Nonclassical Logic Webinar

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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Friday 16:00-18:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Sara Ugolini*
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Past talks
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FriJun 1816:00Marta BílkováTBA
FriJun 0416:00Petr CintulaTBA
FriMay 2816:00Igor SedlárTBA
FriMay 2116:00Marco AbbadiniIs the category of locally finite MV-algebras equivalent to an equational class?
FriMay 0716:00Tommaso MoraschiniTBA
FriApr 3016:00Walter CarnielliParaconsistent Possibilistic Logics
FriApr 2316:00Shay LoganTBA
FriApr 1616:00Thomas VetterleinOrthogonality spaces, ortholattices, and inner-product spaces
FriMar 2616:00Tadeusz LitakTBA
FriMar 1916:00Matteo BianchiOn linear varieties of MTL-algebras
FriMar 1217:00Serafina LapentaTackling the Pierce-Birkhoff conjecture via logic
FriMar 0517:00Michele Pra BaldiOn a logico-algebraic approach to AGM belief contraction theory
FriFeb 2617:00Stefano BonzioTBA
FriFeb 1217:00Tadeusz LitakLewis meets Brouwer, or perhaps Heyting
FriFeb 0517:00Sándor JeneiAmalgamation in classes of involutive commutative residuated lattices
FriJan 2917:00Matteo BianchiStrictly join irreducible varieties of BL-algebras
FriJan 2217:00Tommaso FlaminioProbability logic on many-valued events: standard completeness and (a kind of) algebraic semantics
FriJan 1517:00Vincenzo MarraRemarks on logics for probability, with an eye toward universal constructions (Part II)
FriJan 0817:00Sándor JeneiA representation theorem for odd and even involutive commutative residuated chains by direct systems of abelian o-groups
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