Real and complex Geometry

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Tel Aviv University

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizer: Eugenii Shustin*
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ThuDec 0214:00Michele StecconiSemicontinuity of Betti numbers and singular sets
ThuDec 0914:00Dan AbramovichPunctured logarithmic maps
ThuDec 0914:00Dan AbramovichPunctured logarithmic maps
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ThuNov 1814:00Penka GeorgievaHigher-genus real/open counts in dimension 2
ThuNov 0414:00Pierrick BousseauGromov-Witten theory of complete intersections
ThuNov 0414:00Pierrick BousseauGromov-Witten theory of complete intersections
ThuOct 2113:00Erwan BrugalleEuler characteristic and signature of real semi-stable degenerations
ThuAug 1213:00Dmitry KernerGerms of maps, group actions and large modules inside group orbits
ThuJul 1513:00KhazhgaliKozhasovNodes on quintic spectrahedra
ThuJun 1713:00Lev RadzivilovskyEnumeration of rational surfaces and moduli spaces of configurations of points in the projective plane
ThuApr 2913:00Ilya TyomkinOn (ir)reducibility of Severi varieties on toric surfaces
ThuMar 1814:00Olivier BenoistRational curves on real algebraic varieties
ThuMar 1114:00Olivier de Gaay FortmanReal Noether-Lefschetz loci and density of non-simple abelian varieties over the real numbers
ThuNov 2614:00Michele AnconaExponential rarefaction of maximal hypersurfaces
ThuNov 1214:00Arielle LeitnerDeformations of Generalized Cusps on Convex Projective Manifolds
ThuNov 0514:00Thomas BlommeRefined count of rational tropical curves in arbitrary dimension
ThuOct 2914:00Stepan OrevkovOn real algebraic and real pseudoholomorphic curves in $RP^2$
ThuOct 2213:00Charles ArnalFamilies of real projective algebraic hypersurfaces with large asymptotic Betti numbers
MonMay 2513:00Boulos El HilanyCounting isolated points outside the image of a polynomial map
MonMay 1113:00Ethan CotterillRational curves with hyperelliptic singularities
MonApr 2713:00Hulya Arg├╝zTropical enumeration of real log curves in toric varieties
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