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Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Seminar series time: Tuesday 14:00-15:00
Organizers: Margherita Disertori*, Wojciech Dybalski*, Ian Jauslin, Hal Tasaki*
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TueJul 3014:00Robert WaldTBA
TueSep 2414:00David MitrouskasTBA
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TueJun 1814:00Stephan De BièvreAssessing optical nonclassicality with the quadrature coherence scale
TueJun 0414:00Niels BenedikterBosonization of Large Systems of Interacting Fermions
TueMay 1414:00Roderich TumulkaTime evolution of closed macroscopic quantum systems towards thermal equilibrium
TueApr 3014:00Aernout van EnterDyson models: One-sided and two-sided aspects
TueApr 1614:00Kasia RejznerRenormalisation of gauge theories in perturbative algebraic quantum field theory
TueApr 0214:00Noé CuneoLarge deviations of return times and related entropy estimators on shift spaces
TueMar 1914:00Claude-Alain PilletAdiabatic Time Evolution and Quasi-Static Processes in Translation-Invariant Quantum Systems
TueMar 0514:00Rainer VerchMoving away from equilibrium
TueFeb 2014:00Alexander StottmeisterEmbezzlement of entanglement, quantum fields, and the classification of von Neumann algebras
TueFeb 0614:00Wei-Min WangOn the dynamics of nonlinear random and quasi-periodic systems
TueJan 2314:00Yoh TanimotoWightman fields for two-dimensional conformal field theory
TueJan 0914:00Charles NewmanBrownian Excursions, Ising Models and the Riemann Hypothesis -- Possible Connections
TueDec 1214:00Torben KrügerMerging Singularity in the Normal Matrix Model
TueNov 2814:00Sebastien OttAsymptotic expansion for classical O(N) models
TueNov 1414:00Nguyen Viet DangThe Phi43 measure on Riemannian manifolds
TueOct 3114:00Horng-Tzer YauSpectral gap and two point function estimates for mean-field spin glass models
TueOct 1714:00Alberto CattaneoA cohomological view of quantum field theory
TueOct 0314:00Sourav ChatterjeeSpin glass phase in the Edwards-Anderson model at zero temperature
TueSep 1914:00David HuseMany-body localization
TueSep 0514:00Marcello PortaUniversality of Transport in Many-Body Lattice Models
TueJun 2714:00Marius LemmLight cones for open quantum systems
TueJun 1314:00Scott ArmstrongAnomalous diffusion for passive scalar equations by fractal homogenization
TueMay 3014:00Flora KoukiouFreezing and Entropy of the Log-correlated Random fields
TueMay 1614:00Cristina ToninelliBootstrap percolation and kinetically constrained models: universality results
TueMay 0214:00Nikita NekrasovQouroboros: Quantum mechanics from supersymmetric quantum field theory
TueApr 1814:00Michał WrochnaThermodynamics of quantum fields on rotating black hole spacetimes
TueApr 0414:00Lingrui GeMultiplicative Jensen’s formula and quantitative global theory for ID quasiperiodic operators
TueMar 2114:00Hermann Schulz-BaldesPseudo-gaps for random hopping models
TueMar 0714:00Amanda YoungA bulk gap in the presence of edge states for a truncated Haldane pseudopotential
TueFeb 2114:00Christian MaesNonequilibrium extension of Third Law
TueFeb 0714:00Alexander ElgartLocalization of the random XXZ spin chain in fixed energy intervals
TueJan 2414:00Christian HainzlCorrelation energy of an electron gas in the mean-field approximation
TueJan 1014:00Jan DerezińskiDirac-Coulomb Hamiltonians
TueDec 2014:00Massimiliano GubinelliA stochastic analysis of EQFTs: the forward-backwards equation for Grassmann measures
TueDec 1314:00Sinya AokiLattice QCD: Introduction, results and challenges
