Perspectives on Mathematics: Its Humanity, Culture, and Communication

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Sydney Mathematical Research Institute / University of Sydney

Audience: Researchers in the topic
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This interactive seminar series will explore and illuminate the human side of mathematics—the culture(s) of mathematics, how we teach and do research in it, who we include, and the impact of how we communicate maths to students and the broader public. Discussions and invited presentations will help participants envision how they can improve the culture, practices, and communication around maths to better serve their communities. We imagine the topics will interest mathematicians, educators, and practitioners.

The seminar comprises five two-week blocks centred on a theme, and will meet 14:00–16:00 AEST on Fridays in those weeks (except for the Theme Two). Each block is followed by an intermezzo, a “free week” that allows participants to explore the theme further or to attend aligned events. Location is at the University of Sydney. See the calendar below for topics, dates, and rooms (some details still to be finalized). An abstract will be posted prior to each session.

We invite you to join us for rich discussions and interaction, especially in Week 1, when we set the stage for what will come, and you can connect with others interested in pursuing a holistic approach to maths and maths education. Suggested readings are optional, but will enhance your experience.

We encourage you to register your interest in the series at this form (optional, but helps us to plan). If you have other questions, write Francis Su (su at All talks are free and open to the public.

The special semester leads up to the International Congress of Mathematical Education that takes place in Sydney from 7–14 July 2024.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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FriMay 2404:00Francis Su with Amie Albrecht and Eddie WooImproving One's Teaching Practice (with Amie Albrecht and Eddie Woo)
WedMay 2907:30Po-Shen LohPublic Lecture - Topic TBA
FriMay 3104:00Francis Su with with Po-Shen LohCommunicating Maths for the Public
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FriMay 1004:00Francis SuTowards a Fully Inclusive Mathematics Profession
FriMay 0304:00Francis Su with Catherine Greenhill and Ben BurtonWomen in Mathematics (with Catherine Greenhill and Ben Burton)
FriApr 1904:00Francis Su with Rowena Ball and Jared FieldIndigenous Mathematics (with Rowena Ball and Jared Field)
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