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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: Tuesday 14:30-15:30, Saturday 15:30-16:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Galyna Livshyts*, Liran Rotem*, Dmitry Ryabogin, Konstantin Tikhomirov, Artem Zvavitch
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If you are interested in giving a talk, please let one of the organizers know. Also, please suggest speakers which you would like to hear talk. Most talks are 50 minutes, but some 20-minute talks will be paired up as well. The talks will be video recorded conditioned upon the speakers' agreement.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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TueJun 1514:30Susanna SpektorOn the applications of the Khinchine type inequality for Independent and Dependent Poisson random variables
TueJun 0814:30Boaz SlomkaDiscrete variants of Brunn-Minkowski type inequalities
TueJun 0114:30Ronen EldanTBA
TueMay 2515:30Alexander LitvakTBA
TueMay 1814:30Maria Angeles Hernandez CifreOn the roots of polynomials with log-convex coefficients
TueMay 1114:30Sang Woo RyooA sharp form of Assouad's embedding theorem for Carnot groups
TueMay 0415:00Sudan XingThe general dual-polar Orlicz-Minkowski problem
TueMay 0414:30Wyatt GregoryInequalities for the Derivatives of the Radon Transform on Convex Bodies
TueApr 2714:30Almut BurchardTBA
TueApr 2014:30Anindya DeTBA
TueApr 1314:30Vishesh JainSingularity of discrete random matrices
TueApr 0614:30Semyon AleskerNew inequalities for mixed volumes of convex bodies and valuations theory
TueMar 3014:30Karoly BoroczkyStability of the Prekopa-Leindler inequality and the unconditional Logarithmic Brunn-Minkowski Inequality
TueMar 0915:30Tselil SchrammComputational Barriers to Estimation from Low-Degree Polynomials
TueMar 0215:30Maria Alfonseca-CuberoTBA
TueFeb 1615:30Han HuangRank of Sparse Bernoulli Matrices
TueFeb 0915:30Alexey GarberConvex polytopes that tile space with translations: Voronoi domains and spectral sets
TueFeb 0216:30Rachel GreenfeldTranslational tilings: structure and decidability
TueJan 2615:30Konstantin DrachTBA
TueJan 1915:30Mark AgranovskyOn integrable domains and surfaces
TueJan 0515:30Yuansi ChenRecent progress on the KLS conjecture and Eldan’s stochastic localization scheme
TueDec 1515:30Pierre YousseffMixing time of the switch chain on regular bipartite graphs
TueDec 0815:30Emanuel MilmanSharp Isoperimetric Inequalities for Affine Quermassintegrals
TueDec 0115:30Shay SadovskyExistence of potentials for non-traditional cost functions
TueNov 2415:30Kasia WyczesanyExistence of potentials for non-traditional cost functions
TueNov 1715:30Mark SellkeChasing Convex Bodies
TueNov 1015:30Dima FaifmanCrofton formulas in isotropic pseudo-Riemannian spaces
TueNov 0315:30Michael Roysdon, Jesus Yepes NicolasFurther inequalities for the Wills functional of convex bodies
TueOct 2714:30Rafal LatalaOrder Statistics of Log-Concave Vectors
TueOct 2014:30Naomi FeldheimTBA
TueOct 1314:30Keith BallRational approximations to the zeta function
TueOct 0614:30Paata IvanisviliEnflo’s problem
TueSep 2914:30Konstantin TikhomirovNon-asymptotic bound for the smallest singular value of powers of random matrices
TueSep 2214:30Dan MikulincerStability of Stein kernels, moment maps and invariant measures
SatSep 1915:30Ferenc FodorStrengthened inequalities for the mean width and the $\ell$-norm
TueSep 1514:30Santosh VempalaReducing Isotropy to KLS: An n^3\psi^2 Volume Algorithm
SatSep 1215:30Masha GordinaUniform doubling on SU(2) and beyond
TueSep 0814:30Grigoriy IvanovJohn's ellipsoid of a log-concave function
SatSep 0515:30Adam KashlakAnalytic Permutation Testing via Kahane--Khintchine Inequalities
TueSep 0114:30Kateryna TatarkoOn the unique determination of ellipsoids by dual intrinsic volumes
SatAug 2915:30Marton NaszodiSome new quantitative Helly-type theorems
TueAug 2514:30Bo BerndtssonComplex integrals and Kuperberg's proof of the Bourgain-Milman theorem
TueJun 3014:30Peter van HintumSharp stability of the Brunn-Minkowski inequality
SatJun 2715:30Elizaveta RebrovaModewise methods for tensor dimension reduction
TueJun 2314:30Elizabeth MeckesOn the eigenvalues of Brownian motion on \mathbb{U}(n)
SatJun 2015:30Orli HerscoviciThe best constant in the Khinchine inequality for slightly dependent random variables
TueJun 1614:30Semyon AleskerMultiplicative structure on valuations and its analogues over local fields.
SatJun 1315:30Julian HaddadFrom affine Poincaré inequalities to affine spectral inequalities
TueJun 0914:30Matthieu FradeliziVolume product, polytopes and finite dimensional Lipschitz-free spaces.
SatJun 0615:30Mark MeckesMagnitude and intrinsic volumes of convex bodies
TueJun 0214:30Yair ShenfeldThe extremal structures of the Alexandrov-Fenchel inequality
SatMay 3015:30Timothy GowersHigh-dimensional tennis balls
TueMay 2614:30Alexandros EskenazisThe dimensional Brunn-Minkowski inequality in Gauss space
SatMay 2315:30Vitali Milman and Liran RotemNovel view on classical convexity theory
TueMay 1914:30Olivier GuedonFloating bodies and random polytopes
SatMay 1615:30Galyna LivshytsOn the Log-Brunn-Minkowski conjecture and related questions
TueMay 1214:30Bo'az KlartagRigidity of Riemannian embeddings of discrete metric spaces
SatMay 0915:30Monika LudwigValuations on convex functions
TueMay 0514:30Andrea ColesantiBrunn-Minkowski type inequalities and affine surface area
SatMay 0215:30Alina StancuOn the fundamental gap and convex sets in hyperbolic space
TueApr 2814:30Ilaria FragalàSymmetry problems for variational functionals: from continuous to discrete.
SatApr 2515:30Grigoris PaourisQuantitative triangle law and joint normality of Lyapunov exponents for products of Gaussian matrices
TueApr 2114:30Uri GrupelMetric distortion of random spaces
SatApr 1815:30Károly BöröczkySymmetry and Structure within the Log-Brunn-Minkowski Conjecture
TueApr 1414:30Elisabeth WernerConstrained convex bodies with maximal affine surface area
SatApr 1115:30Sergey BobkovA Fourier-analytic approach to transport inequalities
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