The TRAC Seminar - Théorie de Représentations et ses Applications et Connections

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combinatorics category theory representation theory

Northeastern University / Université de Sherbrooke

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Tuesday 15:00-16:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Thomas Brüstle*, Souheila Hassoun
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
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TueJan 1815:00Hipolito TreffingerStratifying systems, τ-tilting theory and g-vectors
WedJun 3015:30Angeleri-Hügel, Keller, MartsinkovskyPanel discussion: online meetings - past and future?
WedJun 3015:15The OCAS organizersPanel discussion: online meetings - past and future?
WedJun 3015:00The FDSeminar organizersPanel discussion: online meetings - past and future?
WedJun 3014:00Véronique Bazier-MatteQuivers associated with non-orientable surfaces
WedJun 2314:00SSACSummer School of Algebraic Combinatorics
WedJun 1614:00Manuel Cortes IzurdiagaPartial morphisms and injective hulls in exact categories
WedJun 0914:00Alexandra ZvonarevaHRS tilting for co-t-structures and cotorsion pairs
WedJun 0214:00Karin BaurFrieze patterns and cluster theory
WedMay 2614:00VirtARTAAdvances in Representation Theory of Algebras
WedMay 1914:00VirtARTAAdvances in Representation Theory of Algebras
WedMay 1214:00Karin M. JacobsenOn the role of gentle algebras in Higher Homological algebra
WedMay 0514:00Alexander MartsinkovskyHomological Aspects of (Co)Torsion Functors over Artin Algebras
WedApr 2814:00Jenny AugustGrassmannian categories of infinite rank
WedApr 2114:00Sira GratzHigher SL(k)-friezes
WedApr 1414:00Markus ReinekeFramed quiver moduli spaces
WedApr 0714:00Emine YildirimWebs and Modules
WedMar 3114:00Ilke CanakciInfinite friezes
WedMar 2414:00Pierre-Guy PlamondonThe g-vector fan of a tame algebra
WedMar 1714:00Kaveh MousavandMinimal ($\tau$)-tilting Infinite Algebras
WedMar 1015:00Sondre KvammeAdmissibly finitely presented functors for exact categories
WedMar 0315:00CATS-21Additive categories between algebra and functional analysis
WedFeb 2415:00Charles PaquetteCluster characters and completed discrete cluster categories of type A
WedFeb 1715:00Matthew PresslandThe cluster category of a Postnikov diagram
WedFeb 1015:00Laertis Vason-cluster tilting modules for radical square zero algebras
WedFeb 0315:00Eric HansonInfinitesimal semi-invariant pictures
WedJan 2715:00Magnus BotnanQuiver Representations from Data
WedJan 2015:00Marco ArmentaThe representation theory of neural networks
WedJan 1315:00Job RockDecomposition of Pointwise Finite-Dimensional Representations of the Circle
WedJan 0615:00Teresa CondeQuasihereditary algebras with exact Borel subalgebras
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