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algebraic topology category theory logic

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Thursday 16:00-17:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Sacha Ikonicoff*
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Past talks
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ThuApr 2816:00Sacha IkonicoffTBA
ThuApr 2116:00Marcello LanfranchiTBA
ThuApr 1416:00Niny Arcila-mayaDecomposition of topological Azumaya algebras the stable range
ThuApr 0716:00Gijs HeutsKoszul duality of algebras for operads
ThuMar 1716:00Michael LambertRegular logic in a `double category of relations
FriMar 1120:00Marcelo AguiarThe Eckmann-Hilton argument in duoidal categories
ThuMar 0317:00Kate PontoTBA
ThuFeb 1717:00Jean-Baptiste VienneyGraded (co-)Differential Categories
ThuFeb 1017:00Martina RovelliAn (∞,2)-categorical pasting theorem
ThuFeb 0317:00Florian SchwarzDescribing principal bundles and pushing TQFTs forward
ThuJan 2717:00Éric HoffbeckTBA
ThuDec 1617:00Igor SikoraRO(C_2)-graded coefficients of C_2-Eilenberg-MacLane spectra
ThuDec 0923:00Marcy RobertsonAutomorphisms of seemed surfaces, modular operads and Galois actions
ThuDec 0217:00Guillaume Laplante-AnfossiThe diagonal of the operahedra
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