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Audience: General audience
Seminar series time: Friday 14:00-15:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Paulo Varandas*
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FriDec 0314:00Julien SedroFractional susceptibility functions for the quadratic family.
FriDec 0315:00Barbara SchapiraTBA
FriDec 1714:00Antti KäenmäkiTBA
FriDec 1715:00Benoit SaussolTBA
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FriNov 1915:00Daniel SmaniaBirkhoff sums as distributions
FriNov 1914:00Giovanni PantiAttractors of dual continued fractions
FriNov 0515:00Pablo CarrascoNon-uniformly hyperbolic endomorphisms
FriNov 0514:00Olga LukinaWeyl groups and the growth of cycles in actions on rooted trees
FriOct 2214:00Tamara KucherenkoFlexibility of the Pressure Function
FriOct 2213:00Ali TahzibiEquilibrium states for discretized Anosov flows
FriOct 0814:00Silvius KleinMixed random-quasiperiodic cocycles
FriOct 0813:00Catalina FreijoLyapunov exponents for non-uniformly fiber bunched linear cocycles
FriSep 2414:00Dario DarjiGeneralized Hyperbolicity and the Shadowing Property in Linear Dynamics
FriSep 2413:00Kenichiro YamamotoLarge deviation principle for piecewise monotonic maps with density of periodic measures
FriSep 1014:00Godofredo IommiAn ergodic theorem for symmetric averages
FriSep 1013:00Sylvain CrovisierStrong positive recurrence for surface diffeomorphisms
FriJul 0915:00Juan Rivera-LetelierPrime orbit counting for Collet-Eckmann maps
FriJul 0914:00Jerôme RousseauLongest common substring for random subshifts of finite type
FriJul 0913:00Rafael PotrieErgodicity of a class of partially hyperbolic systems
FriJul 0213:00Davor DragičevićQuenched limit theorems for expanding on average cocycles
FriJun 1813:00Vilton PinheiroErgodic formalism and topological attractors
FriJun 1113:00Victoria SadovskayaDiffeomorphism cocycles over partially hyperbolic systems
FriJun 0413:00Dalia TerhesiuLorentz gases with small scatterers
FriMay 2815:00Pablo ShmerkinBeyond Furstenberg's intersection conjecture
FriMay 2113:00Tushar DasThermodynamic formalism for coarse expanding dynamical systems
FriMay 1413:00Polina VytnovaComputing Hausdorff dimension of Bernoulli convolutions
FriMay 0713:00Sergey KryzhevichInterval translation maps, their invariant measures and their properties
FriApr 3013:00Vaughn ClimenhagaCounting closed geodesics on surfaces without conjugate points
FriApr 2313:00Piotr OprochaOn the dynamics of Lorenz maps
FriApr 1609:00Gary FroylandStability and approximation of statistical limit laws
FriApr 0913:00Maria CarvalhoGeneralized entropy functions, variational principles and equilibrium states
FriMar 2614:00Bálasz BárányOn the convergence rate of the chaos game
FriMar 1914:00Yuri LimaSymbolic dynamics for maps with high dimension
FriMar 1214:00Jerôme BuzziContinuity of Lyapunov exponents for surface diffeomorphisms
FriMar 0513:00Mao ShinodaNon-convergence of equilibrium states at zero temperature limit
FriFeb 2614:00Federico Rodriguez-HertzRigidity for expanding maps
FriFeb 1914:00Benoît KloecknerEffective high-temperature estimates ensuring a spectral gap
FriFeb 1214:00Natalia JurgaBox dimensions of $(\times m, \times n)$ invariant sets
FriFeb 0514:00Eugen MihailescuDynamics for a class of skew-product endomorphisms and applications
FriJan 2914:00Ana Cristina FreitasThe cluster size distribution and the extremal index
FriJan 2214:00Jairo BochiTopological emergence
FriJan 1514:00Hong-Kun ZhangLevy diffusion for Lorentz gas with flat points
FriDec 1814:00Giulio TiozzoCentral limit theorems for counting measures in coarse negative curvature
FriDec 0414:00Jaqueline SiqueiraEquilibrium states for a class of non-uniformly hyperbolic maps
FriNov 2714:00Carlos MatheusSpeed of mixing of geodesic flows on certain non-positively curved surfaces
FriNov 2014:00Yeor HafoutaLimit theorems for some time-dependent expanding dynamical systems
FriNov 1314:00Romain AiminoLarge deviations estimates for dynamical systems with stretched exponential decay of correlations
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