Probability and Statistical Mechanics Seminar

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mathematical physics probability

Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Seminar series time: Wednesday 15:00-16:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Patricia Gonçalves*, Claudio Landim, Augusto Teixeira, Pablo Ferrari
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Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
WedJun 0115:00Cristina ToninelliTBA
WedMay 0415:00Anna Ben-HamouTBA
WedApr 2015:00Cédric BernardinTBA
WedApr 1315:00Li-Cheng TsaiTBA
WedApr 0615:00Elena PulvirentiTBA
WedMar 3015:00Jeremy QuastelTBA
WedMar 2316:00Sourav ChatterjeeLocal KPZ behavior under arbitrary scaling limits
WedMar 1616:00Guillaume BarraquandTBA
WedMar 0916:00Fraydoun RezakhanlouTBA
WedMar 0216:00Perla SousiPhase transition for the late points of random walkPhase transition for the late points of random walk
WedFeb 2316:00Krzysztof BurdzyFrom billiards to PDEs via white noise.
WedFeb 1616:00Marcelo HilárioPercolation on the cubic lattice with lower dimensional disorder.
WedFeb 0216:00Sunder SerthuramanCondensation, boundary conditions, and effects of a slow site in zero-range systems
WedJan 1916:00Amine AsselahIntersection of the traces of two independent walks in high dimensions
WedJan 1216:00Davide GabrielliA double limite for the current of particle systems. The order does not matter.
WedJan 0516:00Makiko SasadaOn Varadhan’s decomposition theorem in a general setting
WedDec 0816:00Stefan GrosskinskyFeynman-Kac particle models for cloning algorithms
WedDec 0116:00Jeffrey KuanTBA
WedNov 2416:00Amol AggarwalTBA
WedNov 1717:00Vincent VargasTBA
WedNov 1017:00Sam Olesker-TaylorRandom Walks on Random Cayley Graph
WedNov 0317:00Luisa AndreisPhase transition in sparse random graphs and coagulation processes.
WedOct 2716:00Luis Renato FontesRandom walk in a birth-and-death dynamical environment
WedOct 2016:00Insuk SeoEnergy landscape and metastability of Ising/Potts model on lattice without external energy field
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