European Non-Associative Algebra Seminar

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quantum algebra rings and algebras

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Monday 15:00-16:00
Organizers: Ivan Kaygorodov*, Salvatore Siciliano, Mykola Khrypchenko, Jobir Adashev
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Past talks
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MonJun 0515:00Rutwig Campoamor StursbergCommutants of subalgebras in universal enveloping algebras
MonMay 2915:00Kaiming ZhaoSimple smooth modules
MonMay 2215:00Malihe YousofzadehFinite Weight Modules over Affine Lie Superalgebras
MonMay 1515:00Ivan ArzhantsevUniqueness of addition in Lie algebras
MonMay 1509:00Lewis TopleyModular representation theory and finite W-algebras
MonMay 0815:00Mátyás DomokosAn application of classical invariant theory to the study of identities and concomitants of irreducible representations of the simple 3-dimensional complex Lie algebra
MonMay 0809:00Yunhe ShengRota-Baxter operators and post-groups
MonApr 2415:00Thiago Castilho de MelloImages of polynomials on algebras
MonApr 2409:00Vladimir DotsenkoOperad filtrations and quantization
MonApr 1715:00Marzia MazzottaClassification of set-theoretical solutions to the pentagon equation
MonApr 1015:00Maxime FaironAround Van den Bergh's double brackets
MonApr 0315:00Přemysl JedličkaNon-degenerate involutive set-theoretic solutions of the Yang-Baxter equation of multipermutation level 2
MonMar 2715:00Hamid UsefiPolynomial identities, group rings and enveloping algebras
MonMar 2015:00Duc-Khanh NguyenA generalization of the Murnaghan-Nakayama rule for K-k-Schur and k-Schur functions
MonMar 1315:00Adela LatorreSolvable Lie algebras with complex symplectic structures
MonMar 0615:00Willem Adriaan De GraafComputing the first Galois cohomology set of a reductive algebraic group
MonFeb 2715:00Dietrich BurdePre-Lie algebra structures on reductive Lie algebras and etale affine representations
MonFeb 2015:00Kenji IoharaOn Elliptic Root Systems
MonFeb 1315:00Justin McInroyClassifying quotients of the Highwater algebra
MonFeb 0615:00Clara FranchiAxial algebras of Monster type
MonJan 3015:00David TowersZinbiel algebras are nilpotent
MonJan 2315:00Karel DekimpeDi-semisimple Lie algebras and applications in post-Lie algebra structures
MonJan 1615:00Seidon AlsaodyBrown algebras, Freudenthal triple systems and exceptional groups over rings
MonJan 0915:00Alberto ElduqueTensor categories, algebras, and superalgebras
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