Humboldt Algebraic Geometry Seminar

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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Wednesday 14:00-15:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Gavril Farkas*, Zhuang He*, Bruno Klingler*
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Past talks
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WedJul 0714:00Philip EngelCompact K3 moduli
WedJun 1614:00Gerard Freixas i MontpletComplex Chern-Simons and the first tautological class
WedJun 0914:00Andrea di LorenzoThe integral Chow ring of the stack of stable 1-pointed curves of genus two
WedJun 0214:00David HolmesThe double-double ramification cycle
WedMay 2614:00Rahul PandharipandeTevelev degrees and Hurwitz moduli spaces
WedMay 1915:00Salim TayouEquidistribution of Hodge loci
WedMay 1215:00Mina AganagicKhovanov Homology from Mirror Symmetry
WedMay 0514:00François GreerA tale of two Severi curves
WedApr 2815:00Hannah LarsonThe rational Chow rings of $M_7$, $M_8$, and $M_9$
WedApr 2114:00Alessandro VerraThe Igusa quartic and the Prym map
WedApr 1414:00Andrey SoldatenkovHolonomy of the Obata connection on hypercomplex manifolds
WedMar 0314:00Carl LianNon-tautological and H-tautological Hurwitz cycles
WedFeb 1714:00Claire VoisinSchiffer variations of hypersurfaces and the generic Torelli theorem
WedFeb 1014:00Dawei ChenConnected components of the space of k-differentials
WedJan 2714:00Giacomo MezzedimiThe Kodaira dimension of some moduli spaces of elliptic K3 surfaces
WedJan 2015:15Yeuk Hay Joshua LamCalabi-Yau varieties and Shimura varieties
WedJan 2014:00Frederik BenirschkeBoundary of linear subvarieties
WedJan 1315:15Ruijie YangDecomposition theorem for semisimple local systems
WedJan 1314:00Ignacio BarrosOn the irrationality of moduli spaces of K3 surfaces
WedJan 0614:00Leonardo LererCohomology jump loci on singular varieties
WedDec 1614:00Yohan BrunebarbeIncreasing hyperbolicity of varieties supporting a variation of Hodge structures with level structures
WedDec 0915:00Lawrence EinSingularities and syzygies of secant varieties of curves
WedDec 0214:00Gaetan BorotELSV and topological recursion for double Hurwitz numbers
WedNov 2514:00Nicola TarascaMotivic classes of degeneracy loci and pointed Brill-Noether varieties
WedNov 1815:00Michael KemenyMinimal rank generators for syzygies of canonical curves
WedNov 1114:00Thomas KrämerSemicontinuity of Gauss maps and the Schottky problem
WedNov 0414:00Zhuang HeBirational geometry of blow-ups of the projective space along linear subspaces and automorphisms of Kummer surfaces
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