TueDec 0614:00John ImbrieOn the Many-Body Localization Transition
TueNov 2914:00Camillo De LellisAnomalous dissipation for the forced Navier-Stokes equations
TueNov 2214:00Ivan AvramidiSpectral Asymptotics of Elliptic Operators on Manifolds
TueNov 1514:00Anton AlekseevVirasoro Hamiltonian spaces
TueNov 0814:00Razvan GurauMelonic field theories
TueNov 0114:00Giovanni FelderBoltzmann's billiard and table tennis
TueOct 2514:00Sohei AshidaMathematics of molecular structures and dynamics
TueOct 1814:00Karol KozlowskiTowards an exact rigorous construction of the Sinh-Gordon quantum field theory in 1+1 dimensions
TueOct 1114:00Christoph KopperOn asymptotically free scalar fields
TueOct 0414:00Paweł DuchFlow equation approach to singular stochastic PDEs
TueSep 2714:00Dorothea BahnsThe Sine Gordon Model in hyperbolic signature
TueSep 2014:00Slava RychkovTensor Renormalization Group at Low Temperatures
TueAug 3014:00Jian DingRepeated emergence of 4/3-exponent
TueAug 1614:00Jonathan DimockUltraviolet Stability for Quantum Electrodynamics in d=3
TueAug 0214:00Martin FraasProjections, parallel transport and adiabatic theory
TueJul 2614:00Alexander StrohmaierA mathematical analysis of Casimir interactions and determinant formulae
TueJul 1914:00Tomohiro SasamotoMapping macroscopic fluctuation theory for the symmetric simple exclusion process to a classically integrable system
TueJul 1214:00Stefan TeufelA slightly different look at the bulk-edge correspondence in quantum Hall systems
TueJul 0514:00Michele CorreggiGround State Properties in the Quasi-Classical Regime
TueJun 2814:00Owen GwilliamObservables in the Batalin-Vilkovisky formalism: from Feynman diagrams to commutative diagrams
TueJun 2114:00Chiara SaffirioMean-field evolution and semiclassical limit of many interacting fermions
TueJun 0714:00Michael AizenmanA new perspective on a pair of two dimensional phenomena: delocalization in random height functions and the Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless phase of O(2) symmetric spin models
TueMay 3114:00Benjamin DoyonErgodicity, large-scale correlations and hydrodynamics in many-body systems
TueMay 2414:00Kevin CostelloForm factors of gauge theory as correlators of a vertex algebra
TueMay 1714:00Wojciech DybalskiInteracting massless excitations in 1+1 dimensional QFT
TueMay 1014:00Vieri MastropietroAnomalies and non-perturbative QFT
TueMay 0314:00Daniel UeltschiRandom loop models and their universal behaviour in dimension 3+
TueApr 2614:00Deepak DharHard rigid rods on hypercubical lattices
TueApr 1914:00Hirosi OoguriSymmetry in QFT and Gravity
TueApr 1214:00Edward WittenBlack Hole Entropies and Algebras
TueApr 0514:00Jacob ShapiroContinuum and strongly disordered topological insulators
TueMar 2914:00Serena CenatiempoTrial states for the zero temperature dilute Bose gas
TueMar 2214:00Vojkan JaksicApproach to equilibrium in translation-invariant quantum systems: some structural results
TueMar 1514:00Jerzy LewandowskiHorizon equations
TueMar 0814:00Makiko SasadaTopological structures and the role of symmetry in the hydrodynamic limit of nongradient models
TueMar 0114:00Marek BiskupExtremal points of random walks on planar and tree graphs
TueFeb 2214:00Lorenzo TaggiMacroscopic loops in the interacting Bose gas, Spin O(N) and related models
TueFeb 1514:00Martin ZirnbauerField theory of Anderson transitions reviewed: Color-Flavor Transformation
TueFeb 0814:00Erik SkibstedStationary scattering theory, the N-body long-range case
TueFeb 0114:00Daisuke ShiraishiRecent progress on loop-erased random walk in three dimensions
