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Tel Aviv University

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Thursday 11:00-12:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Zeev Rudnick*
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We will mix in-class presentations with online lectures.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
ThuMay 1911:00Zeev Rudnickeigenvalue statistics for hyperbolic surfaces of large genus
ThuMay 1211:00Noam KimmelThe Least Common Multiple of Polynomial sequences
ThuApr 2811:00Jacques BenatarExtremal bounds for Dirichlet polynomials with multiplicative coefficients
ThuApr 0711:00Igor WigmanThe Robin problem for rectangles
ThuMar 2412:00Ezra WazmanThe Correction Factor in Artin's Primitive Root Conjecture: Classically and over Fq[T]
ThuMar 1012:00Xin ZhangTraces of elements in thin subgroups of the modular group
ThuMar 0312:00Lior Bary SorokerDistribution of rational points on elliptic curves
ThuFeb 2412:00Verónica BecherPoisson generic real numbers.
ThuDec 1612:00Steve LesterSpacing statistics for lattice points on circles
ThuDec 0912:00Ofir GorodetskySums of two squares are strongly biased towards quadratic residues
ThuNov 2512:00Laura MonkGeometry and spectrum of random hyperbolic surfaces
ThuNov 1112:00Andrea SartoriOn the least primitive root modulo a prime
ThuNov 0412:00Par KurlbergCancellation in exponential sums over small multiplicative subgroups of Z/pZ
ThuOct 2811:00Jens MarklofHow random are the roots of quadratic congruences?
ThuOct 2111:00Sa'ar ZehaviSectorial equidistribution of the roots of $x^2=-1 \mod p$
ThuMay 0611:00Manuel LeuthiRandom walks on homogeneous spaces, Spectral Gaps, and Khinchine's theorem on fractals
ThuApr 2911:00Misha SodinEquidistribution of zeroes of power series and binary correlations of coefficients.
ThuApr 2211:00Etai LeumiThe LCM problem for function fields
ThuApr 0811:00Natalie EvansCorrelations of almost primes
ThuMar 1112:00Jingwei GuoSome improved remainder estimates in Weyl’s law
ThuMar 0412:00Ezra WaxmanArtin Twin Primes and Poisson Binomial Distributions
ThuJan 0712:00Noam KimmelOn covariance of eigenvalue counts and lattice point problems
ThuDec 1712:00Erez NesharimDiophantine approximation over function fields and the t-adic Littlewood conjecture
ThuDec 1012:00Nadav YeshaPoisson statistics for sequences modulo one
ThuDec 0312:00Alina OstafeOn some gcd problems and unlikely intersections
ThuNov 1912:00Yoav GathThe lattice point counting problem on Heisenberg groups
ThuNov 1212:00Lior Bary SorokerRandom Polynomials, Probabilistic Galois Theory, and Finite Field Arithmetic
ThuNov 0512:00Daniel El-BazA pair correlation problem and counting lattice points via the zeta function
ThuOct 2912:00Efthymios SofosSchinzel's Hypothesis with probability 1 and rational points
ThuOct 2211:00Ade Irma SuriajayaZeros of derivatives of the Riemann zeta function and relations to the Riemann hypothesis
ThuJun 1811:10Par KurlbergDistribution of lattice points on hyperbolic circles
ThuJun 1111:10Doron PuderThe spectral gap of random hyperbolic surfaces
ThuJun 0411:10Peter KoymansThe negative Pell equation and the 8-rank of the class group
ThuMay 2111:10Jianya LiuThe disjointness conjecture for skew products
ThuMay 1411:10Tuomas SahlstenQuantum chaos and random surfaces of large genus
ThuMay 0711:10Manuel LuethiEquidistribution of simultaneous supersingular reductions of complex multiplication elliptic curves
ThuApr 3011:10Niclas TechnauHow random is a uniformly distributed sequence?
ThuApr 2311:10Emmanuel KowalskiEquidistribution from the Chinese remainder theorem
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