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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Every other Wednesday 14:30-16:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Matt Young*
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
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WedFeb 2814:30Tong JinThree approaches to the representation space of a matroid
WedApr 0315:00Jonathan BeardsleyTBA
WedApr 2415:30Jeff TolliverTBA
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WedFeb 1414:30Jeremy UsatineGromov-Witten theory and invariants of matroids
WedJan 3114:30Victoria SchleisTropical quiver Grassmannians
WedJan 1014:30Shiyue LiMultimatroids and Rational Curves with Cyclic Action
WedNov 2915:00James MaxwellGeometry of tropical extensions of hyperfields
WedNov 1514:30Uly AlvarezCluster algebras and quiver grassmannians
WedNov 0113:30Shiyue LiMultimatroids and Rational Curves with Cyclic Action (postponed)
WedOct 1813:30Shai HaranNon additive geometry
WedOct 0415:00Manuel ReyesCategories of hypergroups and hyperstructures
WedSep 2013:30Omid AminiHigher rank inner products, higher rank Voronoi tilings, and metric degenerations of polarized tori
WedMay 1713:30Hernan IriarteWeak continuity on the variation of Newton Okounkov bodies
WedMay 0313:30Omid AminiPostponed
ThuApr 2015:00Inna ZakharevichCoinvariants, assembler K-theory, and scissors congruence
WedApr 0513:30Joachim KockSome basic steps in objective linear algebra
WedMar 2213:30Olivia CaramelloGrothendieck toposes as unifying 'bridges' in Mathematics
WedFeb 2214:30Nethanel FriedenbergTowards tropical adic spaces
WedFeb 0814:30TBACancelled
WedJan 2514:30Jaeho ShinBirational Geometry of Matroids and Abstract Hyperplane Arrangements
WedNov 3014:30Samarpita RayThe topological shadow of $\mathbb{F}_1$-geometry: congruence spaces
WedNov 1614:30Matt BakerFoundations of Matroids
WedMay 2513:00Hendrik Van MaldeghemClassical and exceptional geometries of order one
WedApr 2713:00Jacob MatherneEquivariant log-concavity, matroids, and representation stability
WedApr 1313:00Manoel JarraFlag matroids with coefficients
WedMar 3013:00Kalina MinchevaTropical Geometry and the Commutative Algebra of Semirings
WedMar 1613:00Oren Ben-BassatDerived Analytic Geometry
WedMar 0214:00Chris EurTautological classes of matroids
WedFeb 1614:00Alex Sistko$\mathbb{F}_1$-Representations of Quivers and Euler Characteristics of Quiver Grassmannians
WedFeb 0214:00Alain ConnesF1, q and zeta
WedJan 1914:00Alexander SmirnovThe 10th Discriminant and Tensor Powers of Z
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