TueJan 2514:00Michele SchiavinaRuelle Zeta Function from Field Theory
TueJan 1814:00Marcin LisAn elementary proof of phase transition in the planar XY model
TueJan 1114:00Claudio DappiaggiStochastic Partial Differential Equations and Renormalization à la Epstein-Glaser
TueDec 2114:00Christoph SchweigertMore about CFT correlators
TueDec 1414:00Nicolai ReshetikhinOn the asymptotic behavior of character measures in large tensor powers of finite dimensional representations of simple Lie algebras
TueDec 0714:00Nina HoldenConformal welding in Liouville quantum gravity: recent results and applications
TueNov 3014:00Niklas BeisertPlanar Integrability and Yangian Symmetry in N=4 Supersymmetric Yang–Mills
TueNov 2314:00Julian SonnerRandom matrices and black holes: new connections from holographic duality
TueNov 1614:00Paweł NurowskiSplit real form of Lie group G2: simple, exceptional and naturally appearing in physics
TueNov 0914:00Gaultier LambertUniversality for free fermions point processes
TueNov 0214:00Lea BossmannAsymptotic expansion of low-energy excitations for weakly interacting bosons
TueOct 2614:00Tomaž ProsenRandom Matrix Spectral Fluctuations in Quantum Lattice Systems
TueOct 1914:00Rupert L. FrankEigenvalue bounds for Schrodinger operators with complex potentials
TueOct 1214:00Christophe GarbanContinuous symmetry breaking along the Nishimori line
TueOct 0514:00Michael LossWhich magnetic fields support a zero mode?
TueSep 2814:00Rostyslav HrynivGeneralized soliton solutions of the Korteweg-de Vries equation
TueSep 2114:00Klaus FredenhagenTowards an algebraic construction of Quantum Field Theory
TueSep 1414:00Yvan VelenikFluctuations of a layer of unstable phase in the planar Ising model
TueSep 0714:00Pierre GermainDerivation of the kinetic wave equation
TueAug 3114:00Antti KnowlesThe Euclidean phi^4_2 theory as a limit of an interacting Bose gas
TueAug 2414:00Ron PeledQuantitative estimates for the effect of disorder on low-dimensional lattice systems
TueAug 1714:00Sasha SodinLower bounds on the eigenfunctions of random Schroedinger operators in a strip
TueAug 1014:00Daniela CadamuroOperator-algebraic construction of quantum integrable models with bound states
TueJul 2714:00Eveliina PeltolaOn large deviations of SLEs, real rational functions, and zeta-regularized determinants of Laplacians
TueJul 2014:00Phan Thành NamBogoliubov excitation spectrum of dilute trapped Bose gases
TueJul 1314:00Mark MalamudOn the spectral theory of Schrodinger and Dirac operators with point interactions and quantum graphs
TueJul 0614:00Nikolaos ZygourasOn the 2d-KPZ
TueJun 2914:00Mathieu LewinDensity Functional Theory: some recent results
TueJun 2214:00Clément TauberTopological indices for shallow-water waves
TueJun 1514:00Gordon SladeMean-field tricritical polymers
TueJun 0814:00Laszlo ErdösEigenstate thermalisation hypothesis and Gaussian fluctuations for Wigner matrices
TueJun 0114:00Benjamin SchleinCorrelation energy of weakly interacting Fermi gases
TueMay 2514:00Constanza Rojas-MolinaFractional random Schrödinger operators, integrated density of states and localization
TueMay 1814:00Marcel GriesemerFrom Short-Range to Contact Interactions in Many-Body Quantum Systems
TueMay 1114:00David BrydgesLace expansions and spin models
TueMay 0414:00Chris FewsterMeasurement of quantum fields in curved spacetimes
TueApr 2714:00Sabine JansenVirial expansion for mixtures: some examples & recent results
TueApr 2014:00Eric CarlenKac Master Equations, Classical and Quantum
TueApr 1314:00Wojciech De RoeckImpurities and boundaries for a class of gapped ground states
