Korea-Taiwan-Vietnam joint seminar in Combinatorics and Analysis

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classical analysis and ODEs combinatorics functional analysis

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizers: Thang Pham*, Doowon Koh, Chun-Yen Shen, Tuan Tran
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Past talks
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FriApr 2102:00Minki KimStrong Erd\H{o}s-Hajnal properties in chordal graphs
FriMar 3102:00Van Khu VuLocally-constrained de Bruijn codes and their applications
FriMar 1707:00Jaehoon KimA bandwidth theorem for graph transversals
FriMar 0307:00Dabeen LeeNon-smooth, Holder-smooth, and Robust Submodular Maximization.
FriFeb 1702:00Chun-Hung LiuHomomorphism counts in robustly sparse graphs
FriDec 1607:00Joonkyung LeeExtended commonality of paths and cycles via Schur convexity
FriDec 0207:00Pálvölgyi DömötörHyperposets from planar orientations
FriNov 2502:00Tung T. NguyenOn the Paley graph of a quadratic character
FriNov 1102:00Chamsol ParkRestriction of the Laplace-Beltrami and Schrodinger operator on compact manifolds
FriOct 2802:00Semin YooWeak Bruhat interval modules of the $0$-Hecke algebras for genomic Schur functions
FriOct 1407:00Shakhar SmorodinskyA Solution to Ringel’s Circle Problem (1959)
FriSep 1601:00Andreas HolmsenSome recent results on geometric transversals
FriSep 0907:00Oliver Roche-NewtonCounting arcs in F_q^2
TueJun 1402:00Khanh Nguyen DucA Murnaghan-Nakayama rule for Grothendieck polynomials of Grassmannian type
TueMay 3102:00Sang-il OumBuilding the hierarchy of graph classes
WedMay 1102:00Changkeun OhDecoupling inequalities for quadratic forms
WedMay 0401:00Huy Tuan PhamA proof of the Kahn-Kalai conjecture
FriApr 2202:00Tuan TranExponential decay of intersection volume and applications
FriApr 0807:30Ali MohammadiEnergy estimates over finite fields and applications
ThuMar 2402:00Eyvindur Ari PalssonTriangles and triangle averaging operators
FriMar 1102:00Shagnik DasSchur's Theorem for randomly perturbed sets
ThuFeb 2402:00Alex IosevichPoint configurations from a universal standpoint
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