UBC (online) Number Theory Seminar

number theory

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Wednesday 21:00-22:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Debanjana Kundu*
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Past talks
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WedDec 1422:00Greg KnappBounds on the Number of Solutions to Thue’s Inequality
WedDec 0722:00Payman EskandariTBA
WedNov 3022:00Yifeng HuangUnit equations on quaternions
WedNov 2322:00Peter SchneiderTBA
WedNov 1622:00Joshua MalesAsymptotics of combinatorial and topological objects via modular forms
WedNov 0221:00Simone MalettosTBA
WedOct 2621:00Yusheng LeeArithmetic of theta liftings
WedOct 1921:00Manami RoyDimensions of spaces of Siegel cusp forms of degree 2
WedOct 1221:00Wanlin LiA generalization of Elkies' theorem
WedOct 0521:00Melissa EmorySato-Tate groups in higher dimensions
WedSep 2820:00Andrew Granville$K$-rational points on curves
WedSep 2121:00Zheng Liup-adic L-functions for GSp(4)\times GL(2)
WedSep 1421:00Jackson MorrowBoundedness of hyperbolic varieties
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