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differential geometry

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: Thursday 20:15-21:15, 21:30-22:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Brian Allen*, Renato Ghini Bettiol*, Neil Katz, Nan Li*
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ThuSep 1220:15Junming XieTBA
ThuSep 1221:30Bernd KawohlTBA
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ThuMay 0920:15Liam MazurowskiStability for the Yamabe Invariant of S^3
ThuApr 1821:30Jianxiong WangHigher order conformal equations on hyperbolic spaces and the symmetry of solutions
ThuApr 1820:15Francisco MartinSome new examples of translating solitons for the mean curvature flow: Annuloids and Delta-wings
ThuApr 1120:15Marina VilleBranched surfaces in 4-manifolds
ThuMar 2821:30Jesse RatzkinStability estimates for the total Q-curvature functional
ThuMar 2820:15Paolo PiccioneA multiplicity result for solutions of Yamabe-type problems
ThuMar 2120:15Lu WangA mean curvature flow approach to density of minimal cones
ThuMar 1421:30Lorenzo SarnataroThe Allen—Cahn equation and free boundary minimal surfaces
ThuMar 1420:15Doug StrykerStable minimal hypersurfaces in $\mathbb R^5$
ThuMar 0721:15Ao SunInterpolation method in mean curvature flow
ThuFeb 2921:15Tin Yau TsangAnother aspect of Gromov's conjectures
ThuFeb 1521:15Elena GiorgiThe nonlinear stability of black holes: an overview
ThuFeb 0821:15Samuel Pérez-AyalaExtremal Eigenvalues for the Paneitz Operator in 4-Dimensional Manifolds
ThuDec 0722:30Bernhard HankeNew developments in the scalar curvature rigidity of spheres
ThuNov 3021:15Thomas TonyScalar curvature comparison geometry and the higher mapping degree
ThuNov 1621:15Brian HarvieThe equality case of the static Minkowski inequality and applications
ThuNov 0921:15Anna SkorobogatovaHigher codimension area-minimizers: structure of singularities and uniqueness of tangent cones
ThuOct 2620:15Wolfgang ZillerHypersurfaces with constant Ricci curvature
ThuOct 1920:15Santiago Cordero MisteliMorse index bounds for free boundary minimal hypersurfaces through covering arguments
ThuOct 1220:15Dongyeong KoCapillary and Free boundary embedded geodesics on Riemannian 2-disks with a strictly convex boundary
ThuSep 2820:15Jingbo WanRigidity of contracting maps using harmonic map heat flow
ThuSep 2120:15Niels MollerRigidity of the grim reaper cylinder as a collapsed self-translating soliton
ThuSep 1420:15Sven HirschHawking mass monotonicity for initial data sets
ThuSep 0720:15Yuri NikolayevskyEinstein hypersurfaces in irreducible symmetric spaces
ThuMay 1120:15Paul SweeneyExamples for Scalar Sphere Stability
ThuApr 2720:15Jian WangTopology of complete $3$-manifolds with uniformly positive scalar curvature
ThuApr 2021:30Pablo MiraMinimal annuli with free boundary in the unit ball
ThuApr 2020:15Baris CoskunuzerMinimal Surfaces in Hyperbolic 3-manifolds
ThuMar 3020:15Jackson GoodmanCurvature operators and rational cobordism
ThuMar 2320:15Jiewon ParkA Compactness Theorem for Rotationally Symmetric Riemannian Manifolds with Positive Scalar Curvature
ThuMar 1620:15Ricardo MendesA Weyl Law for singular Riemannian foliations
ThuMar 0922:30Mehdi LejmiSpecial metrics in almost-Hermitian geometry
ThuMar 0921:15Hunter StufflebeamStability of Convex Disks
ThuFeb 2321:15Lawrence MouilléPositive intermediate Ricci curvature with maximal symmetry rank
