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algebraic topology category theory general topology group theory geometric topology quantum algebra rings and algebras

Purdue University

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Wednesday 15:30-16:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Sam Nariman*, Manuel Rivera*
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In order to obtain the link for the Zoom meeting please see the website: sites.google.com/view/purduetopologyseminar

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
WedFeb 2316:00Alexis AumonierAn h-principle for complements of discriminants
WedFeb 1616:30Anna Marie BohmannFree Loop Spaces and Topological coHochschild Homology
WedFeb 0916:30José CantareroConfiguration spaces of commuting elements
WedDec 1516:30Seaokbong SeolTBA
WedDec 0816:30Daniel Lopez NeumannTBA
WedDec 0116:30Xiaolei WuHomological stability for the ribbon Higman--Thompson groups
WedNov 1716:30Behrang NoohiCategorical calculus and representation theory
WedNov 1016:30Shun WakatsukiTBA
WedNov 0315:30George RaptisTBA
WedOct 2715:30Georg FrenckCharacteristic classes of manifold-bundles over spheres
WedOct 2015:30Ka Ho WongAsymptotics of the relative Reshetikhin-Turaev invariants
WedOct 1315:30Kai CieliebakPoincare duality and bialgebra structures for loop spaces.
WedOct 0615:30Andreas StavrouTBA
WedSep 2915:30Florian KranholdTBA
WedSep 2215:30Ismael SierraTBA
WedSep 1515:30Bruno KahnA rank spectral sequence for algebraic K-theory
WedMar 0316:30Boris TsyganOperations on Hochschild and cyclic complexes
WedFeb 1016:30Nicholas WawrykowSecondary Representation Stability and the Ordered Configuration Space of the Once-Punctured Torus
WedJan 2716:30Omar Antolín CamarenaHigher generation by abelian subgroups in Lie groups
WedJan 2016:30Jan SteinebrunnerThe one-dimensional bordism category
WedJan 1316:30Maru SarazolaCotorsion pairs and a K-theory localization theorem
WedDec 1616:30Ozgur BayindirAlgebraic K-theory of THH(Fp)
WedDec 0916:30Ryan BudneyIsotopy in dimension 4
WedDec 0216:30Ben WilliamsTBA
WedNov 1816:30Rita Jiménez RollandPowers of the Euler class for pure mapping class groups
WedNov 1116:30Carlos De La Cruz MengualTBA
WedNov 0416:30Ben KnudsenTBA
WedOct 2815:30Quoc P HoTBA
WedOct 2115:30Martin PalmerTBA
WedOct 1415:30Chris KapulkinCubical models of (∞,1)-categories
WedOct 0715:30Peter SmillieThe borders of outer space
WedSep 3015:30Julian HolsteinCategorical Koszul Duality
WedSep 2315:30Pavel SafronovCoproduct in string topology, Euler structures and topological field theories.
WedSep 1615:30TBATBA
WedSep 0915:30Andrea BianchiHurwitz spaces and Moduli spaces of Riemann surfaces
WedJul 2215:30Anibal MedinaA finitely presented E-infinity prop
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