Quantum Matter meets Maths (IST, Lisbon)

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condensed matter mathematical physics

Instituto Superior Técnico

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Monday 16:00-17:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: João P. Nunes, Jose Mourao*, Pedro Ribeiro, Roger Picken, Vítor Rocha Vieira
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MonFeb 2014:00Dieter MitscheTail bounds for detection times in dynamic hyperbolic graphs
MonDec 2017:00Cristiano CiutiManipulating matter with vacuum fields: cavity-mediated transport in quantum Hall systems
MonDec 1317:00Anton KapustinHigher Berry classes for many-body quantum lattice systems
MonDec 0617:00Predrag CvitanovićHerding Cats: A Chaotic Field Theory
MonNov 2917:00Karol ŻyczkowskiMulti-unitary matrices and their quantum applications
MonNov 2217:00Dung Xuan NguyenMultiple Gravitons and spectral sum rules in Fractional Quantum Hall systems
MonNov 1517:00Omri GolanGeometric complexity in quantum matter: intrinsic sign problems in topological phases
MonOct 2516:00Manfred SalmhoferRenormalization in condensed matter: Fermionic systems – from mathematics to materials
MonOct 1816:00Rosario FazioQuantum time crystals
MonJul 1916:00Sven BachmannAdiabatic quantum transport
MonJul 0516:00Ákos NagyConcentrating Majorana fermions
MonJun 2816:00Rubem MondainiQuantum Critical Points and the Sign Problem
MonJun 1416:00Clement DelcampOn tensor network representations of the (3+1)d toric code
MonJun 0716:00Michael FleischhauerTopology of mixed states
MonMay 2416:00Igor LesanovskyNeural network dynamics in open quantum many-body systems
MonMay 1716:00David TongHow to Give Chiral Fermions a Mass
MonMay 1016:00Paul MelottiThe free-fermion eight-vertex model via dimers
MonMay 0316:00Karyn Le HurGeometry, Light Response and Quantum Transport in Topological States of Matter
MonApr 2616:00Xiao-Gang WenA holographic view of symmetry -- symmetry as shadow of topological order
MonApr 1916:00Gunter M. SchützSpin helix states in the dissipative Heisenberg quantum spin chain
MonApr 1216:00David J. LuitzHierarchy of Relaxation Timescales in Local Random Liouvillians
MonMar 2916:00Alexander AltlandSpectral density of weakly disordered Weyl semimetals
MonMar 2217:00Markus HeylQuantum many-body dynamics in two dimensions with artificial neural networks
MonMar 1517:00Anatoli PolkovnikovEigenstate deformations as a sensitive probe of quantum chaos
MonMar 0817:00Hannah PriceExploring 4D topological physics in the laboratory
MonMar 0117:00Simon BeckerMathematics of magic angles for twisted bilayer graphene
MonFeb 2217:00Maciej Koch-JanuszStatistical physics through the lens of real-space mutual information
MonFeb 1517:00Lea SantosIndicators of quantum chaos and the transition from few- to many-body systems
MonFeb 0810:00Rémy MosseriLiquid crystal director fields in three-dimensional non-Euclidean geometries
MonJan 2517:00Steve SimonLattice Geometry Dependence and Independence: Important Applications of a Simple Law
MonJan 1817:00Sthitadhi RoyMany-body localisation: a tale of correlations and classical percolation on Fock space
MonJan 1117:00Michael BerryGeometric phases and the separation of the world
MonJan 0417:00Subir SachdevA simple model of entangled qubits: how it describes superconductors and black holes
MonDec 1410:00Takashi OkaFloquet Engineering of Quantum Materials
MonDec 0717:00Lev VidmarEntanglement entropy in many-body eigenstates of local Hamiltonians
MonNov 3017:00Gourab RayUniversality of dimers via imaginary geometry
MonNov 2317:00Eslam KhalafLocalization at the edge of a topological insulator: Interplay of disorder-induced-localization and topological protection
MonNov 1617:00Jiannis K. PachosLess is more: effective description of topological spin liquids
MonNov 0916:00Benoît DouçotSpin textures in quantum Hall ferromagnets
MonNov 0217:00Enej IlievskiSuperuniversality of superdiffusion
MonOct 2617:00Joseph MaciejkoHyperbolic band theory
MonOct 1912:00Barry SimonBerry's Phase, TKN$^2$ Integers and All That: My work on Topology in Condensed Matter
MonOct 1216:00Masud HaqueEigenstate Thermalization, random matrices and (non)local operators in many-body systems
MonSep 2816:00Tom ClaeysDeformed Airy kernel determinants: from KPZ tails to initial data for KdV
MonSep 2116:00Gil RefaelFloquet higher-order topological insulators: principles and path towards realizations
MonSep 1416:00Vincenzo AlbaHydrodynamic framework for out-of-equilibrium entangled many-body systems
MonSep 0716:00Svetlana JitomirskayaAnderson localization and local eigenvalue statistics
MonJul 2716:00Raquel QueirozBoundary Obstructed Topological Phases
MonJul 2016:00Christophe GarbanA new point of view on topological phase transitions
MonJul 1316:00Giandomenico PalumboFour-dimensional semimetals with tensor monopoles: from surface states to topological responses
WedJul 0810:00Manuel AsoreyBulk-Edge dualities in Topological Matter
MonJun 2916:00Raffaele RestaThe insulating state of matter: a geometrical theory
WedJun 2410:00Mário SilveirinhaTopological theory of non-Hermitian photonic systems
WedJun 1710:00Lucas SáRandom matrix theory of dissipative quantum chaos
WedJun 1010:00Zlatko PapicQuantum many-body scars: a new form of weak ergodicity breaking in constrained quantum systems
WedJun 0310:00Johanna ErdmengerTurbulent hydrodynamics in strongly correlated Kagome metals
WedMay 2710:00Achilleas LazaridesQuantum order at infinite temperature, time crystals, and dissipation
WedMay 2010:00Joe HuxfordTopological phases in 3+1D: the higher lattice gauge theory model and its excitations
WedMay 1310:00Bruno AmorimStrain in two-dimensional materials
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