ThuFeb 1622:30Eris RunaEnergy driven pattern formation for local/non-local systems
ThuFeb 1621:15Florian JohneA generalization of Geroch's conjecture
ThuFeb 0921:15Conghan DongStability of the Euclidean 3-space for the positive mass theorem
ThuDec 0821:15Jacob BernsteinColding-Minicozzi Entropies in Cartan-Hadamard Manifolds
ThuDec 0121:15João Henrique AndradeMultiplicity of solutions to the multiphasic Allen--Cahn--Hilliard system with a small volume constraint on closed parallelizable manifolds
ThuNov 1721:15Marcos Petrúcio CavalcanteIndex bounds for CMC surfaces
ThuNov 1021:15Stefano NardulliLusternik-Schnirelman and Morse Theory for the Van der Waals-Cahn-Hilliard equation with volume constraint
ThuNov 0320:15Jian SongDiameter estimates in Kähler geometry
ThuOct 2720:15Demetre KazarasThe positive mass theorem, comparison geometry, and spacetime harmonic functions
ThuOct 2020:15Ernani Ribeiro JrOn the Hitchin-Thorpe inequality for four-dimensional compact Ricci solitons
ThuOct 1320:15José M EspinarOn Fraser-Li conjecture with anti-prismatic symmetry and one boundary component
ThuOct 0620:15Zhihan WangTranslating mean curvature flow with simple ends
ThuSep 1521:15Prosenjit RoyAsymptotic Analysis of Eigenvalue Problems on cylindrical domains whose length tends to infinity
ThuSep 1520:15Brian AllenStability of the Positive Mass Theorem under Integral Ricci Bounds
ThuSep 0820:00TBATBA
ThuMay 1220:15Paul SchwahnStability and rigidity of normal homogeneous Einstein manifolds
ThuMay 0520:00Song SunCollapsing geometry of hyperkahler 4 manifolds
ThuApr 2820:15Ravi ShankarGrowth Competitions in Non-positive Curvature
ThuApr 1420:00Erin GriffinThe Case for a General $q$-flow: An Investigation of Ambient Obstruction Solitons
ThuApr 0720:15William WylieWeighted Sectional Curvature
ThuMar 3120:15Paula Burkhardt-GuimLower scalar curvature bounds for $C^0$ metrics: a Ricci flow approach
ThuMar 2420:00Juan Carlos FernandezYamabe type problems in the presence of singular Riemannian foliations
ThuMar 1720:00Otis ChodoshStability of minimal hypersurfaces in 4-manifolds
ThuMar 1021:00Lucas AmbrozioAnalogues of Zoll metrics in minimal submanifolds theory
ThuFeb 2421:00Jiayin PanNonnegative Ricci curvature, metric cones, and virtual abelianness
ThuFeb 1721:00Zhichao WangMin-max minimal hypersurfaces with higher multiplicity
FriFeb 1100:00Yunhui WuRecent progress on first eigenvalues of hyperbolic surfaces for large genus
ThuDec 0921:00Xiaochun RongOpen Alexandrov spaces of non-negative curvature
ThuDec 0220:00Virginia AgostinianiA Green's function proof of the positive mass theorem
ThuNov 1821:00Marina VilleMinimal surfaces in $\mathbb R^4$
ThuNov 0420:00Ruojing JiangMinimal Surface Entropy in Negatively Curved N-manifolds and Rigidity
ThuOct 2820:00Yangyang LiMinimal hypersurfaces in a generic 8-dimensional closed manifold
ThuOct 2120:00Nan LiCurvature measure on singular spaces with lower curvature bounds
ThuOct 1420:00Franco Vargas PalleteMean curvature flow and foliations in Hyperbolic 3-manifolds
ThuOct 0720:00Sergio ZamoraStructure of collapse and fundamental groups
ThuSep 3020:00Pierre AlbinThe sub-Riemannian limit of a contact manifold
ThuSep 2320:00Zhou ZhangThe Modified Kahler-Ricci Flow and Degenerate Calabi-Yau Equation
ThuSep 1620:00Shengwen WangA Brakke type regularity for the parabolic Allen-Cahn equation