TueApr 0614:00Bernard HelfferSemiclassical methods and tunneling effects: old and new
TueMar 3014:00Jan WehrAggregation and deaggregation of interacting micro swimmers
TueMar 2314:00Sylvia SerfatyGinzburg-Landau vortices, old and new
TueMar 1614:00Gianluca PanatiThe Localization Dichotomy in Solid State Physics
TueMar 0914:00Simone WarzelAn invitation to quantum spin glasses
TueMar 0214:00Margherita DisertoriSupersymmetric transfer operators
TueFeb 2314:00Tyler HelmuthEfficient algorithms for low-temperature spin systems
TueFeb 1614:00Gerald DunneResurgent Asymptotics and Non-perturbative Physics
TueFeb 0914:00Herbert SpohnGeneralised hydrodynamics of the Toda lattice
TueFeb 0214:00Wei WuMassless phases for the Villain model in $d \geq 3$
TueJan 2614:00Jürg FröhlichThe Evolution of States as the Fourth Pillar of Quantum Mechanics
TueJan 1914:00Robert SeiringerQuantum fluctuations and dynamics of a strongly coupled polaron
TueJan 1214:00Fabio ToninelliThe anisotropic KPZ equation and logarithmic super-diffusivity
TueJan 0514:00Søren FournaisThe ground state energy of dilute Bose gases
TueDec 1514:00Yoshiko OgataClassification of symmetry protected topological phases in quantum spin systems
TueDec 0814:00Katrin WendlandOn invariants shared by geometry and conformal field theory
TueDec 0114:00Alessandro PizzoStability of gapped quantum chains under small perturbations
TueNov 2414:00Roland BauerschmidtThe Coleman correspondence at the free fermion point
TueNov 1714:00Stefan Hollands(In)determinism Inside Black Holes
TueNov 1014:00Peter HintzLinear stability of slowly rotating Kerr spacetimes
TueNov 0314:00Nalini AnantharamanThe bottom of the spectrum of a random hyperbolic surface
TueOct 2714:00Bruno NachtergaeleGapped ground state phases of lattice systems - Stability of the bulk gap
TueOct 2014:00Jeremy QuastelTowards KPZ Universality
TueOct 1314:00Svitlana MayborodaThe landscape law for the integrated density of states
TueOct 0614:00Clotilde Fermanian-KammererNonlinear quantum adiabatic approximation
TueSep 2914:00Alessandro GiulianiNon-renormalization of the `chiral anomaly' in interacting lattice Weyl semimetals
TueSep 2214:00Ian JauslinAn effective equation to study Bose gasses at both low and high densities
TueSep 1514:00Victor IvriiScott and Thomas-Fermi approximations to electronic density
TueSep 0814:00Antti KupiainenIntegrability of Liouville Conformal Field Theory
TueJul 2813:00Nicolas RougerieTwo modes approximation for bosons in a double well potential
TueJul 2113:00Hugo Duminil-CopinMarginal triviality of the scaling limits of critical 4D Ising and φ_4^4 models
TueJul 1413:00Hal Tasaki'Topological' index and general Lieb-Schultz-Mattis theorems for quantum spin chains
TueJul 0713:00Bruno DesprésSpectral-scattering theory and fusion plasmas
TueJun 3013:00Laure Saint-RaymondFluctuation theory in the Boltzmann-Grad limit
TueJun 2313:00Nilanjana DattaDiscriminating between unitary quantum processes
TueJun 1613:00Nicola PinamontiEquilibrium states for interacting quantum field theories and their relative entropy
TueJun 0913:00Andreas WinterEnergy-constrained diamond norms and the continuity of channel capacities and of open-system dynamics
TueJun 0213:00Mihalis DafermosThe nonlinear stability of the Schwarzschild metric without symmetry
TueMay 2613:00Sven BachmannAdiabatic quantum transport
TueMay 1913:00Pierre ClavierBorel-Ecalle resummation for a Quantum Field Theory
TueMay 1213:00Jan Philip SolovejUniversality in the structure of atoms and molecules
TueMay 0513:00Martin HairerThe Brownian castle
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