CHAT (Career, History And Thoughts) series

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general mathematics history and overview number theory

McGill University / Santa Clara University / University of California, Los Angeles

Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Seminar series time: Every third Monday 23:00-23:50 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Chi-Yun Hsu*, Shekhar Khare, Henri Darmon
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The CHAT series invite established professors to talk about either (1) their math career in general (2) their theorems or theories, but explained from a personal and historical perspective, like how they came up with the problem, what the Aha! moment was like, how the problem changes from its initial form to the published rigorous form.

The idea is that instead of talking about their latest theorems, the speakers would take a step back and talk about the trajectory of an idea, the path to the discovery of a theorem, the influence of ideas learned through a paper or a chance conversation with a colleague, and the hazards met and overcome along the way.

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