ThuSep 0920:00Ao SunInitial perturbation of mean curvature flow
ThuMay 1320:00Max HallgrenRicci Flow with a Lower Bound on Ricci Curvature and Volume
ThuMay 0619:00Tam Nguyen-PhanFlat cycles in the homology of congruence covers of SL(n,Z)\SL(n,R)/SO(n)
ThuApr 1520:00Aghil AlaeeRich extra dimensions are hidden inside black holes
ThuApr 0820:00Chi LiRecent progresses on the Yau-Tian-Donaldson conjecture for constant scalar curvature Kahler metrics
ThuMar 2520:00Davi MaximoThe Waist Inequality and Positive Scalar Curvature
ThuMar 1820:00Chao LiScalar curvature and dihedral rigidity of Riemannian polyhedra
ThuMar 1121:00Hyun Chul JangHyperbolic mass via horospheres
ThuMar 1114:00Feng WangOn the singular Yau-Tian-Donaldson conjecture
ThuMar 0421:00Vitali KapovitchMixed curvature almost flat manifolds
FriFeb 2600:00Weimin ShengRemovable singularity of positive mass theorem with continuous metrics
ThuFeb 1821:00Marco RadeschiManifold submetries, with applications to Invariant Theory
ThuFeb 1121:00Ben LoweMinimal Surfaces in Negatively Curved 3-manifolds
ThuFeb 0421:00Annachiara PiubelloMass and Riemannian Polyhedra
FriDec 0415:00Lashi BandaraThe world of rough metrics
ThuNov 1921:00Robin Neumayer$d_p$ Convergence and $\epsilon$-regularity theorems for entropy and scalar curvature lower bounds
ThuNov 1221:00Jonathan ZhuExplicit Łojasiewicz inequalities for mean curvature flow shrinkers
ThuNov 0521:00Jason LedwidgeThe sharp Li-Yau equality on shrinking Ricci solitons
ThuOct 2920:00Ernani Ribeiro Jr.Four-dimensional gradient shrinking Ricci solitons
ThuOct 2220:00Curtis ProExtending a diffeomorphism finiteness theorem to dimension 4.
ThuOct 1520:00Yueh-Ju LinVolume comparison of Q-curvature
ThuOct 0820:00Samuel LinThree-dimensional Geometric Structures and the Laplace Spectrum
ThuOct 0120:00Gonçalo Oliveira$G_2$-monopoles (a summary)
ThuSep 2420:00Ian AdelsteinThe length of the shortest closed geodesic on positively curved 2-spheres
ThuSep 1720:00Mariana Smit Vega GarciaAlmost minimizers for obstacle problems
ThuSep 0318:00Christian LangeZoll flows on surfaces
ThuAug 0619:00Shubham DwivediDeformation theory of nearly $G_2$ manifolds
ThuJul 3018:00Martin KerinA pot-pourri of non-negatively curved 7-manifolds
ThuJul 2319:00Dan LeeBartnik minimizing initial data sets
ThuJul 1619:00Hyun Chul JangMass rigidity of asymptotically hyperbolic manifolds
ThuJul 0918:00Ilaria MondelloNon-existence of Yamabe metrics in a singular setting
ThuJul 0219:00Raquel PeralesConvergence of manifolds under volume convergence and a tensor bound
ThuJun 2519:00Clara AldanaStrong $A_\infty$ weights and compactness of conformal metrics
ThuJun 1819:00Shih-Kai ChiuA Liouville type theorem for harmonic 1-forms
ThuJun 1119:00Ricardo A. E. MendesThe isometry group of spherical quotients
ThuJun 0418:00Klaus KrönckeL^p-stability and positive scalar curvature rigidity of Ricci-flat ALE manifolds
ThuMay 2819:00Eduardo LongaSharp systolic inequalities for 3-manifolds with boundary
ThuMay 1420:00Ronan ConlonClassification results for expanding and shrinking gradient Kahler-Ricci solitons
ThuMay 0720:00Timothy ButtsworthThe prescribed Ricci curvature problem on manifolds with large symmetry groups
ThuApr 3019:00Anusha KrishnanDiagonalizing the Ricci tensor
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