Monday's Nonstandard Seminar

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analysis of PDEs

University of Warsaw

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: Monday 12:00-13:00, 13:00-14:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Iwona Chlebicka*
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Past talks
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MonJun 1413:00Leah SchätzlerHölder continuity for a doubly nonlinear equation
MonJun 1412:00Giuseppina di BlasioSymmetrization for fully anisotropic elliptic equations
MonJun 0713:00Noemi WolanskiLipschitz continuity of nonnegative minimizers of functional of Bernoulli type with nonstandard growth
MonJun 0712:00Fernando FarroniExistence and regularity results to some noncoercive operators
MonMay 3113:00Anastasia MolchanovaWell-posedness of variational formulation of “modular” PDE
MonMay 3112:00Sukjung HwangExistence and regularity results of porous medium type equations with drift term
MonMay 2413:00Tadeusz IwaniecMonotone Hopf-Harmonics
MonMay 2412:00Elvira MascoloRegularity results for scalar integrals with p,q and general slow growth conditions
MonMay 1713:00Piotr RybkaAn example of convergence of gradient flows
MonMay 1712:00Verena BögeleinHigher regularity in congested traffic dynamics
MonMay 1013:00Igor I. SkrypnikContinuity and Harnack's inequality for bounded solutions of elliptic and parabolic equations with non-standard growth under the non-logarithmic Zhikov's condition
MonMay 1012:00Giuseppe Di FazioGradient Estimates for weak solutions of Elliptic PDE's
MonMay 0313:00Shuntaro TsubouchiSome regularity results on gradients; p-Laplacian versus one-Laplacian
MonMay 0312:00Amiran GogatishviliSome new results related to G-Gamma-spaces and interpolation
MonApr 2613:00Benny AvelinApproximation of BV functions using neural networks
MonApr 2612:00Jan LangFourth order pq-Laplacian
MonApr 1913:00Andrea GentileRegularity results for solutions to some non-autonomous varia-tional problems with sub-quadratic growth conditions
MonApr 1912:00Michał ŁasicaGlobal existence for a class of fourth-order quasilinear parabolic systems
MonApr 1213:00Raffaella GiovaRegularity results for bounded minimizers
MonApr 1212:00Jung-Tae ParkRegularity estimates for nonlinear parabolic equations with measure data on nonsmooth domains
MonMar 2913:00Julio RossiNon Linear Mean Value Properties for Monge-Ampère Equations
MonMar 2912:00Sławomir KolasińskiThe Alexandrov Theorem in Minkowski spaces
MonMar 2214:00João Vitor da SilvaGradient estimates for fully nonlinear models with non-homogeneous degeneracy
MonMar 2214:00Agnid BanerjeeUnique continuation for sublinear parabolic equations
MonMar 1514:00Samuele RiccòRegularity for obstacle problems without structure conditions
MonMar 1513:00Chao ZhangTwo recent results on the double phase equations
MonMar 0814:00Bianca StroffoliniRegularity results for Minimizers of Discontinuous Quasiconvex Integrals with General Growth
MonMar 0813:00Francesco LeonettiPolyconvex integrals and regularity of minimizers
MonMar 0114:00Mihai MihăilescuA Monotonicity Property for the Principal Eigenvalue of the p-Laplace Operator
MonMar 0113:00Luboš PickMaximal non-compactness of Sobolev embeddings
MonFeb 2214:00Mikyoung LeeRegularity results for a class of obstacle problems with generalized Orlicz growth
MonFeb 2213:00Vicentiu D. RadulescuNonstandard phenomena in the study of double-phase problems
MonFeb 1514:00Michela EleuteriOn the validity of variational inequalities for obstacle problems with non-standard growth
MonFeb 1513:00Antonia Passarelli di NapoliRegularity results for degenerate elliptic functionals with nonstandard growth
MonFeb 0814:00Giovanni CupiniTBA
MonFeb 0813:00Yumi ChoThe self-improving property of higher integrability in the obstacle problem for the porous medium equation
MonFeb 0114:00Miroslav BulicekOn the existence of integrable solutions to elliptic and parabolic systems with linear growth - applications in (visco)-elasticity theory
MonFeb 0113:00Mikhail SurnachevOn regularity properties of p(x)-harmonic functions
MonJan 2514:00Giampiero PalatucciHölder regularity for nonlocal double phase equations
MonJan 2513:00Erik LindgrenThe streamlines of infinity-harmonic potentials
MonJan 1814:00Arttu KarppinenRemovable sets with generalized Orlicz growth
MonJan 1813:00Piotr KalitaOn renormalized solutions to elliptic inclusions with nonstandard growth
MonJan 1114:00Karthik AdimurthiA new approach to Holder regularity for some elliptic and parabolic non-standard growth problems
MonJan 1113:00Dominic BreitGlobal Schauder estimates for the p-Laplace system
MonJan 0414:00Yumi ChoThe self-improving property of higher integrability in the obstacle problem for the porous medium equation
MonJan 0413:00Jan KristensenGarding inequalities and their impact on regularity and uniqueness
MonDec 2114:00Erika MaringovaOn the globally Lipschitz minimizers to variational problems
MonDec 2113:00Christoph SchevenA variational approach to doubly nonlinear equations with nonstandard growth
MonDec 1414:00Agnieszka Świerczewska-GwiazdaHomogenization of nonlinear elliptic systems in nonreflexive Musielak-Orlicz spaces
MonDec 1413:00Vít MusilSharp inequalities for the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck operator
MonDec 0714:00Jan BurczakNon-Newtonian fluids. From ketchup to convex integration
MonDec 0713:00Angela AlbericoFractional Orlicz-Sobolev embeddings
MonNov 3014:00Flavia GiannettiA modular Poincaré inequality
MonNov 3013:00Atsushi TachikawaBoundary regularity of minimizers of double phase functionals
MonNov 2314:00David Cruz-UribeBounded weak solutions to elliptic PDE with data in Orlicz spaces
MonNov 2313:00Franz GmeinederA-quasiconvexity and regularity
MonNov 1614:00Lukas KochGlobal higher integrability for minimisers of convex functionals with (p,q)-growth
MonNov 1613:00Giuseppe MingioneNonautonomous functionals and regularity of minima
MonNov 0914:00Anna Zatorska-GoldsteinPotential estimates for solutions of nonstandard growth measure data problems
MonNov 0913:00Andrea CianchiNonstandard symmetric gradient Sobolev spaces
MonNov 0214:00Petteri HarjulehtoTBA
MonNov 0213:00Mathias SchäffnerRegularity for non-uniformly elliptic equations
MonOct 2614:00Anna Kh. BalciRegularity VS Lavrentiev gap: borderline case of double-phase potential model and related Musielak-Orlicz function classes
MonOct 2613:00Sun-Sig ByunTBA
MonOct 1913:00Jihoon OkMaximal regularity for local minimizers of non-autonomous functionals
MonOct 1912:00Peter HastoOrlicz spaces and generalized Orlicz spaces
MonOct 1213:00Lorenzo BrascoRegularity issues for orthotropic functionals
MonOct 1212:00Sebastian SchwarzacherA variational approach to fluid-structure interactions
MonOct 0513:00Cristiana De FilippisRegularity for non-homogeneous systems
MonOct 0512:00Lars DieningElliptic equations with degenerate weights
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