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mathematical physics analysis of PDEs classical analysis and ODEs combinatorics complex variables functional analysis information theory metric geometry optimization and control probability

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Monday 19:00-20:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Polona Durcik*, Irina Holmes, Paata Ivanisvili*, Tomasz Tkocz, Beatrice-Helen Vritsiou
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
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MonMay 0219:00Vjekoslav KovacLower bounds for the L^p norms of some Fourier multipliers
MonApr 2519:00Olli SaariPhase space projections
MonApr 1819:00José Ramón Madrid PadillaTBA
MonApr 1119:00Alina StancuTBA
MonApr 0419:00Dor MinzerTBA
MonMar 2819:00Diogo Oliveira e SilvaSharp restriction theory: rigidity, stability, and symmetry breaking
MonMar 2119:00Evita NestoridiLimit Profiles of Reversible Markov chains
MonMar 1419:00Andreas DefantGeorge Boole meets Harald Bohr
MonMar 0720:00Kristina SkrebBilinear embedding in Orlicz spaces for divergence-form operators with complex coefficients
MonFeb 2820:00Jonathan HickmanKakeya maximal estimates via real algebraic geometry
MonFeb 2120:00Andreas SeegerL^p improving bounds for spherical maximal operators
MonFeb 0720:00Haojian LiMatrix-valued logarithmic Sobolev inequalities
MonJan 3120:00James MelbourneOn a reversal of Lyapunov's inequality for log-concave sequences
MonJan 2420:00Marta StrzeleckaNorms of structured random matrices
MonDec 0620:00Ioana DumitriuTBA
MonNov 2920:00Joe NeemanTBA
MonNov 2219:00Marcin BownikSimultaneous dilation and translation tilings of $\R^n$
MonNov 0820:00Stefanie PetermichlGood and Bad Maximal Functions
MonNov 0119:00Brett WickSingular Integral Operators on the Fock Space
MonOct 2519:00Pavel Zorin-KranichVariational estimates for martingale transforms
MonOct 1819:00Cristina BeneaThe non-resonant bilinear Hilbert-Carleson operator
MonOct 1119:00Charles BordenaveStrong asymptotic freeness for independent uniform variables on compact groups
MonOct 0419:00Marina IliopoulouSharp L^p estimates for oscillatory integral operators of arbitrary signature
MonSep 2719:00Simon BortzFKP meets DKP
MonSep 2019:00Gergely AmbrusStrongly Convex Chains
MonMay 1019:00Joris RoosTBA
MonMay 0319:00Oliver DragičevićTrilinear embedding theorem for elliptic partial differential operators in divergence form with complex coefficients
MonApr 2619:00Sarah Peluse‬On the polynomial Szemer\'edi theorem and related results
MonApr 1919:00Vishesh JainOn the real Davies' conjecture
MonApr 1219:00Stanislaw SzarekGeneralized probabilistic theories and tensor products of normed spaces
MonApr 0519:00Peter Pivovarov‬TBA
MonMar 2919:00Alexandros EskenazisMetric Influence inequalities
MonMar 2219:00Theresa AndersonTBA
MonMar 1519:00Steven HeilmanTBA
MonMar 0820:00Mateusz Kwaśnicki‬TBA
MonMar 0120:00Nicholas CookUniversality for the minimum modulus of random trigonometric polynomials
MonFeb 2220:00Rupert FrankLieb-Thirring bounds and other inequalities for orthonormal functions
MonFeb 1520:00Galyna LivshytsTBA
MonFeb 0820:00Ohad KleinOn the distribution of Randomly Signed Sums and Tomaszewski’s Conjecture
MonFeb 0120:00Sudan XingOn Lp-Brunn-Minkowski type and Lp-isoperimetric type inequalities for measures
MonJan 2520:00Alexander VolbergMulti-parameter Poincaré inequality, multi-parameter Carleson embedding: Box condition versus Chang--Fefferman condition
MonDec 0720:00Renan GrossStochastic Processes for Boolean Profit
MonNov 3020:00Oscar Dominguez BonillaTBA
MonNov 2320:00Bobby WilsonTBA
MonNov 1620:00Mariusz MirekTBA
MonNov 0920:00Christoph ThäleTBA
MonNov 0220:00Kasso OkoudjouTBA
MonOct 2619:00Asgar JamneshanTBA
MonOct 1919:00Gennady UraltsevTBA
MonOct 1219:00Sergei TreilTBA
MonOct 0519:00Oanh NguyenTBA
MonSep 2819:00Thomas CourtadeTBA
MonSep 2119:00Zakhar KabluchkoExpected f-vector of the Poisson Zero Cell
MonSep 1419:00Varun JogReverse Euclidean and Gaussian isoperimetric inequalities for parallel sets with applications
MonSep 0719:00Piotr NayarSharp variance-entropy comparison for Gaussian quadratic forms
MonAug 3119:00Felipe GonçalvesSign Uncertainty
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