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Algebra Seminar:

'Homological comparison of resolution and smoothing'

Will Donovan (Tsinghua University)

Friday Sep 23, 12:00-1:00PM

Online via Zoom

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Abstract: A singular space often comes equipped with (1) a resolution, given by a morphism from a smooth space, and (2) a smoothing, namely a deformation with smooth generic fibre. I will discuss work in progress on how these may be related homologically, starting with the threefold ordinary double point as a key example.

Biography: Will Donovan is currently an Associate professor at Yau MSC, Tsinghua University, Beijing. He is also a member of the adjunct faculty at BIMSA, Yanqi Lake, Huairou, Beijing and a visiting associate scientist at Kavli IPMU, University of Tokyo. He received his PhD in Mathematics in 2011 from Imperial College London. His interests are algebraic geometry, noncommutative geometry, representation theory, string theory and symplectic geometry.

Note: These seminars will be recorded, including participant questions (participants only when asking questions), and uploaded to the SMRI YouTube Channel

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