SolodukhinQuantum states and their back-reacted geometries
WedApr 2715:00Yuri MakeenkoHow Pauli-Villars’ regularization tells the Nambu-Goto and Polyakov strings apart
WedApr 1315:00Barak GabaiExact quantization
WedApr 0615:00Mikhail ShaposhnikovAnomaly-free scale symmetry and gravity
WedMar 3015:00Ellis Ye YuanGraviton Scattering in AdS at Two Loops
WedMar 2315:00Fernando QuevedoOn moduli stabilisation, de Sitter spacetime and inflation from string compactifications
WedMar 0215:00Barvinsky AndreiHorava gravity as palladium of locality, unitarity and renormalizability: methods and results
WedFeb 1615:00John F. DonoghueTBA
WedJan 2615:00Monica Guica$J\bar T$ - deformed CFTs as non-local CFTs
WedDec 0815:00Nissan ItzhakiA Puncture in the Euclidean Black Hole
WedNov 2415:00Hongliang JiangInfinite symmetries and Ward identities in celestial holography
WedNov 1715:00Tommaso MacrelliColour-kinematic duality, double copy and homotopy algebras
WedNov 0315:00Mikhail IvanovLove and Naturalness
WedOct 2715:00Andrei ParnachevStress tensor and conformal correlators
WedOct 2015:00Dmitri BykovSigma models as Gross-Neveu models
WedOct 1315:00Kurt HinterbichlerUnitarization in Kaluza Klein theory and the Geometric Bootstrap
WedOct 0615:00Victor GorbenkoNon-perturbative gravitational effects in cosmology
WedSep 2915:00Eugeny BabichevBlack holes in scalar-tensor theories
WedSep 2215:00Alex BuchelBlack holes on a conifold with fluxes
WedJun 1615:00Shota KomatsuComments on Large Charge and N=4 SYM
WedJun 0915:00Kristiansen LaraIntegrable Systems and Spacetime Dynamics
WedJun 0216:30Angelos FotopoulosCelestial CFT Correlators and Conformal Block Decomposition
WedMay 2615:00Fedor BezrukovInflation and reheating with Higgs inflation and related models
WedMay 1915:00Edoardo VescoviProbing boundary states at finite coupling
WedMay 1215:00Jorge Guillermo RussoThermal correlators in CFT and black holes
WedMay 0515:00David OstenExceptional world-volume currents and their algebras
WedApr 2115:00Alberto SalvioModels for a vast energy range: particles meet gravity and cosmology
WedApr 1415:00Alexander VikmanLosing the trace to discover dynamical Newton or Planck constants
WedApr 0715:00Oleg LuninSupergravity excitations of stringy geometries
WedMar 3115:00Congkao WenIntegrated four-point correlators in N=4 SYM
WedMar 2415:00Paul HeslopTowards the Virasoro-Shapiro Amplitude in AdS5xS5
WedMar 1715:00Vladimir RosenhausChaotic scattering with a highly excited string
WedMar 1015:00Radu RoibanSpinning and spinless two-particle dynamics from gravitational scattering amplitudes
WedMar 0315:00Linus WulffO(D,D) and string alpha'-corrections
WedFeb 2415:00Ricardo MonteiroGravity as a double copy of gauge theory
WedFeb 1715:00Xinan ZhouHolographic correlators and emergent Parisi-Sourlas supersymmetry
WedFeb 0315:00Piotr TourkineScattering from production in 2d
WedJan 2715:00Domenico OrlandoThe O(N) vector model at large charge: EFT, large N and resurgence
WedDec 1615:00Ivo SachsLoops in Holography
WedDec 0915:00Fedor PopovRG Limit Cycles and "Spooky" Fixed Points in Perturbative QFT
WedDec 0215:00Konstantin ZaremboLarge-N localization and quiver CFT
WedNov 2515:00Tim AdamoScattering in chiral strong backgrounds
WedNov 1815:00Sandipan KunduClosed strings and weak gravity condition from higher-spin causality
WedNov 1115:00Alexander ZhiboedovEvent shapes, the light-ray OPE and superconvergence
WedOct 2815:00Mikhail KhlopunovModification of the radiation definition in odd dimensions
WedOct 2115:00Andrei ZotovOn double elliptic integrable system: characteristic determinant and Manakov triple
WedOct 0715:00Ariel ArzaProduction of massive particles from the decay of a free massless field
WedSep 3015:00Gleb ArutyunovHamiltonian structures of the spin Ruijsenaars-Schneider models
WedSep 2315:00Nikita KolganovConstrained modified gravities: generalized unimodular gravity and beyond
WedJul 2211:00Jose Alejandro RosabalSchwarzschild black hole thermodynamic entropy on a nice slice
WedJul 0815:00Frederic BruennerGauge/gravity duality and the phenomenology of hadrons
WedJun 2415:00David OstenCurrent Algebra and Generalised Geometry
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