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numerical analysis optimization and control

Chalmers University of Technology / University of Gothenburg

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: Monday 11:15-12:00, Tuesday 11:15-12:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: David Cohen*, Annika Lang*
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Online streaming via zoom on exceptional cases if requested. Please contact the organizers.

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Past talks
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MonJun 1011:15TBCTBA
MonJun 1711:15Ioanna Motschan-ArmenApproximation of semilinear stochastic heat equations on the sphere
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MonMay 2711:15TBCTBA
MonMay 0611:15Axel RinghGain and phase type multipliers for structured feedback robustness
MonApr 2911:15Ragnar WintherWhat about $p$?
MonApr 2211:15Eddie WadbroMaterial distribution topology optimization for boundary-effect-dominated problems
MonApr 1511:15Fanny SeizillesThe Bayesian approach to inverse Robin problems
TueApr 0911:15Christian LubichRegularized dynamical nonlinear parametric approximation
MonApr 0811:15Stefano Di GiovacchinoStochastic backward error analysis: application to Hamiltonian systems and optimization algorithms
MonApr 0111:15Easter MondayTBA
MonMar 1812:15Verena SchwarzHigher-order approximation and optimality for jump-diffusion SDEs with discontinuous drift
MonMar 1112:15Malin RauAsynchronous Opinion Dynamics in Social Networks
MonMar 0412:15Andrea PapiniTurbulence enhancement of coagulating processes
MonFeb 2612:15Eric LindströmMultidimensional Coefficent Inverse Problems for Maxwellian Systems in Conductive Media with Applications in Medical Imaging
MonFeb 1912:15Andreas RuppPartial differential equations on hypergraphs and networks of surfaces
MonFeb 1212:15Brynjulf OwrenStability of numerical methods on Riemannian manifolds
MonFeb 0512:15Zheng ZhaoMoment quadrature for stochastic filtering
MonJan 2912:15Klas ModinThe reversibility paradox in matrix hydrodynamics
WedDec 1312:15Tommy Svensson and Anders LoggSustainable Urban C-V2X with Intelligent Radio Environment Twinning
WedDec 0612:15TBATBA
WedNov 2912:15Michael RoopLie-Poisson methods for incompressible magnetohydrodynamics on the sphere
WedNov 2212:15Johannes BorgqvistLie symmetries for constructing, selecting and analysing mechanistic models in mathematical biology
WedNov 1512:15Moritz HauckGuaranteed lower energy bounds for the Gross-Pitaevskii problem using mixed finite elements
WedNov 0812:15Luigi RomanoFinite element modelling of linear rolling contact problems
WedNov 0112:15TBATBA
WedOct 2511:15InstitutionsdagTBA
WedOct 1811:15TBATBA
WedOct 1111:15Mohammad AsadzadehOn Nitsche approach for a finite element scheme for Maxwell equations
WedSep 2711:15Ioanna Motschan-ArmenEuler-Maruyama approximations of the stochastic heat equation on the sphere
WedSep 2011:15Sagy EphratiStochastic modeling for coarse computational geophysical fluid dynamics
WedSep 1311:15Akash SharmaRandom walks for approximating boundary value problems
WedSep 0611:15Yoshio KomoriSplit S-ROCK methods for high-dimensional stochastic differential equations
WedAug 3011:15Johan UlanderBoundary-preserving numerical schemes for stochastic (partial) differential equations
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