Variational Analysis and Optimisation Webinar

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optimization and control

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizers: Hoa Bui*, Matthew Tam*, Minh Dao, Alex Kruger, Vera Roshchina*, Guoyin Li
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Past talks
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WedMay 2507:00Alberto De MarchiConstrained Structured Optimization and Augmented Lagrangian Proximal Methods
WedMay 1107:00Mareike DresslerAlgebraic Perspectives on Signomial Optimization
WedMay 0407:00Lars GrüneThe turnpike property: a classical feature of optimal control problems revisited
WedApr 2707:00Andreas LöhneApproximating convex bodies using multiple objective optimization
WedApr 1301:00Héctor RamírezExtensions of Constant Rank Qualification Constrains condition to Nonlinear Conic Programming
WedApr 0607:00Sorin-Mihai GradExtending the proximal point algorithm beyond convexity
WedMar 3006:00Pham Ky AnhRegularized dynamical systems associated with structured monotone inclusions
WedMar 2300:00Shawn WangRoots of the identity operator and proximal mappings: (classical and phantom) cycles and gap vectors
WedMar 1606:00Janosch RiegerGeneralized Gearhart-Koshy acceleration for the Kaczmarz method
WedDec 0106:00David YostMinimising the number of faces of a class of polytopes
WedDec 0100:00Fred Roosta-KhorasaniA Newton-MR Algorithm with Complexity Guarantee for Non-Convex Problems
WedNov 1706:00Majid AbbasovConverting exhausters and coexhausters
WedNov 1000:00Jane YeDifference of convex algorithms for bilevel programs with applications in hyperparameter selection
WedNov 0306:00Nadezda SukhorukovaRational approximation and its role in different branches of mathematics and applications
WedOct 2700:00Nghia TranSharp and strong minima for robust recovery
WedOct 2006:00Sidney MorrisTweaking Ramanujan's Approximation of n!
WedOct 1306:00Rubén CampoyA product space reformulation with reduced dimension
WedOct 0606:00Dominikus NollAlternating projections with applications to Gerchberg-Saxton error reduction
WedSep 2901:00Quoc Tran-DinhRandomized Douglas-Rachford Splitting Algorithms for Federated Composite Optimization
WedSep 2207:00Maxim DolgopolikDC Semidefinite Programming
WedSep 1501:00Walaa MoursiThe Douglas-Rachford algorithm for solving possibly inconsistent optimization problems
WedJun 3007:00Andrew EberhardBridges between Discrete and Continous Optimisation in Stochastic Programming
WedJun 2307:00Adil BagirovNonsmooth DC optimization: recent developments
WedJun 1607:00Bruno F. LourençoError bounds, amenable cones and beyond
WedJun 0907:00Vuong PhanThe Boosted Difference of Convex Functions Algorithm
WedJun 0207:00Scott B LindstromA primal/dual computable approach to improving spiraling algorithms, based on minimizing spherical surrogates for Lyapunov functions
WedMay 2607:00Guoyin LiProximal methods for nonsmooth and nonconvex fractional programs: when sparse optimization meets fractional programs
WedMay 1907:00Yura MalitskyAdaptive gradient descent without descent
WedMay 1201:00Hung PhanAdaptive splitting algorithms for the sum of operators
WedMay 0507:00Lyudmila PolyakovaSmooth approximations of D.C. functions
WedApr 2807:00Jiri OutrataOn the solution of static contact problems with Coulomb friction via the semismooth* Newton method
WedApr 2107:00Ewa BednarczukOn duality for nonconvex minimization problems within the framework of abstract convexity
WedApr 1401:00Roger BehlingCircumcentering projection type methods
WedApr 0707:00Russell LukeInconsistent Stochastic Feasibility: the Case of Stochastic Tomography
WedMar 3100:00Yboon Garcia RamosCharacterizing quasiconvexity of the pointwise infimum of a family of arbitrary translations of quasiconvex functions
WedMar 2406:00Huynh Van NgaiGeneralized Nesterov's accelerated proximal gradient algorithms with convergence rate of order $o(1/k^2)$
WedMar 1706:00David BartlEvery compact convex subset of matrices is the Clarke Jacobian of some Lipschitzian mapping
WedMar 1006:00Alexander KrugerError bounds revisited
WedMar 0300:00Javier PeñaThe condition number of a function relative to a set
WedFeb 2406:00Nguyen Duy CuongNecessary conditions for transversality properties
WedFeb 1706:00Alexander J. ZaslavskiSubgradient Projection Algorithm with Computational Errors
WedFeb 1000:00Nam Ho-NguyenCoordinate Descent Without Coordinates: Tangent Subspace Descent on Riemannian Manifolds
WedNov 2506:00Ernest RyuScaled Relative Graph: Nonexpansive operators via 2D Euclidean Geometry
WedNov 1806:00Aram Arutyunov and S.E. ZhukovskiyLocal and Global Inverse and Implicit Function Theorems
WedNov 1106:00Vinesha PeirisThe extension of linear inequality method for generalised rational Chebyshev approximation
WedNov 0406:00Chayne PlanidenNew gradient and Hessian approximation methods for derivative-free optimisation
WedOct 2806:00Radek CibulkaContinuous selections for inverse mappings in Banach spaces
WedOct 2106:00Wilfredo SosaOn diametrically maximal sets, maximal premonotone maps and promonote bifunctions
WedOct 1406:00Björn RüfferA Lyapunov perspective to projection algorithms
WedOct 0706:00Reinier Diaz MillanAn algorithm for pseudo-monotone operators with application to rational approximation
WedSep 3007:00Yalçın KayaConstraint Splitting and Projection Methods for Optimal Control
WedSep 2307:00Regina BurachikA Primal–Dual Penalty Method via Rounded Weighted-$L_1$ Lagrangian Duality
WedSep 1607:00Christopher PriceA direct search method for constrained optimization via the rounded $l_1$ penalty function.
WedSep 0907:00Christiane TammerSubdifferentials and Lipschitz properties of translation invariant functionals and applications
WedSep 0207:00Gerd WachsmuthNew Constraint Qualifications for Optimization Problems in Banach Spaces based on Asymptotic KKT Conditions
WedAug 2607:00Jein-Shan ChenTwo approaches for absolute value equation by using smoothing functions
WedAug 1907:00Hieu Thao NguyenProjection algorithms for phase retrieval with high numerical aperture
WedAug 1207:00Xiaoqi YangOn error bound moduli for locally Lipschitz and regular functions
WedAug 0507:00Evgeni NurminskiPractical Projection with Applications
WedJul 2907:00Akiko TakedaDeterministic and Stochastic Gradient Methods for Non-Smooth Non-Convex Regularized Optimization
WedJul 2207:00Oliver SteinA general branch-and-bound framework for global multiobjective optimization
WedJul 1507:00James SaundersonLifting for simplicity: concise descriptions of convex sets
WedJul 0807:00Hoa BuiZero Duality Gap Conditions via Abstract Convexity
WedJul 0107:00Marián FabianCan Pourciau’s open mapping theorem be derived from Clarke’s inverse mapping theorem?
WedJun 2407:00Marco A. López-CerdáOptimality conditions in convex semi-infinite optimization. An approach based on the subdifferential of the supremum function
WedJun 1707:00Michel ThéraOld and new results on equilibrium and quasi-equilibrium problems
WedJun 0307:00Tiến-Sơn PhạmOpenness, Hölder metric regularity and Hölder continuity properties of semialgebraic set-valued maps
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